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The year is 2020. You are looking for the information on free bets in Nigeria, and you’ve stumbled upon our site. And, boy, are we glad to see you! Because good people of Nigeria, do you know what time is it? Our clock clearly states that it is time to get some free money. Or, as we call it, “the best time of them all”!

We have what you are looking for, and we’re glad to have this opportunity to share our data with you.

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Stay with us, and we will tell you about:

  • Free bets in Nigeria
  • Betting sites in Nigeria with free bets

Betting Sites in Nigeria with Free Bets

Found 32 Bonuses


This is a matching deposit bonus with additional specific requirements that you have to fulfil to get the maximum out of it.

ACCUMULATOR OF THE DAY (+10% extended odds)

This is an accumulator bonus - the staple of many bookmakers that awards placing higher-risk bets on many possible selections. These types of bets are very risky but extremely profitable.

What Is A Free Bet?

Free Bets in Nigeria

Nigeria might not have the same online playing history as some other countries, but it still has a lot of heart and a lot of passion when it comes to sports – and that amounts for a lot. Sure, the country is a little behind others in this field, but more distance provides for better acceleration, doesn’t it? And when Nigeria accelerates, everyone else will have to step aside or risk being swept off their feet by its power.

Pick your favorite beer before betting!


Because, how couldn’t they? The potential is immense – with the Internet penetration of 60% and growing, Nigeria is a force to be reckoned with. So, naturally, more and more online bookies recognise it and try to insert themselves into the Nigerian gambling market.

And with many companies come many offers – some more lucrative than others. We’ve already told you about betting companies in Nigeria, and now we bring you even more information, this time about free and no deposit bets. So grab that Star Lager (or another preferred beverage of your choice), and let’s go learn more.

Types of bets 

For your convenience, we’ve divided them into three main types:

  • Unconditional
  • Conditional
  • Deposit-based


The sweetest of them all, this is just straight-up money from your bookie. You can earn them after registration, or get a free first bet, or one per week, or from some other promotion by the sportsbook. The usual downside to these bet bonuses, aside from wagering requirements, is that they are quite small. We are speaking 100 to 400-500 NGN here. This ain’t much, but sometimes you can get the money with no deposits. Imagine that – free bets in Nigeria 2020!


To get this tempting conditional money, you have to follow some criteria. For example, some bookmakers provide you with a percentage of your weekly wagering money. Others may give out freebies based on your accumulators, or on some specific leagues or matches. There are no set amounts here because this type varies from one bookmaker to another. Another type is a no-lose bet when you are being refunded some – or all – of the money lost on a slip. Some bookmakers use free first bets as their no-lose bets, so keep that in mind when looking for opportunities.


One of the most common types, deposit-based bonuses reward you based on your deposits. The exact amount depends on your bookmaker and specific promotions.

Nigerian betting sites with welcome bonus

Now for the main part of our tour. Awoof! We are not leaving you all hot and bothered after you had to read through all this text. This table contains free bet offers for Nigerian players, be betting sites with registration bonus in Nigeria, free bets without deposit or free first bets.

Unconditional Free Bets:

Supabets 100 NGN The mobile-oriented website offers NO DEPOSIT 100NGN for newly registered users.
Bet9ja 50 NGN This Nigeria-based bookmaker provides 50NGN to play in League.
Africabet 1$ The Africa-focused betting site gives you a 1$ on sign up to stake on whatever you want.

Conditional Free bets:

NetBet 500NGN Grants 500NGN once per week on 500NGN stake.
Lionsbet 500NGN This popular site has a standing promotion that awards 500NGN for every 20 000NGN wagered. 

Deposit-based Free Bets:

Betway 20k NGN This famous international brand gives 50% from the first deposit up to 20 000NGN as a free bet.
Surebet247 3000NGN Awards 20% of the mobile deposit up to 3000NGN when you use Bonus Code MB1000.
BetFarm 500NGN Gifts 500NGN on first deposit from 100NGN. The bonus has to be wagered as a whole.


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Free Bets & No Deposit: Should I or Shouldn’t I?

You already know Nigerian betting sites with free bets, so the main question now is whether they are worth it, and if they are, how to choose the best one.

There is no clear universal answer to this. At a glance, there is no reason not to follow any bonus in sight – after all, in this, you are not gambling with anyone’s money. But the downside is that they come with attached conditions.

So you can go in a couple of directions here depending on your mentality. First, you can use free bets today to judge your bookmaker: how it operates, how slips and accumulators work, how many options it provides. In this, your awoof bonus is an explorer on an adventure. Or you can try and make the most of the given money. It’s an entirely different journey. To do this, you need to analyse the terms and conditions of the bonus – some of them have extremely high wagering requirements, – and then carefully wager to build your economy up.

Both approaches have their strong and weak sides, and the choice is entirely personal because it involves interactions between a player (you), a betting site, and a type of free bet.

Whatever you will choose, do not forget the main condition of successful play – HAVE FUN.

So best of luck to you, and hopefully these free bets will be a start of something beautiful.

Free bet money Nigeria


How To Claim Free Bets?

Every betting site has its own requirements and ways to claim free bets, so there is no universal advice. Some are automatic, some require bonus code, and some have appropriate options in your personal account. Keep that in mind and don’t hesitate to ask support for help.

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