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Best Volleyball Betting Sites for September 2021

Author: Aigar Shilvan

Aigar Shilvan

Aigar Shilvan

Hello, my name is Aigar. Big fan of World cups and the Euros with over 13 years of experience in the gambling/betting world industry.

Updated: 22.09.2021

Football and tennis are generally accepted as the top sports worth wagering on via online betting companies. When it comes to a volleyball bookmaker, popularity is based on location. Some countries do view volleyball as a significant sportsbook item, with online leagues and tournaments often featured on some of the best volleyball betting sites.

While there are many volleyball betting websites available online, we know you’re only interested in the best bookmakers that we have to offer

best volleyball betting sites

List of Volleyball Bookmakers

Found: 20 bookmakers


In many countries, volleyball is even more popular than football. Unfortunately, it is not always so easy to find good volleyball bookmakers as it is with football ones.

Often fans may find it difficult, as some bookmakers don’t even offer this sport. This is why we’ve prepared this guide, looking to help all those who love volleyball and want to place sports bets on its matches.

Stay with us to see the best volleyball bookmakers available today.

History of Volleyball Sports Betting

To better understand the history of Volleyball sports betting, we need to go back to when the game started.

Volleyball has a strange, yet, exciting origin story. William G. Morgan first called it ‘Mintonette’ when he invented it in 1895. He was a YMCA coach in Massachusetts at the time.

history of volleyball betting

Morgan wanted to create a sport that mixed elements of tennis, handball, basketball and baseball.

The chief focus was that there would be as little physical contact as possible. From the moment volleyball appeared to captivate audiences, it spread to over 800 million players today.

  1. The first 2-player volleyball competition took place in 1948
  2. In the 14 Women's Olympic Volleyball Tournaments, only 5 countries have won gold medals
  3. The longest recorded volleyball game took 75 and a half hours at a competition in Kinston, North Carolina
  4. A volleyball player will jump on average about 300 times during a game

It would be in 1898 when the modern version of the ball appeared. However, it was only in 1917 when the “3 hits per side” ruling kicked in. Five years later would see the very first volleyball tournament take place in Brooklyn in the United States.

Sports betting had already been available at that time, having been declared legal in the UK by King Richard I in 1190.

Therefore, when volleyball made its first appearance on UK beaches, sports bookies were all too eager to start opening volleyball bookmakers.

Volleyball became so popular that it entered the Olympics in 1957. Brazil, the Soviet Union, and the United States were the first three countries to take home gold medals.

Every four years since then, volleyball bookmakers have included Volleyball Olympics matches in their sportsbooks.


? In which countries can I bet on volleyball?

There’s no limit in locations with regards to bookmakers. Gambling sites all over the world provide volleyball markets to wager on. The only restrictions you’ll find are in countries where it’s illegal to gamble.

? What are volleyball sure bets?

A sure bet, also known as arbitrage betting, is when a gambler benefits from the differences in odds between bookmaker sites. If you play it right, you will have a decent profit from this endeavour.

? Should I only choose one Volleyball betting site?

While we always recommend wagering on the best betting sites on the internet, it’s advantageous to have more than one at your disposal. Sportsbooks offer different margins on their odds. Evaluating different volleyball bookies is a healthy way of locating better profit opportunities.

? Can I bet on any special volleyball tournaments?

Most definitely. Some of the most popular tournaments both for fans and bettors include the FIVB Men and Women World Cup Championships. There are also hundreds of other volleyball competitions taking place annually.

? What are the top volleyball betting markets?

While it’s a tough call to precisely pin down the best markets, there are a few that volleyball bettors favour the most. Even when it comes to new sportsbook websites, these markets are the ones that appear more frequently. They include total sets, match betting, handicaps, accumulators, over/under wagers and future bets.

How to bet on volleyball

  1. Choose the bookmaker and register

    The first step to start betting on volleyball is to choose a bookmaker that offers this sport and to register with them. Use our list to choose a suitable bookie and register on their website to start making bets.

  2. Focus on leagues you know

    There are several volleyball leagues around the world and bookmakers often offer a good variety of them. However, it does not make sense to bet on the Russian league, for example, if you do not know the teams and players. Always try to bet on the leagues or competitions that you usually follow.

  3. Choose the matches

    Just because you follow a league that doesn’t mean you need to bet on every game. Always try to find those matches that offer the best value, which is those that have lines with interesting odds but also a good chance of happening.

Best Volleyball Bookies For Mobile Betting

A volleyball betting company may be well-rated for its desktop offering. Yet, most punters these days enjoy the comfort and convenience that comes with mobile betting. They can gamble on the best volleyball betting sites no matter where they are, which translates to not missing any of the tournament betting actions.

We’re going to briefly look at some mobile betting factors when selecting the best betting site for volleyball.

Mobile Sign Up Bonus

While it might be rare, some volleyball betting websites offer mobile promotions and bonuses. Welcome packages are usually geared towards new customers, no matter how they sign up. Nonetheless, keep a keen eye out for those easter eggs. You may just find a volleyball bookmaker that advertises promotions specifically to mobile punters.

