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With online sportsbooks always looking for new initiatives and features to help the user gamble, many websites have now introduced a brand new payment method – Google Pay.

Google Pay is unique as it is exclusive to owners of an Android device, much similar to Apple Pay, exclusive to Apple devices. The service can only be used for deposits, rather than withdrawals but the security and safety of the new way to pay are fantastic.

In 2018, the two companies – Android Pay and Google Pay – merged and rebranded as the joint Google Pay and became available on a global scale, therefore more and more outlets are accepting Google Pay as a payment method.

Below is our review of this new payment method.

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? How to pay using Google Pay?

Primarily, check whether your mobile device is compatible with contactless payments: go to the phone’s settings and search for the NFC field. If found, turn it on – in case nothing appears, your phone isn’t compatible with Google Pay.

To conduct payments in physical locations (like stores), simply unlock your device and hold it near the terminal for several seconds – next, the reader will require your PIN or process operation right away. Paying via the web, select Google Pay as your method and confirm the payment. Besides, if based in the United States, you can send money directly via the “Send” tab.

? How do I create a wallet?

First, download the Google Pay application file in the Google Play or App Store and sign in to your Google profile – if not done before, create it now. Now, add a payment method: credit and debit cards are acceptable as well as bank accounts (US only), PayPal & gift cards (some countries). Good job!

? Which bookmakers accept Google Pay?

Bet365 is commonly considered the sole online casino accepting Google Pay payments. However, our latest examinations of August 2020 showed that the list has expanded drastically: Nomini, 22bet, and 888Casino are now all Google Play supportive.

? How much is the minimum deposit & cashout sum?

Both the minimum and maximum cash limits are inherited from the primary bank-host. Inquire your card issuer for further information.

? How fast are Google Pay transactions?

If a plastic card is set as the default method, the transactions will be the fastest (from 5 minutes to 24 hours in rare cases). Bank account transfers may take longer – up to five days, depending on the bank-issuer. Also, if there is deposited money on your Google Pay balance, the payments are guaranteed to be quick with no arising issues.


Google Pay wraps up all of your private and sensitive information in multiple layers of cybersecurity, making it an extremely safe and secure payment method. Each payment must process through a security measure of the users choice such as fingerprint scan, face identification or using a password/code.

Most bookmakers also only accept Google Pay payment methods when the user’s Google Pay account name matches that of the betting account, this avoids other people being able to fund their account with your Google Pay and vice versa. The payment method also makes deposits without any financial information being passed onto the betting company.
During the transaction, Google Pay keep your personal details protected. This stems from your name or address to your financial details such as account number or debit card information. Google’s data encryption helps maintain privacy for its users, which is essential for customers who want to place bets online whilst keeping their data confidential and secure.


You must set up a Google account. If you use Gmail or Google Drive, you will already have a Google account but if not it is a simple process and you can do so by visiting the account creation page at Google.

Next, download the Google Play app through the Play Store on your mobile device.

Sign in to your account on the app or website and add a payment method to the platform. To do this select the ‘Payment’ menu and then press ‘+ Payment Method’. Here, there will be an option to add different payment methods such as credit or debit cards and even Paypal, select the option which you will add.

Follow the on-screen instructions and enter the details of your payment method and click save, now you are ready to go!


Paying with Google Pay is extremely easy. Simply log in to your account on your mobile device, press deposit and select the Google Pay deposit method, go through the security measures and then you are done!

Step 1. Log into your account on your phone via the website’s mobile application and press the deposit button in the top right of the page.

Step 2. Enter the amount that you wish to deposit and select Google Pay before clicking continue.

Step 3. Now, you will have to log in with the security measure in place; face identification, fingerprint scanning or a passcode.

Step 4. The money will appear in your account and you are ready to go!

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Advantages & limitations


The obvious advantage of Google Pay is the speed of making your deposit. By far the fastest method of depositing is through e-wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, as you don’t even have to enter a password if your finger or face identification is set up. This means that your money will be transferred within seconds, a real positive if you are looking to bet in-play and need to deposit quickly so that the odds do not change.

Furthermore, Google Pay is extremely safe and secure, being protected with face or finger identification. This means that nobody can access your Google Pay account.

Next, the payments are to be made directly from your Android smartphone or another device, so if you do not have your wallet on you, you can still bet on the go.

Finally, there are no deposit or withdrawal fees on Google Pay, a nice advantage as this means you can deposit as much as you want without worrying about little fees.


Like many new payment methods, a disadvantage is a fact that you may struggle to find bookmakers who currently accept Google Pay methods. This is due to the fact that Google has only recently relaxed its policy to allow Google Pay to be utilised on gambling websites, so this could change in the future. Luckily, we have put together a list above to cut out the middleman and show you the best websites that accept Google Pay!

The main negative of using Google Pay as your preferred deposit method is that you cannot withdraw money back through your Google Pay account. It’s competitors such as Apple Pay allow this and maybe in the future, we will see Google Pay adapt to this too.

That is why we suggest using Google Pay if you want to deposit your money quickly on the go, or can’t be bothered to enter your card details into a website. However, eventually, you will have to do this to withdraw your money.

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Limits, fees & withdrawal times

As one of the advantages of Google Pay was the quick deposit times, this will be instant, taking seconds for the money to appear on your account. However, there is no option to withdraw with this method.

Google Pay does not charge a fee, making it a worthy payment method ahead of e-wallets such as Webmoney, who charge a 0.8% fee on each deposit. You can choose your own limits for Google Pay when depositing, with the maximum varying depending on each website.

Alternative payment options

  • Skrill is a popular e-wallet accepted on an international level. With fast transactions, its only downside is transaction fees.

  • MasterCard is an internationally accepted payment method that is easy to acquire and use.

  • PayPal, originally created by Elon Musk and then acquired by eBay, is a fast-working e-wallet designed to help you pay online.

  • Bitcoin is one of the most - if not the most - famous cryptocurrencies in the world.



In conclusion, Google Pay is the best payment method for depositing for users on Android devices. It has quick processing time, no fee and ease of setting up means that Google Pay stands out ahead of its competitors.

If you are looking for a quick way to deposit whilst on the go on your mobile device, or perhaps looking to take advantage of the in-play markets, Google Pay is the method for you!

However, it is still behind Apple Pay, who allow withdrawals via the same method. Once Google Pay accepts withdrawals, it will receive top marks, but for now, it is just shy of the very best as a payment method.

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