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Betzest Registration - a step-by-step guide

Betzest is one of the most popular betting sites in the world. It offers many thrilling gambling options and flashy games for bettors.

Signing up for Betzest is something you’ll have to do if you want to play on its website. We have created a guide on how to open an account with Betzest. This article will cover: joining Betzest, initial deposits, account verification and issues you might face.

Creating an account at Betzest is free, so you won’t have any issues getting started.

Following the steps provided will give you access to all of the platform’s robust features.

How to register at Betzest in 4 easy steps

Here, we’ll show you how to register with the Betzest site in all its glory, looking to get you started with the gambling experience the bookie provides? Keep up with us as we provide some of the most important facts to know.

  1. Step 1

    Find the site. First you must find the website or download the app, which will mean you then have the option to register with Betzest.

  2. Step 2

    Find and click on the registration button. Find this button alongside the login at the top right or left – this will take you to the fill-in form.

  3. Step 3

    Fill in the form. You can now fill in the form to register yourself with the database, providing the details asked for and scrolling down.

  4. Step 4

    Confirm your entry. You can now enter all of your details via the register button at the bottom. This will confirm your entry and that you are now a member!

What you should know about Betzest sign-up requirements

First of all, you will need to know something about Betzest’s sign-up requirements if you do look to bet with them. 

Though when you register, you are allowed to deposit your cash into the account. It occasionally asks you to verify during the sign-up process, but sometimes this can be relocated to whenever you deposit or withdraw.

Staying wary of this and having your information and documents to hand could save time and possibly your account.

📧 Requires email


📲 Requires phone number


🤳 Requires ID scan


🧾 Requires scan of a utility bill


ℹ️ Types of support

🆘 live chat / phone / email

🎁 Welcome bonus

✔️ no deposit bonus

How to join Betzest on desktop/mobile

You can create an account at Betzest and login at any time with your username and password on a desktop computer or mobile site. The website and mobile versions both give users access to all the same features, bonuses and betting options. You can bet on football, tennis, or basketball at the click of a button, but first you must join Betzest to take advantage.

It doesn’t matter which type of device you choose to join this bookie, as the steps are the same. Follow the points laid out in the previous section of this review.

The only difference to joining is the device you use. If you are at home, you can register for an account on your desktop computer. If you are on the move and have a few minutes to spare, then you can sign up using your mobile device or tablet. We’ve tested both and found it was possible to create an account in less than five minutes on both options.

Type the Betzest URL into your device’s web browser to access the homepage. On your first visit, you can create your account and then, in future visits, you can login using your username and password to access all betting markets, payment options and more.

You must complete the registration process only once, regardless of which device you use. You can then access your account by logging in using your desktop or mobile. Like registration, the login steps are identical with both options.

Follow the steps below to login to your online betting account quickly:

  1. Step 1

    Visit the Betzest page. Type the Betzest URL into your device’s web browser to visit the homepage.

  2. Step 2

    Hit the login button. At the top right of the screen you’ll see the login button, which you should click.

  3. Step 3

    Add your username and password. Enter the username and password you created during registration.

  4. Step 4

    You’ll have access to your account. You’ll see your username at the top of the page, confirming that you have accessed your account.

Betzest Login

Like many of its features, logging in to Betzset is also designed to be very simple for its users. To log in to your account on mobile or the website, all you have to do is find the top right section of the interface. There’ll be the login and registration sections once again. Instead of selecting “Register,” go to “Log in.”

You’ll then have to type in your recently-created username and password. Once they’re both entered correctly, you’re ready to enter the site and to play on Betzest.

Why should I join Betzest?

We’ve explained to you how to join Betzest quickly and safely to ensure you get the best welcome bonus available. Now, we’ll explain why you should join Betzest. What makes them different from other bookies already available in a saturated market?

Our team of sports betting experts has reviewed the site and was impressed by what they found. Betzest isn’t the most established and best-known sportsbook around, but it is one of the most ambitious. 

Everything they do is based on customer service. They like to give new players a warm welcome in the form of a free bet, then they treat members in the way you would hope to be treated. It’s a VIP service all the way, with recurring promotions designed to make your betting more exciting.

Betzest Sign Up Offer

Betzest offers some very enticing sign-up offers for new bettors. One of the provided bonuses is the option to match your deposit up to 100%. You can deposit up to €100 and get to play with €200. This offer is excellent for new bettors.

Another sign up offer granted by the site is the free $5/€ 5 no deposit bonus. All you have to do for this bonus is to register your mobile number.

You can also check to see if there are more ongoing promotions on Betzest. You can do this by going to the “Promotions” tab on the main menu. When you click on this, all of the active bonuses and related information will appear.

How to verify my Betzest account?

Online gambling is great. You can bet from the comfort of your own home or when out and about, using your smartphone to turn everyday situations into an opportunity to bet on your favourite sports teams and players. There’s one drawback, however. How does the bookie know you are old enough to bet, and how do they guard against identity fraud?

They cover both by requesting all new members to verify their online betting accounts. This takes just a few minutes to do, and the request may come at any time. It’s often asked that you verify at sign-up, but it could also be when making your first deposit and withdrawal.

Regardless of which option you go with, you will find the process of verifying your account to be simple. The quickest way to verify is to take a snap on your smartphone of one form of photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, then email it to the customer care team. They will then check the details you have sent against those they have on record against your account and then verify your account. Any temporary restrictions placed on your betting account will then be lifted.

What if I need help while creating an account at Betzest?

If you ever require assistance when creating an account at Betzest, you have options. Your first call should be to the Frequently Asked Questions page. There, you’ll find a list of popular questions with helpful answers attached. If you would prefer to speak to a member of staff, you can do so via email or live chat. The crew is polite, understanding and knowledgeable.

Possible problems with Betzest registration

The registration process at Betzest has been kept as clean-cut and straightforward as possible. This is to ensure it appeals to all manner of bettors, and you shouldn’t encourage any problems when creating an account as a new player or accessing your account as a registered member. Most issues at sign-up are due to user error, but this isn’t a problem. 

Betzest has a dedicated customer care team on hand and ready to assist you. Contact the crew by email or live chat to seek speedy assistance. They can help you with any website or mobile site issues, including the welcome bonus and other promotions.


As you can see from this review into the Betzest registration process, every effort has been made to keep things as simple and basic as possible. The team at Betzest wants their betting markets, promotions and prices to do the talking for them. They want to ensure you get onto the site, register an account and place bets quickly. The danger of making things too complicated is that the customer will click off and leave without completing the process.

You must create an account only once and, in future, it’s a simple case of logging on to your Betzest player account using your username and password. This takes just a few seconds. Some smartphone devices and tablets allow you to access your account via fingerprint technology or face recognition, making the process even quicker.


? Do I need to verify my Betzest account after registration?
Yes. You will receive an email from Betzest and then you must click on the link sent by them to activate your account.
? Can I register with Betzest via mobile?
Sure! It is possible to register with Betzest either through a desktop or mobile.
? Can I register with Betzest using social networks?
Unfortunately not. The only way to register with Betzest is by using a valid email address.
? Is it possible to recover the password if I don’t remember it?
It is possible to create a new password. To do so, just open the login page and click on the ‘Forgot Password’ option in pink.
? How to solve problems regarding login or registration?
In addition to having an FAQ session in which several questions about login and registration have been answered, it is also possible to contact Betzest support. Just click on ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of the main page.

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