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On this page, you’ll see our top 10 betting sites in Uganda, and if you see a bookie that you like the look of, it’s really easy to join up. Simply press the button alongside the bookie’s name, and you’ll be taken directly to their website where you can create an account and make your first deposit!

List of Betting Sites in Uganda

Found: 8 Bookmakers

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The Ultimate Guide


Betting Companies in Uganda

We’ll not only teach you how to go about your betting in this country, but how to abide by the betting laws put down and how you can prepare yourself. This country has a lot of popular sports, one of which is football - a great sport which thrives on betting all over the world, meaning there is a lot of variety for you to pick from already.

If you’re looking to play at the best betting sites in Uganda – and, by that, we mean the sites with the biggest selection of betting markets, the fastest cashouts, and the best free bet bonuses and promotions – then you’ve come to the right place.

Uganda Betting History and Current Laws

Football playerCricket and Rugby are some sports which thrive on Ugandan soil. Betting is a massive and legal endeavour within this country and is prevalent within the citizens of their cities.

One of the biggest questions we get asked is which betting sites are the best in Uganda. Of course, as a general rule of thumb, all betting sites in Uganda operate fairly – so long as they hold a valid online gambling license.

However, some are undeniably better than others, and that’s one of the main reasons why our team of experts go through and review each site – before it gets recommended here on our website. 

Uganda’s love towards gambling doesn’t date back to times long past. Unbeknownst to most, the country only got their first taste of gambling in November of 2004, when the Ugandan Lottery Company was established. Initially, it was hard for the government to promote this type of activity because of the bad rep lotteries have in Africa.

Nevertheless, the system took off and, around the same time, The Casino and Gaming Bill of 2004 was passed. This revolutionary piece of legislature effectively created a foundation for bookmakers in Uganda to operate on. Since that moment, punting saw a legitimate resurgence.

In 2007, Sports Betting Africa (SBA) started operating in Uganda and quickly became one of the most popular bookies in Uganda.

Since then, the overall impression concerning this matter has been mixed. Perhaps the biggest stain on the whole industry is youth gambling, which has spiralled out of control in the last few years.

While legislation managed to bring order to the gaming industry, Uganda is plagued by problem gambling and, according to both domestic and foreign experts, the government is not doing enough to protect students.

Oftentimes, you see reports of kids spending their entire college tuition on one slip. Instead of doing something to protect its most vulnerable citizens, the Ugandan government didn’t punish Ugandan companies from opening shops near student hostels and universities.

  1. Real gambling in Uganda only started in 2004
  2. 40.5% of all people in Kampala gamble weekly
  3. You have to be 25 years old to bet legally
  4. Gambling youth is a real problem of Ugandan betting

As of 2021, problem gambling is still an issue, with a report by ATLAS stating that 40.5% of all people in Kampala take punts at least once a week, while 26.9% do it on a daily basis.

Perhaps the most important factor that affects Uganda’s relationship with sports betting is the sudden availability of smartphones in the last few years. However, this accessibility led to many conservative legislators wanting to ban sports betting before it got “out of control”.

In January 2019, President Yoweri Museveni announced that new gambling licenses will not be issued and that old ones will not be renewed. Fortunately for all of us, he didn’t go through with the plan.

Uganda Betting History and Current Laws
🌍 Country Uganda
👌 Language Swahili, English
💲 Currency USh (Ugandan Shilling)
⚽ Popular sports Football, cricket, rugby, boxing
⚖️ Is Betting Legal Yes
🏢 Regulator National Gaming Board Uganda
🧾 Gambling taxes 35%
💳 Most popular payment methods VISA, Mastercard

Currently, players have to be at least 25 years-old to create accounts on online sportsbooks. Any failure to verify the personal information and the age of a customer can result in the annulation of a bookie’s license. While the acceptance process for new companies is rather complex, the financial part is also demanding.

To be able to even apply for a license, a company has to have a bank guarantee of 500,000,000 UGX or more. The fee itself costs 20,000,000 UGX.


? Is Gambling Legal In Uganda?

Land-based casinos are fully regulated in Uganda – and online gambling isn’t far behind. While there aren’t any online gambling laws yet, players in Uganda can play online.

? Do I Need To Pay Taxes?

This depends on where you live, and how much you’re gambling. You should always check with an accountant if you’re unsure.

? Where To Find The Best Ugandan Bookies

On this page! You can view a full breakdown of the top-rated bookies currently accepting customers from Uganda, so you don’t need to worry about playing at a dody, unlicensed site.

? Can I Play From My Mobile?

Yes! Almost all bookies (and especially those listed here on this page) allow you to place bets from your mobile devices.

? Can I Claim Free Bets?

Yes – at most sites. Take a look at our recommended list of these on this page, and you’ll be able to see a full breakdown of which free bet welcome bonus offers are currently available.

How to win a bet

Winning bets is the focal point of betting - and this you must know how to do in order to win yourself some cash. Here, we’ll show you exactly how winning a bet works step-by-step, to allow you to know the main points of how to win a bet and make sure you get your earnings well and quickly.

  1. Wait for the outcome

    If the result is correct - you won! If not, you can try again once you have more funds or if you do have more funds already.
    Laptop calculating
  2. Log in/Register

    Logging into your account can be easily done by pressing the log-in button, or if you don’t have an account yet, you can also create one with a separate button usually close to the login.
    Mobile registration
  3. Deposit funds

    Deposit your funds by picking the option with your betting account - it should be on your account options and you will need to select a payment method.
    Piggy bank throwing coins
  4. Place the bet

    Once your funds are in your account, you can now place the bet. Pick a match and decide what you think will happen - then you place your bet and it will appear on your betting slip.
    Hand moving a pawn

Mobile Sports Betting In Uganda

When sports betting was in its infant phase in Uganda, players had to endure low-speed internet and outdated website designs.

