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Excitement for sports betting in Italy continues apace, enticing players by challenging their methods of rational thinking against unpredictable sporting contests, accompanied by a great atmosphere and the desire to win. Sports betting is the least random type of gambling. Unlike a lottery or casino, in this form, the player does not compete with a random number generator or a roulette wheel, but instead competes with the same players – or ‘bookmakers’. Italian betting sites allow for engaging with numerous sporting events, offering players odds to weigh up probabilities and decide where best to place their money.

List of betting sites in Italy

Found: 57 Bookmakers

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Ultimate guide


Best italian betting sites

Join us as we take a deeper look into the Italian betting history, details, and much more. The gambling front in Italy has existed for many years now, even going as far back as the Roman Empire.

We’ll take you through some of the top bookmaker names within this country, helping you to learn some of the basics and even some of the more advanced aspects to consider. We look at the payment methods available and the limitations, plus taxes and regulations – all are important even for experienced punters.

History of sports betting in Italy

Cheering man holds ball

Many people don’t know that gambling in Italy also has its roots in the ancient Empire. In fact, a small town in central Italy near the Tiber River, called Ostia, was where the Empire had its roots and is also where a game known as Ludus duodecim scriptorium was often played.

This ancient game is actually the predecessor to what we know as modern backgammon. Plus, it is also said that the origins of bingo can be traced back to 16th-century Italy. Some facts:

  1. Gambling in Italy predates the Vatican
  2. The First Casino in Italy was known as ‘The Ridotto’
  3. Online Sports Betting is a Popular Pastime in Italy
  4. Milan Is Considered the Epicenter of Gambling in Italy

Gambling in Italy was taking place before the Vatican was founded in the 4th century, which tells you how long it has been a popular pastime in the region. The game of baccarat (or Ludus duodecim scriptorum) became popular in Rome as a casual evening game before the 5th century and was a favorite of Roman legionnaires when they weren’t in battle. The Western Roman Empire fell in 476 AD, but betting in Italy remained a popular pastime. 

Originally a private room in the Palazzo Dandolo theater, the Ridotto welcomed theatergoers seeking refreshments during intermissions. One thing led to another, however, and during the annual spring carnival of 1638 the Ridotto was converted into Italy’s first legal gambling house.

Although open to the public, the government-owned casino was really available only to the higher class, featuring both a formal dress code and high stakes. Other popular pastimes were biribi – a lottery-like game, and an even more popular game ‘basetta,’ which was a mixture of gin rummy, poker, and blackjack.

Competing players could possibly win 60 times their bet, hence, making this an extremely popular choice.

Part of a global trend, the world of online betting continues to gain popularity in Italy and this is particularly true when it comes to real money online sports betting. Also, as with any country where gambling is legal, online gambling is officially regulated, with horse racing, soccer, and tennis being among the favorites for online sports betting in Italy.

As anyone who knows Italy well would expect, however, soccer is by far the most popular, easily drawing the highest volume of bets. This love of soccer has often been rewarded as well, with the Italian national team having lifted the World Cup four times – behind only Brazil for historic achievement and last lifting the trophy in 2006.

A wide range of gambling establishments can be accessed in and around Milan. 

Table about sports betting in Italy
🌍 Country Italy
👌 Language Italian
💲 Currency Euro
⚽ Popular sports Football, Basketball, Water Polo, Volleyball
⚖️ Is Betting Legal Yes 
🏢 Regulator Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies
🧾 Gambling taxes 0.5%
💳 Most popular payment methods Mastercard, VISA, Skrill, PayPal


? Where can I find information?
Use the internet – you have a wealth of information at your fingertips. Our website will allow you to find all the answers to your questions.
? How can I choose a sport type?
Think about what areas of the sport you know best and how you’ll gain an edge over Italian bookmakers. If you have some information the bookies don’t have, then you’ll have an advantage.
? Why is it important to read reviews?
By analyzing previous events, you will be able to calculate and make accurate guesses about how upcoming games will go using analytic calculations. It is very important to refer explicitly to past games as this way you give yourself a great chance of success.

How to bet in-play

Betting in-play allows punters to place a quick-fire bet whilst the event is still ongoing. This guide will give you a step-by-step system on how to start doing this yourself, as it can bring many advantages such as being able to predict better and make more quick decisions, like cashing out.

  1. Pick an event

    Events which are coming up will appear on the pre-match tab but if you want to head straight into it, head over to the in play section to see what’s live.
    Hand moving a pawn
  2. Check the event

    Check the event out and take a look at what might happen in it - allowing you to get a good idea of what sort of bet you’ll be placing down.
    Multiple sports balls
  3. Pick your bet

    Whilst in play, you can pick your bet and confirm it whilst you look at the live updates.
    Smartphone displaying 100 USD
  4. Wait until event is over

    Once you have bet, you can either cash out or wait until the event concludes.
    Odds calculation

How to pick the best Italy betting site

Our guide to picking the best betting site for you will allow you to follow the key steps and eventually find your own way. This guide will show you the best way of finding a suitable bookie for yourself – just read on!

