Both Teams to Score (BTTS) Tips & Predictions

Tired of having your entire betting slip go to waste because of an equalizer in the 93rd minute? Believe it or not, sudden turnarounds and Fergie time goals are known to be the single biggest cause of most lost bets. To counter this almost-ubiquitous risk, you should turn to BTTS bets, meaning: Both Teams to Score.

To help you navigate this market, we’ve assembled a list of the best BTTS tips. After reading our short guide, you’ll know how to find the best BTTS predictions, how to evaluate them and, finally, how to win big.

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BTTS Predictions: How to Discern Truth from Fiction?

Footy is an unpredictable sport, no matter the competition level. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when looking at the latest BTTS football tips. Even those BTTS betting tips that are most likely to win can cause your entire slip to plunder if you don’t think about all the possible outcomes. To increase your chances of winning, apply the following criteria:

  • Is it trending – upwards or downwards? Despite the attractive odds and a history of high scoring, two teams might be on different paths. For example, if a team has lost too many games, the players might lose all motivation to win and fail to score even once. Despite the presence of individually solid defenders, that is.
  • Injury proneness. While a team may be on an upward trajectory, that doesn’t mean the success will continue. Check the amount and percentage of minutes played by players that are perceived as injury-prone. Compare their advanced stats to the overall performance of the team while they’re on the field. Looking for the best Both Teams to Score tips today (or for tomorrow) will be much easier once you notice a pattern of players getting injured once they need to perform on a higher level.
  • The time needed for new players to settle in. Both Teams to Score betting tips can get a little crazy right after the transfer period is done even though new players are usually expected to perform right away. This is especially true for free-roaming defenders, such as Manchester United’s Aaron Wan-Bissaka. However, some players just need more time to fit in. If they’re seasoned players, check to see how they’ve fared during the first few weeks/months when with a new team.

Both Teams to Score Tips: What’s the Focus?

Upon discovering the wonderful world of football BTTS tips, it’s easy to get carried away, By “carried away”, we mean multiple things – bankrupt, disappointed and reluctant to play anymore. Think about it, scoring a goal is never easy, whether you’re taking punts on footy matches taking the 1×2 or the BTTS approach.

The advantage of entering this niche and adequately using football BTTS predictions is that you only need two goals, and you can stop caring for the rest of the match. However, just because it’s a one-way street to winning money, the probability of a goal suddenly being scored is not that higher than usual. Go down the 1×2 route in most cases, as BTTS betting is not certain enough to be the backbone of your betting slip.

Finding the Best Free BTTS Tips

There’s a lot of sites around, boasting that they have the best Both Teams to Score predictions today or even for weekend matches. This created a competitive market that gave birth to a lot of unfounded claims. To make sure that the BTTS market you found is worth betting on, you need to use the three criteria mentioned above and check their track record for a few days. If the success rate is over 70%, then you should most definitely take the plunge.

One common question about the BTTS tips category is whether you should pay for information about a match that starts soon or not. Our answer would be no. In the days before the fixture, there is ample time to research the teams’ form and other statistics, and much of it is well-known.

The crux of BTTS bets is doing the dirty work yourself and learning a lot in the process. Free BTTS predictions are great because you can both save money and improve your bankroll.

Best Both Teams to Score Predictions: How to Know You’ve Made the Right Choice?

If you’re thinking about testing the waters, you might want to consider the actual goal of your betting slip. Is it an attempt to get a small bankroll boost or you’re looking to break the bank. We would advise no more than 1-2 BTTS bets or that they don’t comprise more than 30% of the slip. The only situations where you can insert more is if key backline players are injured, and the team still has a good frontline.

Other cases where you might find success is if it’s a second-leg in the knockout phase of the competition. The odds will most likely be quite generous, allowing you to bolster your slip. An ideal outcome will be if the fixture involves a team that’s known for choking, such as Barcelona vs Liverpool and Roma.



Why should I bet on the BTTS market?

This is an interesting market in which odds are usually good in both Yes and No options. Apart from that, sometimes it is easier to predict whether both sides will have a chance to score rather than the outcome of the match.

Which matches are good for betting on BTTS ‘Yes’?

To bet on this market, the best matches are those with teams that have good attacks but not very solid defenses.

Which matches are good for betting on BTTS ‘No’?

Exactly the opposite of the question above. BTTS ‘No’, is a good move when one of the teams ‒ or both ‒ has weak attacks but very solid defenses.

What other markets can I bet on besides Both Teams to Score?

There are many others, especially in big competitions or games. You can bet on goals over and under, the correct score, the game’s outcome, and many more.

Which games can I bet on with the BTTS market?

This is one of the most common markets that exist in football, so basically all matches will offer this market for you to bet on.