Mobile Website and App Compatibility

There are two ways you can access a volleyball betting site on your mobile device. You can use the full website on the mobile browser. Or, if the volleyball sportsbook has put the time and effort into delivering an app for its users, you will be able to download the app. Sometimes, the app will be available directly on the best volleyball betting sites and, other times, you might have to use the store on your Android or iOS device to download the software.

Mobile Live Betting

The most exciting wagering experience is placing some volleyball in-play bets. The adrenaline from watching the game unfold while making some wagers hits all the marks.

The only aspect that makes it more thrilling is taking the live-action with you on your mobile device, which includes being able to watch live broadcasts from the best volleyball betting sites anywhere you are. Out of the presented bookmakers, our choice goes to 22bet with its wide betting lines.

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3

    Sign up offer up to €100

  4. 4

    Welcome Bonus up to €122

  5. 5

Top 5 Volleyball Betting Companies With Fastest Payouts

Among our criteria for the best volleyball bookmakers is whether they have fast payout methods.

While the joy in earning some winnings needn’t be defined, gamblers appreciate top volleyball betting sites that pay quickly and efficiently.

One of the biggest complaints that punters have is that they have to wait too long to receive their withdrawals.

So, without further ado, below is our list of the top 5 bookmakers for volleyball betting with quick payouts:

  • Intertops
  • Melbet
  • Premierbet
  • Tipbet
  • William Hill

Intertops is a historical sportsbook for volleyball betting

Intertops is one of the oldest sites for betting on volleyball and, consequently, is one of the best sites for volleyball betting. Established as a bookie in 1983, it became one of the first online sportsbooks in 1996. Intertops also pioneered the way in becoming the first mobile betting platform in 2000. With a gambling license from Kahnawake Gaming Commission, it offers some of the best markets in volleyball tournaments and competitions.

Sports Betting on Volleyball: Tips & Strategies

Know your volleyball teams and players

Before you can make decent profit from laying your wagers on online volleyball betting sites, you should get to know your volleyball teams.

Learn which players often score the higher points and which teams are better than others. Studying the teams and members will go a long way in ensuring your winnings.

Research tournament statistics

Another critical aspect you can research is historical tournament stats. It will give you a key indication of which teams perform better than others. If you notice that one volleyball team has an excellent track record against another team, you’re almost assured of winning some bets.

Volleyball live betting

You can take advantage of several volleyball in-play markets during a game and the best volleyball betting sites will offer you many options. Live betting always proves fun and exciting. However, you need to know what you are doing. Making rushed decisions under emotional pressure during the game can result in losses. Be calm, be collected and play the best odds that you can find.

Schukin’s strategy

Using Schukin’s strategy is beneficial while wagering on one of the teams about to win a set. The approach is instrumental when the set is nearly complete.

Once the leading team reaches 24 points, and the rival team has between 20 and 22 points, place your bet on the leading team to win.

The offered odds by volleyball bookmakers may be low, but you’ll gain a profit nonetheless.

Volleyball Betting Tips

Many online Volleyball betting sites offer the latest betting tips for upcoming matches. Always do your research from reliable sources to stay up to date with the latest developments.

Ensure that you sign-up to several newsletters to find the best information about new volleyball betting sites and also the old ones.

At 22bet you can bet on various Volleyball Leagues

If you want a good place to bet on volleyball, 22bet is a great option. There you find interesting odds and a good variety of leagues for you to choose. You can bet on men/women volleyball from different countries and, of course, all the international competitions.

Technology is constantly changing. Modern payment methods are faster and more convenient.

Bookmaker Mastercard Skrill Bitcoin
Tipbet €10 – None
€10 – €10,000
Melbet €2 – None
0.01 mBT – None
22Bet €2 – None
0.01 mBT – None


Keep in mind that while top volleyball betting sites do not usually charge fees during transactions, the payment methods might imply internal costs. So read up about the payment methods to make an informed decision.


  • Interac has become a convenient way for gamblers to transfer funds to their online sportsbook account. Registration is easy, and the payment steps are effortless. As soon as you've provided your Interac account details in your sportsbook's cashier section, you're good to go.

  • Certain countries banned credit cards recently. Yet, you can still use Mastercard and Visa debit cards. The main reason is that the money on the debit card already belongs to you, while the money on the credit card is, essentially, a loan. This rule ensures that gamblers don't put themselves in hefty debts while betting.

  • Skrill is one of the fastest methods to deposit and withdraw online. After your account and withdrawal method have been verified, you'll enjoy instant deposits into your sportsbook account. Withdrawals are fast and easy, too: you'll receive your funds within 24 hours.

  • Many volleyball sportsbooks are making the shift towards PayPal transactions. It provides instant transfers to and from your volleyball bookie. However, many operators won't allow you to use any other payment method once PayPal is selected.

  • Cryptocurrency payments are the latest to join the ever-growing number of transaction methods available. While Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, other altcoins are becoming available too. These include Etherium, Litecoin, Dogecoin, as well as Bitcoin Cash.

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Aigar Shilvan

Aigar Shilvan

Hello, my name is Aigar. Big fan of World cups and the Euros with over 13 years of experience in the gambling/betting world industry.




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