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Payforit is one of the most popular mobile payment services. You can make online payments using this method and the total cost of the service will be added to your monthly mobile expenses. If you do not have a stable mobile contract, the prices will be withdrawn from your currently available mobile credit. However, none of the available betting companies allow their users to pay directly using Payforit. As a result, you will have to use an intermediate payment method.

Our suggestion is using an electronic wallet (e.g. Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, etc.). You can use Payforit to deposit funds on your eWallet account and then transfer the money to your gambling account. We will explain the exact procedure later in the article.

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  • Advantages / Disadvantages of using PayForIt
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  • How to use
  • Deposit
  • Fees, Limits, and Processing Times
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List of Betting Sites that accept PayForIt

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? What fees do I have to pay when using Payforit?

There are no fees associated with using Payforit as a payment method.

? How can I deposit funds in my gambling account using PayForIt?

You need to use an intermediate payment method for all your transactions.

? Can I exchange currency with PayForIt?

No, you can not exchange currency using the PayForIt payment method.

? Why can’t I pay for online gambling with Payforit?

This happens due to the betting companies’ policies of requiring the customers to confirm their identity (and the associated payment method). When using mobile payments, the bookmaker can not make sure that you are the one initiating the transfer.

How To Make a Deposit

When it comes to making a deposit on your PayForIt card you can take advantage of plenty of payment methods. For example, you can use PayPal (eWallet) to transfer funds into your bank balance. Then, all the money will be available on your card. Below you will find a detailed guide about how to deposit funds on your PayForIt card.

  1. Go to your eWallet

  2. Log In to your account

  3. Click on the Deposit (or similar) button

  4. Select Payforit as a payment method

  5. Fill in the required data

  6. Confirm the transaction

Safety of PayForIt Sports Betting

Security is one of the most important aspects you need to take into account when depositing funds into your gambling account. Payforit allows you to make online payments without having to type in any of your personal data (bank account or identity). The PayForIt betting site is not able to see your account number or any other sensitive information. This results in a smaller chance of your funds getting hijacked or account hacked.

NetBet and PayForIt

NetBet is among the most well-known betting companies with PayForIt available worldwide. As mentioned before, Payforit can not be used directly for online gambling services. Therefore, you will have to use an eWallet to intermediate your transactions.

NetBet provides its users with advantageous fees, flexible limits, and relatively short processing times for this type of transaction. The initial transfer (Payforit to eWallet) is processed instantly and does not have any applicable fees. The secondary transaction (eWallet to NetBet) benefits from the same advantages.

Broad betting market

NetBet is one of the most popular bookmakers which accept PayForIt in the world. It is an internationally-recognized online gambling platform. In terms of odds, they provide their users with odds slightly above the market average. There are plenty of payment methods that are supported by this bookmaker. Moreover, the fees are very small, compared to other bookies.

LVBet and PayForIt

The list of PayForIt bookmakers also includes LVBet. This bookie allows its users to take advantage of up to 10 different payment methods (including eWallets such as Skrill and Neteller).

The situation is similar to the one encountered when placing bets at NetBet. You have to use an intermediate between Payforit and NetBet due to their mobile payment policy. Our best bet is using the Neteller electronic wallet. Later in the article, you will find a table revealing all the relevant financial aspects (limits, fees, processing times, etc.) for different PayForIt bookies.

Betting safely

LVBet is one of the most notorious PayForIt sports betting platforms. It is licensed to offer betting online services in plenty of countries (including Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and several European countries). Its betting margins are lower compared to its main competitors on the market. Therefore, you will enjoy increased revenue when placing online bets at LVBet.

Advantages & limitations


When using Payforit for paying online gambling services you can be sure that your bank account (or information) is not involved in the transaction. The payment is done through your mobile phone. The total cost will be added to your monthly mobile service cost. In case you do not have a signed contract with your mobile service provider, the cost of your transfer will be deducted from your available credit.

This payment method comes with 0 fees. It means that all the money you pay gets to your gambling account. Moreover, the processing time is close-to-zero. Last but not least, you can easily exchange currency when using an eWallet as an intermediate for your transaction.


The only major disadvantage of Payforit is the fact that it is not supported as a direct payment method for online betting. Therefore, you will have to use an intermediate (eWallet) to deposit and withdraw funds from your gambling account. This happens due to the betting platforms’ policies of requiring an identity-confirmed payment method.

  • Requires an Intermediate (eWallet)

Limits, fees & withdrawal times

When you choose one of the PayForIt betting companies you have to take into account the applicable fees, limits, and the overall processing time.

This way you will be able to track how much money you lose when paying commissions and how long will it take for your funds to be available in the desired account (gambling account, eWallet, bank account).

Below you will find two tables revealing the limits, fees, and processing times that you need to know before using Payforit (and an intermediate eWallet) to place online bets.

Deposit Times, Fees & Limits

Betting Site Deposit speed Free Limits Min/Max



€20 - €10,000



€10 - €5,000



€10 - €10,000



€5 - €5,000

Withdrawal Times, Fees & Limits

Betting Site Deposit speed Free Limits Min/Max


Up to 48 hours

€20 - €10,000


1 - 3 business days

€20 - €5,000


Up to 48 hours

€3 - €3,000


Up to 48 hours

€5 - €5,000

  • The most safe and trivial method to fund your account, bank wire transfers may take a bit too long, but it is worth it if security is your concern.

  • Bitcoin is on the rise, and that means more and more bookmakers accepting cryptocurrency as a deposit method.

  • VISA is one of the most well-known companies. You can get a VISA debit card at any bank branch and it is generally accepted by all certified bookmakers.

  • You can link your debit or credit card to PayPal, which can serve both as a direct payment method or intermediate eWallet for funding your betting account.



In conclusion, Payforit is a viable method for those who do not want to share their bank details and other sensitive information with the betting site.

The only drawback is represented by the fact that you have to use an intermediate payment method when paying for online gambling services. Our suggestion is using an electronic wallet (such as Skrill or Neteller), deposit funds using your mobile into the eWallet, and then transferring the money to your gambling account.

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