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Paytm sports betting payments are an ideal method for allowing you to transfer money to and from bookmakers. It is useful to know your methods whilst betting, so stick with us as we explore this particular option. We’ll list some of the best betting sites in India with Paytm, and how you’ll be able to carry out Paytm deposit betting – another great option to add to your list.

List of Betting Sites that accept Paytm

Found: 7 Bookmakers

Rank Bookmaker Bonus Claim


Deposit bonus up to €100

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Bet on EU2024 and win prizes up to €150 000

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Sign up offer up to €100

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100% up to 130$ with code 'MIGHTYPARI' & take part in Billionaire's Megarace

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Paytm sports betting – The ultimate guide


Paytm Betting Sites

We take a closer look at how Paytm, and Paytm betting sites in particular, are used across India and have a genuine influence on betting in the country. One of the many possible payment systems used within the betting scene, whether for sports, casino, politics and much more.

Reading about bookies that accept Paytm will provide you with more knowledge and familiarity when you begin to look for more methods to expand your potential.

Online betting with Paytm

One of the first questions that may come to mind is what exactly are Paytm betting sites? The name itself is an abbreviation of ‘pay through mobile’ – but if you mean the brand and company itself, then we explore this below.

Based in India, the company specialises in a number of digital practices, including e-commerce, payment, and financial areas too. Having been around since August 2010, the company has been up and running for quite a while – ten years now.

Available in more than just a few languages, this is particularly useful to Indian punters who’d like to use the app in their own language. Outside of betting, lots of merchants within India have placed their trust in the payment system, linking their own bank accounts so as to accept payments from customers.

  1. People all over the world partake in betting every day
  2. Football and other sports are enjoyed with gambling
  3. Many different types of bets exist, such as outrights, doubles, and many more
  4. Gambling dates all the way back to Roman times
  5. 150 Million USD total was wagered on the 2018 Super Bowl

India has one of the largest betting communities in the world thanks to the country’s love of sport; they also have a large list of available bookmakers. Cricket is one notable example of Indian betting, having amassed lots of bookmakers to list bonuses and offers to do with the sport.

Available in more than just a few languages, this is particularly useful to Indian punters who’d like to use the app in their own language. Outside of betting apps with Paytm, lots of merchants within India have placed their trust in the payment system, linking their own bank accounts so as to accept payments from customers.

Online betting with Paytm
🏙️ Founded 2010
💻Coverage India (national)
💳 Type Payment system, e-commerce
🗺️ Area served India
📱 Has a dedicated app Yes
💯 Processing fee 1.99%
⚡ Transaction speed Instant (to bank, one day)


? Can I use Paytm with every bookmaker?
Not every bookmaker allows the use of Paytm, unfortunately. Check our list of alternative options in the article if you can’t use it.
? Is Paytm free to get?
Yes, there’s no subscription service and you are allowed to get an account for free.
? Is Paytm good outside of India?
At the moment it’s quite limited thanks to it being located in India and focused on Indian localisation.
? Is Paytm reputable?
As many people in India use it, yes, it has been a reputable source for a while now.

How to deposit money via Paytm

How to use bookies with Paytm is the primary focus of this article. Below, we’ll show you just how, whether you are new to the app or just uncertain on how to deposit your cash with the application directly to Paytm betting sites.

  1. Download Paytm

    If you have not already, downloading the application and registering is the first step. This means that you can then store your money and send it conveniently.
    Download Paytm
  2. Download and open the bookmaker application

    When you’re registered with Paytm, this now usually means you can access it via your bookmaker, but make sure you choose Paytm sports betting sites, such as 1xBet. Then, by proceeding with this means, you’ll be able to select Paytm whilst depositing.
    Download the bookmaker application
  3. Select the deposit option with your bookmaker

    Find the deposit page and select Paytm as your payment method choice. You can now select the amount and it will take you to the Paytm verification, which will need to be completed before completing your transaction.
    Select the deposit option
  4. Complete your transaction

    Confirming your transaction with the bookmaker and Paytm alike will then allow you to complete it. This will require confirmation via a button after verification.
    Complete your transaction
  5. Check your balance

    Make sure it has come through by checking your bookmaking account balance – this way, you can be sure of your amount coming through. Enjoy online betting via Paytm!
    Check your balance

Advantages and disadvantages of using Paytm betting sites


Some of the advantages of using sports betting sites accepting Paytm can stand out when you look at it in certain ways. The payment method may not be known worldwide, but it can be very useful if you are located in India and even with the country’s native languages.

Another great advantage is that you can use the service with lots of merchants across India using their useful QR-code payment scheme, with the profile of the payment method growing nationally and showing potential thanks to their tech-savvy outlook, financial expertise and help for their customers.

There’s more than just sending money to your bookmakers as you can also keep your cash with the service, allowing it to be an e-wallet. The e-commerce specialists within the company allow it to be of good quality.

We believe that the method could gain much more traction thanks to its current show of potential, allowing for further growth.


At the moment the service is still growing, meaning that growing pains and issues with use may still occur.

You might notice it is mostly exclusive to India, meaning the service is mostly applicable to a specific geographical region. There is the possibility that its reach might be expanded in the future after significant growth, however, at the moment it still looks unlikely.

There have been disputes between the Paytm online betting method and other firms, which could put potential users off. Nevertheless, this has not seen the company plummet in terms of usage and popularity within India.

