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Best Betting Sites in Romania for July 2021

There are plenty of Romanian betting sites that work legally in our country and the total number is increasing yearly. More and more people are moving their betting habits into the digital environment. Therefore, all the major bookmakers licensed in Romania have opened an online version that allows their users to place bets even when they are on the go.

This article will tell you precious information about Romanian bookmakers and will help you objectively compare the most popular Romania betting sites. Moreover, you will find out interesting facts about:

  • History of online betting in Romania
  • Gambling laws and regulations
  • The most mobile-friendly bookies
  • Advantageous payment methods used for gambling in Romania.

List of Best Romania Betting Sites

Found: 17 bookmakers


  • Live streaming service
  • User-friendly mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Good customer support around the clock
  • We trust this sportsbook
  • Many restricted countries

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History of Online Betting in Romania

Sports betting has always been an interesting industry in Romania. Starting from 2010, some bookmakers moved their activity from the streets to the digital environment. The bettors were skeptical, but more and more of them tried out the attractive offers and promotions that were available online. Due to the increased competition, some bookmakers started offering unethical promotions. And that’s when the need for clear regulations came in.

In 2015, a new legal entity was founded. It was named O.N.J.N. (Oficiul National al Jocurilor de Noroc / National Office for Gambling). This entity was meant to supervise the activity of bookmakers (both online and offline) and apply laws and regulations in order to maintain the ethical state of being. A new set of rules was adopted a few years later (O.U.G. no. 114/2018 regarding Sports Betting in Romania).

There are 3 key aspects of the newly applied law: the K.Y.C. process, the taxes, and the need of owning a valid license. There is no need to come into complex law-related discussions, but you have to be aware of the most important rules of online betting in Romania.

  • 1

    O.N.J.N. is the entity that supervises gambling (both online and offline).

  • 2

    You must pay taxes (2%) for each deposit.

  • 3

    Each bookmaker must own a valid certificate issued by O.N.J.N.

  • 4

    Gambling online at an unlicensed company will result in a major fine.

Firstly, each punter must demonstrate its identity. To do so, bookmakers have introduced a new process (commonly referred to as Know Your Customer or K.Y.C.). It literally means that you have to send photocopies of some documents that demonstrate your age, citizenship, and current address.

Secondly, there are certain taxes that must be paid when gambling online in Romania. When you deposit funds into your gambling account you must pay 2% taxes (regardless of your chosen payment method). Additionally, there are revenue taxes that increase accordingly to your winnings. But all those taxes are automatically deducted by your bookmaker.

Last but not least, each bookmaker must have a valid license issued by O.N.J.N. This license allows them to provide their users with online gambling and gaming services. It is valid for a period of 10 calendarist years and must be renewed before the period runs off. Its purpose is to make sure that no ghost-firm disappears with Romanian punters’ money.


? Is online gambling in Romania legal?

Yes. Gambling online in Romania is completely legal. According to O.U.G. no. 114/2018 regarding Online Sports Betting in Romania, each bookmaker must own a valid license issued by O.N.J.N. In order to avoid any unnecessary friction, we suggest verifying the license number that your preferred bookmaker owns. This way you will make sure that gambling at that bookie is completely legal.

? What taxes do I have to pay when withdrawing my winnings?

All taxes are automatically deducted and paid by your bookie. Depending on the amount you have won, there are certain percentages that will be deducted from your balance. These percentages are as follows:

  • 1% (for winnings smaller than 66,750 RON)
  • 667.5 RON + 16% (for winnings between 66.750 RON and 445.000 RON)
  • 61,178.5 RON + 25% (for winnings larger than 445.000 RON)

? Can I place bets using another currency besides RON?

No, you can not place bets using another currency. All your transfers are automatically converted into the national currency (RON / Romanian Leu) using the payment gateway. We suggest avoiding using the automatic conversion due to the increased service fees that you may encounter.

? What happens if I play at an unauthorized bookie?

Gambling on an unlicensed online betting platform is a serious offense in Romania. The supervising entity (O.N.J.N.) will discover your crime and fine you. Our suggestion is to always gamble on completely legal websites.

? Which is the best betting site in Romania?

As much as we want to give you a straight answer, we can not decide which is the best for you. However, we can help you objectively compare the most popular betting companies in Romania, and then you can decide which is the best. Make sure you check out all the reviews available on our platform.

