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Best Airtel betting sites for July 2021

Airtel is one of the biggest communications operators in the world.

Some sources place it the 2nd largest mobile network in the world, with the 1st place being occupied by China Mobile Communications Corporation (which has twice as many customers, by the way, so it is not at all a close competition).

Here you can find the list of betting sites that accept Airtel Money.

List of Betting sites that accept Airtel Money

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? How to bet at Sportpesa using Airtel?

While Sportpesa is no longer operating in Kenya, you can try using it in other African countries like Nigeria or Tanzania. Register at the betting site and check whether it accepts Airtel Money as a payment method.

? How to check Airtel balance?

Dial *121# for India, *131# for Kenya, or *123# for Nigeria, and follow from there.

? Can I transfer credit from one Airtel account to another?

Yes, in most cases you are able to transfer money to another person’s account. Check with Airtel customer support at your location to learn more about the availability and conditions of such option.

Airtel India

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is putting Airtel India in a comfortable third place amongst mobile operators with 327.35 million subscribers and a 28.43% market share at the end of 2019. According to their data, the company is only 0.46% behind Vodafone Idea, which currently resides in second place.

This difference still translates to 5.3 million customers, which is nothing to scoff at, so Airtel has a lot of work to do if it wants to strengthen its positions on the national telecommunications market.

How to activate Airtel India?

All new 4G SIM cards are automatically activated. If you still have an old 2G or 3G card, you can buy a new 4G card and activate it for free. To do so, message the 20-digit number at the back of your new SIM to 121 phone number. Wait for request confirmation, then press 1. In a short time, you should be disconnected from the network. When it’s done, switch off your phone, and replace the old SIM card with the new one. Turn on the phone, and wait for the network to reconnect. The process is considered to be done at this point, and your new card should be activated.

How to register an Airtel line in India?

You can register a new Airtel line either by purchasing a SIM card in the nearest store and then visiting the nearest branch for the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, or, alternatively, you can order the new card online, and wait for delivery. Be prepared to show proof of identity or proof of address. Airtel India has an extensive list of documents that can be used for this purpose.

KYC is important for you to become a fully registered user of Airtel India and to benefit from all available offers.

How to load Airtel in India?

If you do not have a postpaid contract with the company, you can go to their recharge page to top up your account. Enter your number and proceed to choose one of the available data packs and the preferred payment method.

You can also use a scratch code coupon to recharge your data. To do so, buy the coupon, scratch the covered area in the back and then enter *130*coupon code# into your phone.

How to check your Airtel balance

Dial *121# to be provided with a display of options. Choose the “my number” option that will then show your active balance and validity of the number. Alternatively, call 121 and follow the instructions.

Can I bet using Airtel?

You can follow your bookmaker’s instructions to deposit money by Airtel to your account and then bet using this money.

Betting sites in India that accept Airtel

The landscape of payment methods constantly fluctuates with new bookmakers and technologies coming into the market. Currently, we know at least four sportsbooks that accept Airtel as a deposit/withdrawal method. These are Betway, 10Cric, 22bet, ComeOn and 1xbet.

Airtel Africa

Airtel Africa is a leading African provider of telecommunications-based money services in 15 countries. Its area of operations consists mostly of West, Central and East Africa, with most income coming from Airtel Nigeria due to cheap tariff plans. It is a market leader in at least 8 of those countries.

What is Airtel Airtime?

Airtel Airtime is basically a prepaid credit at Airtel that can be bought, transferred or borrowed. Users can buy it electronically, or by using prepaid cards and scratch tickets. Airtel Airtime can come in bundles in promotions, and some companies (such as Quickteller and M-pesa) even offer their services in buying Airtel Airtime through their payment systems.

Airtel Kenya

According to various sources, Airtel Kenya is estimated to have the second-largest presence on the Kenyan market, slowly eating into Safaricom’s subscribers. In the last year, Safaricom’s share fell to 63.5% down from 65.4% in the year before that. Although its advantage is still enormous in comparison with competition, the fact that Safaricom loses customers should worry the operator quite a lot. In terms of numbers, this means that the leading company still has 31.8 million subscribers, whereas Airtel Kenya provides services to 12.8 million customers.

How to activate Airtel Kenya?

Visit any Airtel retailer (you can use their StoreLocator to locate the ones nearest to you), and ask them for an Airtel SIM card. They should do all the procedures necessary for your obtaining a valid Airtel number. If your card was not activated by a retailer, you can do it by yourself taking the following steps:

  1. Remove the SIM card from the package
  2. Insert it into your phone and switch the phone on
  3. Enter the default 1234 PIN number. You can change the PIN at a later time in your security settings.
  4. Dial *123# to activate your SIM card

If the process was completed successfully, your phone should now display access to the Airtel network.

How to register an Airtel line in Kenya?