What really sparked the revolution was the arrival of smartphones. For reasonable prices, various models have become players’ pocket PCs. This directly impacted the magnitude of internet use in the country, too.

Just check this data out: in 2008, Uganda had 31.66 million inhabitants, of which 2.5 million (7.89%) had internet access. In 2018, however, of the 42.82 million people, 18.14 million (42.38%) were online. This is a staggering jump compared to just ten years earlier.

By looking at the current situation, it’s possible that people won’t event need TVs, as there is a myriad of live streaming options.

More often than not, bookies offer these options to events you’ve bet on. Enjoying high-quality football in HD, on the bus, at home or wherever, on your phone – that’s a clear sign we’re being ushered into the digital age.

What Makes A Top-Rated Betting Site In Uganda

If you’re looking for the best betting company in Uganda, the selection process isn’t all that different from grading offshore bookmakers. The process goes something like this:

First, we test to see if the site is usable by both rookie bettors and pros. Our goal is to try out every feature so that we can be sure that we’re recommending a website that actually works.

Then, we compare their odds with competing brands to see if you have an advantage or not.

Bonuses and promotions play a great deal in choosing the best betting site in Uganda. If you can play with house money in the beginning, that’s always a great deal. Betting sites in Uganda with bonus have become more popular in recent years, so there’s a lot to choose from.

Perhaps the most important parameter for picking the best bookmaker is the quality of apps for both Android and iOS, as well as mobile browser versions.

As a part of our process, we scour various sites and forums to find out what experience did people have with the said bookie. This helps us to know what flaws to look for before making a verdict.

For all players, e-wallets and other payment methods are very important. Thus, we disqualify all websites that don’t offer enough platforms for people to use. We also seek to find the betting sites with cash out in Uganda, if you’re interested in safer wins.
And last but not least – customer support and overall help quality. If you run into a problem, your bookmaker needs to assist you properly.

Comparing betting websites available to Ugandans lets us pit bookmakers against one another in different categories. It’s a long process, but the result is that you can only see the very best bookmakers according to each and every parameter.

Football Gambling Sites in Uganda

When you look at the magnitude of football fandom in Uganda, you would think that scores of players from country grace Europe’s best pitches.

Surprisingly, this is not true. Herbert Bockhorn, who many consider the best Ugandan player today, plays for Huddersfield in the English Championship. Nevertheless, people are crazy about football betting sites in Uganda.

In recent years, we’ve seen a rapid expansion of the list of betting companies in Uganda that offer special bets. This has been a wonderful development for sport betting in Uganda in general. As football is usually the dominant sports on many players’ first slips, it’s definitely the best way to learn about different special bets and unorthodox formats.

As for football-oriented bookmakers, they are more abundant than any other niche bookmaker. Many all-around giants offer particularly impressive football markets, so we’ve decided to put every one of them to a grueling test.

Even though the competition was stiff, there are three bookmakers that stand above the rest:

  1. Betway
  2. Bet365
  3. LVbet

Active Bookmakers in Uganda

The National Gaming Board Uganda (NGBU) released a report in Match 2019, revealing that there is a total of 67 licensed operators in the country.

Of the 67:

1 is a lottery company
16 licensed belong to casino
⚽ 32 are bookmakers
17 offer slot games
3 dabble in bingo
1 is focused on pool betting

New Betting Sites in Uganda 2024

Will there be new bookmakers to try out?

Even though players are more than satisfied with the options currently available to them, competition is always important when it comes to regulating and balancing out a market. Whenever there is a new bookie, existing Ugandan betting companies are inclined to offer better odds and promotions, just so that players wouldn’t jump ship.

This essential part of the sports betting industry was jeopardized by President Museveni’s threats. His words were directed at all gambling, gaming and sports betting companies, striking fear into everyone from players to software developers. Bettors were concerned about the future of their favorite activity, but nothing actually happened.

In mid-2019, the NGBU called on operators to submit applications for renewals and new licenses, with this being possible until the end of December 2019. Despite the initial scare, taking punts will still be possible in Uganda.

Payment methods

Without payment methods, depositing money would have been long and rigorous as bank transfers usually take a while to put your money in, and often impose difficult fees plus high limitations. Here, you’ll not only learn some of the most popular methods used in Uganda, but also their fees and limitations so you can plan ahead. Read on to compare and check which payment method you’ll use!

Payment methods in Uganda betting
Bookmaker VISA Mastercard PayPal
Bet365 Min: 24,405.45 UGX
Max: 97,621,805.90 UGX
Time: instant
Min: 24,405.45 UGX
Max: 97,621,805.90 UGX
Time: instant
Min: 48,789.63 UGX
Max: 26,826,885.06 UGX
Time: instant
Betway Min: 48,789.63 UGX
Max: 26,826,885.06 UGX
Time: up to 24 hours
Min: 48,789.63 UGX
Max: 26,826,885.06 UGX
Time: up to 24 hours 
Min: N/A
Max: N/A
Time: up to 20 mins
LVbet Min: 48,789.63 UGX
Max: 26,826,885.06 UGX
Time: up to 20 mins
  • PayPal

    An ewallet which allows for the encrypted and safe keeping of money, sending and receiving are also features too.

  • MasterCard

    An extremely popular way of payment, it involves using your debit card to send money and pay.

  • Visa

    A sibling to mastercard, it also allows debit card spending and keeping money.

  • Payz

    An ewallet allowing you to keep money and send pay whenever you like safely.

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