Best Romanian Bookmakers for Mobile Betting


Unibet is one of the most popular bookmakers that is available in Romania. Among its advantages compared to other bookies, the mobile-optimized applications for both Android and iOS are simply amazing. Its users are able to manage the funds in their accounts (deposit funds and withdraw winnings), place bets (even without a computer), and analyze statistics about their favorite teams.


eFortuna is another quite-popular bookie that is Romanian-based. This company came up last year with a well-optimized mobile app that is available for all mobile devices (Android 7.0 and above, and the latest iOS). All the functions that are available on the desktop version can now be found also on the mobile version.


Netbet is probably the most popular bookmaker available in Romania and there are plenty of reasons why. Amongst those reasons, the amazing mobile app is the one that makes bettors stick to this bookie. The interface is very intuitive and the loading time is very short. Besides these, all features (including the Live Streaming function) are included in the mobile version.


This is the most obvious example of an international bookmaker that experienced overwhelming success in Romania. Almost ⅓ of the Romanian bettors declared they have a verified account on this online betting platform. Moreover, more than half of the active users make use of the mobile app daily. That is an obvious reason why you should give this app a chance to impress you.

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Choosing The Best Betting Sites in Romania – What To Look For?

With so many options you might be wondering how to find the most suitable betting site for yourself. Well, that is a question that we at MightyTips have asked ourselves. And that is why we came up with a set of factors that must be well-analyzed when comparing bookies.

The importance of those factors is at your will. It depends on you which is the most important aspect: the bonuses, the betting margin, and so on. Below you will find the complete list of aspects we objectively analyze when creating a bookmaker review for our platform.

To cut things short here are the most important things you have to look for when seeking the best betting site in Romania:

  • Usability
  • Betting margins
  • Mobile app
  • Promo codes, bonuses, and additional offers
  • Support
  • Available payment methods

In order to make your task even simpler, we have already included all those factors in our reviews. If you do not want to spend time yourself looking for all this information, you can find it in the associated section (Bookmaker Reviews).


This is one of the best betting sites in Romania. Our decision is based on a detailed analysis of the above-mentioned factors. For example, in terms of bonuses, Maxbet allows its users to redeem a 50 RON-worth free bet after registering and validating their identity (K.Y.C.). When it comes to the available payment methods, there are 6 distinct payment methods (VISA, Mastercard, Bank transfer, EcoPayz, Skrill, and Neteller). In order to get a better understanding of our decision, we suggest taking a look at the complete review of the Maxbet betting company.

Top-5 Romanian Betting Sites For Football

Most of the online bookmakers in Romania allows their users to place bets on football matches. That is because this is one of the most popular sports in our country and almost all the men have played football sometimes. But placing such bets is more than football being your hobby. That is why we have analyzed the entire football bets offered by the most popular bookies in Romania and came up with 5 of the best options.


This online bookmaker allows Romanian punters to place bets on football matches without having to worry about inequitable betting margins. The overall betting margin for football events is 7.4%, while the individual betting margin for E.P.L. (English Premier League) is just 3.4%.


888Sport is another well-known bookie that comes up with some of the best football bettings offers in our country. With a general football betting margin of just 7.3%, it allows you to earn an increased revenue especially on E.P.L. matches (betting margin 6.4%) or Romanian Liga 1 (9.8%).

Casa Pariurilor

Casa Pariurilor is a Romanian betting company that comes up with one of the best betting margins for football events: only 6.3%, compared to other bookmakers in the same marketplace. There is a wide variety of betting possibilities (including no. of corners, the exact time of scoring, and so on).


Unibet is an international bookmaker which grew significantly during the latest years in our country. The betting margin for football events is lower compared to the market average and is situated at around 5.9%. For E.P.L, the margin is simply amazing: just 2.5%. Romanian Liga 1 has an overall margin of 6.7%.

The Best Bookmaker for Football – Superbet

Every Romanian punter has heard about Superbet. It is one of the most popular betting companies in our country. And one of the reasons why it is so popular is related to the interestingly low betting margin for football matches (only 5.4%). With such a low margin you can make sure that your profit is going to increase significantly.

Romanian Sportsbook – Recommended Payment Methods

  • This is one of the most popular payment methods worldwide. The major advantage is the lack of service fees. However, you must take into account the extended processing time that occurs when you try to withdraw your earnings.

  • This is the most commonly-accepted card issuing company when it comes to betting platforms. The fees are almost non-existent, yet the processing time is similar to VISA cards. Most banks are able to issue a card that is signed by Mastercard.

  • Skrill is one of the most popular eWallets available around the world, including in Romania. The main advantage is the reduced processing time. However, you must take into account the increased service fees (up to 16%).

  • Neteller is another well-known electronic wallet that is accepted by Romanian betting companies. Similar to Skrill, it allows its users to perform rapid deposits and withdrawals with the price of an increased service fee (around 10%).

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