Dial *100#, select the “Manage my account’ option, then follow with the “Registration status” option. You should shortly get an SMS with your registration status. If the status does not show any active registration, you are welcome to change that by going to the closest Airtel shop (alt. Airtel Money or dealer shop) with proper identification. Please keep in mind that your identification should be of the type that can serve as a legal ID (e.g. Kenyan citizens can provide either an original identity card, a valid passport, a birth certificate, or a service card of Kenya Defense Forces).

How to load Airtel airtime in Kenya?

If you are using cash, you can load/deposit your Airtel airtime by visiting the Airtel Money agent. You will have to provide your original ID, and then you will be able to exchange cash for Airtel airtime on your account.

Aside from that, you can top up your Airtel account by other means:

  • Using a scratch card (Dial *130*PINCODE# using code gotten from an official dealer)
  • Using Airtel Money (Dial *222*1#, and go from there by selecting the “Buy Airtime option”)
  • Using various alternative options provided by many well-advertised third-party services (including M-pesa)

Check your Airtel balance

To check your balance, dial *131*#, then select your account, switch to “Balance”, enter your Airtel money PIN code and hit the “Send” button. You shall shortly receive an SMS with your balance confirmation.

Can I bet using Airtel?

You can use Airtel Money to deposit money into your account on betting sites that provide you with such options. Simply choose the appropriate option and then follow the instructions from your betting site.

Betting sites in Kenya that accept Airtel

Aside from the native and Africa-centered betting sites that have Airtel as one of their default payments options, the following international companies accept Airtel Money: Betway, 1xbet and 22bet.

Airtel Nigeria

According to the data from October 2019, the current leader MTN has cornered over 37.2% of market share in mobile telecommunications, which puts the company with approximately 65.7 million subscribers. Airtel Nigeria has just a bit over 27% of the market, which translates into 47.9 million subscribers, and its closest competitor Globacom who up until recent times was considered the second-largest communications brand in Nigeria sits very close at 26.76% and 47.2 million subscribers respectively.

This is good news for Airtel Nigeria, because not only it had taken second place on the market, but it did so by showing a good customer growth that came at the expense of MTN. The leading company had over 40% of the market under its control before the latest surveys, and the loss of nearly 3% of its subscribers surely has shown that it can bleed.

How to activate Airtel Nigeria?

After inserting your new SIM, you can activate it by calling Airtel helplines. To do so, dial 111 if you are using a prepaid subscription, and 131 for postpaid subscriptions.

How to register an Airtel line in Nigeria?

To check your registration, dial *746# and wait for a confirmation message. If your SIM is not yet registered, you can undergo the process in the nearest Airtel store (find the most convenient stores using their StoreLocator). You will have to provide a valid ID for the registration.

Airtel Kenya strongly recommends either to register your SIM card or not to buy any preregistered cards. This way users can fully benefit from the company’s offers and they will have a chance to recover their line in case something happens to it.

How to load Airtel airtime in Nigeria?

There are different ways how to top up Airtel airtime:

  • Using a scratch card. Buy an Airtel scratch card from a certified vendor and carefully scratch the backside of the card to reveal a 16-digit code. Then dial *126*[the 16-digit code]# and press Send. You should be shortly automatically credited with money on your account
  • Using Airtel Money. Dial *903# to activate Airtel Money on your phone. This service acts as an electronic wallet allowing you to deposit and withdraw money from/to your account (or from your friends and family). For further convenience, you can also link Airtel Money to your bank account
  • Using a variety of advertised Internet-services, which includes Airtel’s own Prepaid Recharge

Check your Airtel balance

Dial *123# and wait for the confirmation message to check your balance. This is a free service.

Can I bet using Airtel?

It seems that currently, the only way to bet using Airtel is by depositing money to your account through this payment system.

Betting sites in Nigeria that accept Airtel

Much like in Kenya, the following companies accept Airtel Money: Betway, 1xbet, ComeOn and 22bet.

Betting sites that accept recharge cards

In this section of the review, we look at the top betting sites that allow you to bet with Airtime deposit. Knowing these sites will help speed up the process when looking for your next bookmaker.

Below is a selection of betting sites that allow Airtime deposit. These sportsbooks enable you to add cash to your online betting account.

  • 22bet
  • 1xBet
  • Betway

Regardless of your favourite sports to gamble on, you want a bet that uses a recharge card. This allows you to add funds quickly and securely.

Online betting with Airtime is another option for bettors, but not all online bookies accept this form of payment. It’s worth doing your research to find the one that will work best for you.

When looking for a betting site that accepts Airtime deposits, you want to be on the lookout for one with a strong mobile app.

A bet site with Airtime is one you know you can trust, but make sure the sportsbook has all the necessary security measures in place. You want to know the bookmaker is safe, licensed and legal to accept bets in your region.

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