We have also found the customer support to sometimes be lacking in speed and efficiency. Sometimes it might take time to get the appropriate support that you need regarding a certain problem with the app or a transaction.

There are also notable charges and fees you might need to watch out for whilst making transactions – with the 1.99% processing fee being one example.

Depositing and Withdrawing with Paytm at Sportsbooks

Depositing and withdrawing can be a burden if you don’t know what to do. Fortunately, we’ll show you the way right here!

Paytm, like many other payment methods, can be accessed through the main payment area of football betting sites with Paytm. You will have to first select the deposit method, before selecting Paytm as your favoured means of depositing to your bookmaking account.

When it comes to betting sites with Paytm withdrawal, it will be the same. However, depending on the Paytm betting apps, you might have to go through a thorough verification process, which most sites will impose on your account before you can carry out any sort of withdrawal back to your main banking account.

Stay wary of any sort of fees or additional costs that might be imposed when it comes to depositing or even withdrawing your cash using a Paytm withdrawal betting app, as sometimes these factors can go unnoticed, causing unplanned money loss.

Is this payment method safe?

You might be wondering whether the payment system is entirely safe for when you send your hard-earned cash over the internet – we fully support such caution. Checking the credibility and means of saving the information is one big factor behind what makes a good payment method.

The transactions executed at betting sites with Paytm have been found to be mainly safe as many users across India back the method. It is confirmed that 128-bit encryption is covering your transactions and that the CVV of credit cards are never stored on any sort of information tracking system.

Table about betting with PayTM
👉 Funding Methods App, Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit card
🗝️ Key factor One of the biggest payment methods in India
📈 Major advantages of the method It can be used with many merchants in India
📉 Major disadvantages of the method There are applicable charges when you send money
ℹ️ Customer Support 🆘 app, live chat, phone, e-mail
  1. Rabona
  2. 1xBet
  3. Leonbets
  4. Betway
  5. Parimatch

Top 5 Paytm bookmakers

Paytm deposit betting sites are definitely some of the most useful. Usually, you’ll find that quite a few top Paytm betting sites usable within India provide the possibility of using Paytm, allowing for a great experience for Indian punters.

Some of the best India-available bookmakers not only offer the best sports experience, but they also allow some great options for their payment procedures, supporting flexibility that punters might not find on other sites.

Here, we’ll explore some of the better sportsbooks that use Paytm:

  1. 10Cric
  2. Shangri La Live
  3. Bet365
  4. Betway
  5. Parimatch

Times, Fees & Limits

The fees, times and limitations are some of the most important aspects when it comes to Paytm bookies – sometimes you might wonder whether you will have to pay whilst depositing or even withdrawing cash from your account. Here, you’ll be able to take a look at some of the fees and times that are imposed on the most popular bookies. It could prove beneficial to download Paytm app for iOS or the Paytm Android app to optimise the process.

Deposit Times, Fees & Limits

decor image decor image
Betting Site Deposit speed Free Limits Min/Max


⚡ Instant

📈 Min: 400 rupees Max: 2,000,000 rupees


🔥 Instant

📉 Min: 1,000 rupees Max: 1,000,000 rupees


💨 Instant

📈Min: 400 rupees Max: 2,000,000 rupees


🚀 Instant

📉Min: 400 rupees Max: 2,000,000 rupees

Withdrawal Times, Fees & Limits

decor image decor image
Betting Site Withdrawal speed Free Limits Min/Max


⚡ Up to 24 hours

📈Min: 400 rupees Max: 2,000,000 rupees


🔥 Up to 24 hours

📉Min: 1,000 rupees Max: 1,000,000 rupees


💨 Up to 24 hours

📈Min: 400 rupees Max: 2,000,000 rupees


🚀 Up to 24 hours

📉Min: 400 rupees Max: 2,000,000 rupees

Alternative Payment Methods

Looking for some of the best alternative payment methods to Paytm? Look no further, as we cover these right here. Maybe Paytm doesn’t quite cut it for you, or isn’t available for you as much as others are.

There are some viable other methods, such as Airtel, which also covers a good range of bookmakers. Other great options like PayPal too add a great deal of popular bookmakers to their list.

We’ll bring you some of the most accessible and usable payment methods nowadays when it comes to using them with football betting apps Paytm isn't present, and also disclose some of their limitations too. Keep reading, as you’ll not regret it.

Table about Alternative Payment Methods
Bookmaker Paypal Airtel Applepay Credit card
Bet365 Min: 400 rupees
Max: 2,000,000 rupees
Time: instant
Min: 400 rupees
Max: 2,000,000 rupees
Time: instant
Min: 400 rupees
Max: 2,000,000 rupees
Time: instant 
22Bet Min: 100 rupees
Max: N/A
Time: instant
Min: 100 rupees
Max: N/A
Time: instant
Betway Min: N/A
Max: N/A
Time: instant
Min: 400 rupees
Max: 2,000,000 rupees
Time: instant
Min: 200 rupees
Max: 1,000,000 rupees
Time: instant
  • Skrill

    An eWallet allowing for the safe sending of money and storing within – a cousin to Neteller

  • Visa

    A debit card payment service that helps people send money safely using the card directly

  • Bank Transfer

    Using your bank account’s wire transfer feature can sometimes take a lot of time

  • Mastercard

    Virtually the same as VISA, allows for safe sending of cash using debit cards

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