  1. Research the available bookmakers

    The best way to familiarise yourself with the bookmakers is to do some close-up research. Our Bookmakers page is one of the good places to go if you’re looking for a filtered list to tell you what’s available in Italy.
    do your research
  2. Use the bookies as a test run

    Using an application or desktop app will give you the experience needed to tell if you like the app or not. But before signing up, we recommend checking legitimacy records.
    explore your options
  3. Analyze and compare the bookmakers

    When you have a rough list of bookmakers you enjoyed using, you can finally test them by comparing to each other and seeing which has something that others do not - then allowing you to see which is the best.
    create an account
  4. Make your final decision

    Once you have a rough list of bookies that you like then it is time to make a decision. After analysing and checking which bookie has the features you enjoy then you can narrow down the choices!
    stay objective

Mobile betting in Italy

Dozens of reputable online bookmakers offer their services to Italian gamblers. Each of the sites below is easy to use and hits the high notes when it comes to value odds, market depth, banking options, online security, and customer service.

Mobile phone betting has a number of features that you need to become familiar with. For example, one of the advantages of a website’s mobile version or application on Android or iOS is the consumption of less traffic, which ensures the quick loading of information on the device screen. Optimized for mobile devices, the bookmakers’ websites fit perfectly into the smartphone screen, unlike the website’s full version and, thus, simplifies the accessing actions.

The main drawback of the mobile application, however, is that not all bookmakers support registration and making direct deposits in this manner so, for these operations, you will have to use the full version of the site.

The mobile version of the site is a lightweight version. No installation is required and you can access from any mobile device.

Android betting applications: ‘Google Play’ prohibits gambling applications, so you should allow installation from unknown sources in the settings.

Apps for betting on iOS (iPhone, iPad): installation is possible only via the ‘App Store.’

Also, you can always place bets from the full version of the bookmaker’s website, though this is not always convenient.

Table about Mobile betting in Italy
💯 Available betting features Accumulator, Bet builder, Live stream, Cashout 
🏇 Popular gambling activities Casino, sports betting, lottery, electronic machines, horse racing
🗝️ Keep in mind Italy’s betting is technically illegal if it isn’t approved by the main regulatory body. Organised house betting is not allowed.
🔣 Popular types of odds Fractional odds
📈 Advantages Italy’s football league brings a lot of great fixtures to bet on with sport-specific offers
📉 Disadvantages There can be tight restrictions as Italy’s betting regulator can be strict with distributing licenses.

Top 5 Italian bookmakers with the greatest bonuses

A vibrant selection of bookmakers are available for sports betting in Italy, featuring extensive streaming options, enticing odds and promotions, and trusted payment methods.

The list below features the best betting sites in Italy has to offer, all of which draw players keen to sample the passion this country has for sporting contests. The best bonuses may depend upon your own personal betting habits and interests, but be sure to keep them all in mind as they continue to compete for your attention.

  • Betfred
  • Eurobet
  • SNAI
  • Bwin
  • Sisal Matchpoint

Top 4 legal bookmakers in Italy

It’s only recently that online betting in Italy has become legal and, since the law changed in 2006, it’s become one of Europe’s biggest markets. Below, you’ll find a list of the best betting sites in Italy, together with a run-through of all the key laws and legislations that residents need to take on board.

The Italian Customs Service is responsible for regulating the gaming sector, having been created to issue company licenses, to conduct inspections of all online gaming operators, and to work with law enforcement agencies to identify games of a contractual nature.

The regulator issues licenses not only to local operators but also to foreign companies targeting Italian customers. The customs service website contains information on the organization and the conduct of various lotteries, sweepstakes, online games, and procedures for the acceptance of bets. All gaming industry provisions and regulations are clearly set out.

Several times a year, the organization publishes reports on the fight against money laundering taking place within the gambling industry. Companies that have succeeded in obtaining a license to operate should continue to strive to comply with the regulator’s standards, therefore, otherwise customs may find a reason to revoke their license after verification.

List of most popular legal companies:

  1. William Hill
  2. Unibet
  3. 888Sport
  4. Betfred

William Hill is an international bookmaker accessible in Italy

A world-class sportsbook app that’s user-friendly, with a vast range of markets, in-play betting, and frequent special offers. It also offers a wide selection of payment methods, bet boosts, and free bets.

Bet now Read review

18+ T&C apply,


Top 3 Italy betting apps

The best Italian betting apps provide the punter with the most optimised experiences, allowing for a brilliant usage of the app. Here, we will bring you some of the top bookmakers available in Italy with great apps.

Reputation says it all

  • Great experienced bookmaker
  • Ex-sponsor of Real Madrid
  • Good usability on both app and desktop
  • Very reliable support
Bet now Read review

18+ T&C apply,


Mr. Reliable of bookmakers

  • Lots of payment options available
  • Great usability on mobile app
  • Live streams
  • Fast support
Bet now Read review

18+ T&C apply,


Rewarding experience with Unibet!

  • Regular promotions offered
  • Great welcome bonus offered
  • In-play betting available
  • Usable website
Bet now Read review

18+ T&C apply,

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