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Best Darts Betting Sites for July 2021

A few years back, people used to gather in markets and bet on their favorite sport. It is a little different now, as people from all across the globe use online betting websites.

Today there are thousands of darts betting websites available. You can choose the best bookmakers for Darts and keep the thrill and joy of the game alive.

If you are looking for best betting sites for darts, then look no further! This article has covered all the critical aspects of darts betting.

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List of Darts bookmakers

Found: 15 bookmakers


  • Live streaming service
  • User-friendly mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Good customer support around the clock
  • We trust this sportsbook
  • Many restricted countries

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Darts betting - the ultimate guide

Professional darts has never been more popular around the world than it is today. The reason for this spike in interest is the increased number of matches shown live on television and live streaming sites. The ability to watch games from the PDC and BDO encourages viewers to place bets on the outcome. If you have an interest in betting on darts, you must ensure you are gambling with the best darts betting sites. On this page, we list the top five and how to join.

History of Darts Betting

Darts player aiming

Sports betting has always existed in one way or the other. Nowadays, it is all about online betting through various websites.

Darts betting goes all the way back to the 1900s. Though in the beginning, it wasn’t considered a tough sport by many and was taken very lightly.

  1. Most modern dartboards are made of sisal fibers
  2. Darts is a game of skill, not a chance
  3. English laws only allow Darts betting to a small and limited number
  4. The numbering sequence on the dartboard was invented by a carpenter named Brian

It took this game a long time to prove itself that it isn’t merely a pass time but a real game. In the 1960s, the game started gaining more attention as darts tournaments were broadcasted on television screens. By the 1970s everything changed, the world championship was held. People started betting on the 180s, and shoots began to blossom in real sense.

In 1973, British darts organization popped out, and it was the golden period for this game. Darts received its most significant boost of all time! Players from all across the globe started competing, and fans started making heavy bets.

Today this game has a huge fan following in Europe, Asia, Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, Germany, and Netherland.


? How to get started quickly?

Getting started is only a single click away if you have made your mind. For the process to speed up, choose one of the recommended sites for online betting on Darts. Sign up, create an account, add a payment method and you are good to go!

? What are the key features of a good darts betting site?

Some of the key features to look at are live streaming, bonuses, feasible funding methods, and customer service quality. The best site is the one that offers you maximum features.

? Can you bet on 180s in Darts?

Yes, many darts bookmakers do allow betting on 180s darts. It can either be a total 180s scored in a match or by a specific player during the entire tournament.

? What are the available funding options?

They differ from website to website. But many bookmakers accept credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets. Some of the best options to go with are PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, and VISA.

? Can you sign up on more than one darts betting site?

Yes, you can do this to increase your chances of winning. Most of the pro sports bettors opt for more than one bookie to get the best deals.

How to pick the online betting sites for darts

Every bookmaker offers different features. So, you need to pick one that is the most suitable for you in every way. Some of the key features to look at while picking a website are:​

  1. Best darts betting bonuses

    Look for a welcome bonus, enhanced odds, VIP clubs and other promotions, as they can greatly boost your winnings

    Gift box
  2. Live Streaming/Live Betting

    This increases your chances of getting better deals because you can change prices after players throw each Dart

    Smartphone sports streaming
  3. Customer Service

    The website must have valid and efficient customer service

    Customer support employee typing
  4. Feasible Funding Method

    The payment and banking method should be flexible

    Mobile bank account

Darts betting bonuses 

  1. 1
  2. 2

    Bet 10€ Get 30€ in Free Bets

  3. 3

    Welcome Bonus up to €122

  4. 4

    Up to €100 in bet credits

  5. 5

    3 bonuses to choose from: 50$, 100$, 200$

Top Darts Bookies for Mobile Bets

Every punter needs the best bookies for mobile bets. Bookies for darts allow users to use their mobile browsers or download apps to access their account. If you choose a suitable company, it will always be lean, quick, cover all events, offer live streaming and other betting bonuses.

Some of the best Darts bookmakers are:

Bet365 is ahead of everyone in terms of darts betting

Up to €100 in bet credits

Bet365 is one of the best darts bookies available today. They are great in every regard, as they offer phenomenal betting offers, best dart betting bonuses, safety, promotions, fast payouts, and excellent customer support. They also feature online streaming services. Hence, it has everything that a punter desires. It is a must-have darts bookmaker.

Open an account with bet365 today and bet on a huge range of markets with the world’s favourite online sports betting company.

Tips & Strategies for betting on Darts

Gambling is quite risky. You can win plenty of money in a few minutes or lose it all in nanoseconds. The convenience and beauty of online betting can’t be denied at all.

No one is a pro from the very beginning. Also, even if you consider yourself a pro, there must be some room for improvement. Now that you know all about darts, websites, and betting, it is time to get your grip stronger on some winning strategies.

Darts is not a game of luck but skill, so is betting on it. Be very vigilant while betting and avoid making wild guesses. To turn the odds in your favor, here are some winning strategies and tips that you need to follow.

  • Bet on a single game as well as the entire tournament for profitable odds
  • Don’t be scared while betting on an occasional underdog
  • Look at the history of the players and the length of the tournament
  • Update your bets carefully after each throw during live betting

Darts betting companies with fast payouts

Sports betting is usually held digitally. You need to sign up through a company or website that isn’t just authentic, but also has fast payout methods.

Funds showing up instantly in the wallet are a win-win situation for a bookie and bettor alike. Always opt for websites that suit your methods and timings for ease. A good betting company will always offer you feasible payment methods, exclusive customer deals, and will always respect your time.

Some of the best Darts betting companies with fast payout methods are:

Betmaster is a great option to go for darts

It is the best dart betting company available online at the moment. One can bet online from anywhere, virtually without any fear of risking the money. They are fully licensed and trusted by all users. They help bettors bet safely and quickly without any interruptions. They also offer uncomplicated registrations and instant withdrawals.

Laptop showing Betmaster website

Payment methods are different for people belonging to different countries. But in the world of today, a lot of methods work locally as well as internationally.

Some of the recommended payment methods at darts sportsbook are:





















  • Offers online money transfer worldwide. It is secure enough as it features fraud detecting monitors.

  • A popular Ewallet service that used to be known as Moneybookers USA. Offers a wide variety of payment options but can charge fees. Quick and widely accepted.

  • Easy to register. This is another popular way to deposit money and is accepted all over the world. Deposits and withdrawals are quick, usually within 24 hours, and fees are charged.

  • There are various ways to transfer directly from your bank account to your gambling account. It’s free, secure and the limits are very high with the downside that it can take up to five days for it to go through.

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