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Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, has been around for a very long time. The sport of one man fighting another goes back several thousands of years. When events started appearing on MMA betting websites, punters were quick to start wagering on fights.

There are many new MMA sportsbooks on the internet. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the following list of features for the best MMA bookmakers in 2024.

List of MMA Bookmakers

Found: 14 Bookmakers

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History of MMA Sports Betting

MMA was introduced with the first Ultimate Fighting Championship event in November 1993. Labeled as UFC 1, it pitted eight fighters with different styles against each other. The roots of UFC go back as far as 648 BC, where warriors challenged each other in arenas.

  1. UFC 1 was originally marketed as no-holds-barred Cage-fighting to appeal to its target audience
  2. Royce Gracie was the first fighter to reach 10 fights on 16 December, 1994
  3. UFC 40 is the only listed event where no final decision could be made on any winners since none of the competitors lasted in their fights
  4. The first draw took place at UFC 41, where BJ Penn fought Caol Uno

Initially, modern UFC had no official rules, and contestants could fight as they pleased. Wagers were in the form of ringside bets. It was not regarded as official sports betting until much later. This was mostly due to the violent nature of the competition.

However, today it’s accepted by MMA Bookmakers all over the world. It was even promoted on the family-friendly show ‘Friends’ in 1997, which boosted the sports ratings. Today, several rules apply, making it slightly more civilized for the contestants.

History of MMA Sports Betting
🏛️ First introduced 1993
🏢 Overseeing Organizations International Mixed Martial Arts Federation
📶 Bookmaker Coverage High
⭐ Popular in Worldwide
🌎 World Championship UFC, Bellator MMA, ACB, FNG, ONE Championship
🏅 Olympic Discipline No



Are the best betting sites for MMA safe and reliable?

All of the MMA bookies that we recommend in this article have been rated safe to bet on. When choosing betting companies, always ensure that they have gambling licenses from official gambling authorities.


What is MMA Live Betting?

Your favorite bookmaker may allow you to punt on some open markets while a fight is taking place. Unlike pre-match bets, you can make wagers during each fighting round based on certain statistics.


Do MMA bookies offer Future Bets?

Some gambling sites provide details on upcoming fixtures. There may be some markets available to bet on weeks before an event, depending on the sportsbook.


What is the difference between MMA and UFC?

MMA refers to the actual type of sport. UFC is the organization within MMA. Therefore, the UFC is to MMA what FIFA is to soccer.


Is UFC the only MMA event?

While UFC is, certainly, the most popular with online sportsbooks, there are over 40 more official organizations around the world. Other events include Bellator MMA, Caged Steel, and Invicta FC. Check with your MMA bookmaker which games you can bet on.

MMA Sports Betting Tips & Strategies

MMA Market Odds

Understanding betting markets is essential. Sometimes a site for betting on MMA will offer sure bets for fights. What this means is, you’ll see some odds that reflect a clear win.

However, these odds are usually low, meaning you’ll get smaller winnings. It may be a risky strategy, but if you’re cautious, you can find high odds that may be worth taking. For instance, if a fighter is losing but has a track record for coming back swinging and winning the fight.

Specialize in Fight Events

It may be tempting to punt on every single event that appears on the bookie’s website. The desire is especially strong when you’re on a winning streak. However, you’ll have a higher chance of winning some decent profits if you specialize with a few fighters that should guarantee you profits.

The main reason for this is the research time. There are hundreds of fights every year. Some take place on the same day. Research on fighters and fighting styles, as well as match history, is essential. If you specialize in a few, you can learn more before a fight.

Taking Flight

Two critical factors could affect a match that punters might not know. The first is altitude, and the other is how far the fights need to travel. The higher above sea level the competition is, the more fighters struggle to take in oxygen. Some fighters prepare for this more than others.

Jet lag can also be a significant issue for a fighter. If they arrive a few days beforehand, they have a better recovery time. However, if they only had a few hours rest before a fight, they’ll be less prepared.

Know the Fighters

Research on each fighter is also essential. A particular fighter may have a loss/win ratio against a specific opponent that could guide you on which way to bet. There are also some in-play bets you can take advantage of if you know the fighter well enough.

Do NOT Bet On All the Fights

You might think it is useless to watch a fight and not bet on it. But if you know little about the particular player or event, you are better off betting a small amount on something that you can guess without research or not betting at all. In the long run, this strategy will be the key to your success.

Top 4 MMA Betting Companies With Fastest Payouts

The best bookies for MMA are those that offer the fastest payouts. Nothing is worse than waiting weeks for your winnings to arrive. With so many fast payment methods available, there’s no reason you can’t sign up with an MMA betting site that pays out within 24 hours.

In the same fashion, make sure you find a bookie with payment methods that suit you. Some online betting companies have specific strict regulations for different payment methods that may prolong withdrawal times. Most significantly, your account will need to be verified for instant payouts.

Here is a list of the top 4 bookmakers for MMA betting with fast payouts:

  • 22Bet
  • Betfred
  • Betsafe
  • Unibet

Recommended Payment Methods at betting sites for MMA

Payment methods are constantly changing with online sportsbooks. Even well-rated opinions, such as credit cards, are banned in the UK from 14 April 2020. A few years ago, the fastest accepted method was e-wallets, but cryptocurrency is slowly creeping in.

It may be difficult for you to choose the best payment method. While certain betting companies‌ only have a few options, most of them offer every possible method available. Here are some recommended ways to make deposits and withdrawals.

  • Bank Transfer

    There is a trend these days among some sportsbooks not to accept Bank Transfer deposits anymore. However, it will still be a while before this payment option vanishes completely. You can still find MMA bookmakers today that permit bank transfers for both deposits and withdrawals, depending on your location.

  • Interac

    Interac is an e-wallet that uses your bank, Mastercard, or Western Union to send payments via email or a mobile banking app. It's becoming more acceptable to online bookies these days. It's also faster than bank wires in some instances.

  • Skrill

    This is a popular e-wallet among UK punters. Very few bookies don't offer it. The registration process is easy and allows for instant deposits and withdrawals.

  • Paysafecard

    This voucher card is available in over 20,000 outlets in the UK alone. It's relatively effortless to load funds into the account. Furthermore, it's available with over hundreds of bookies. The only downfall is that it isn't available in every country.

  • Bitcoin

    Bitcoin has grown massively over the last few years. While cryptocurrency is slowly penetrating bookies, there are only a few with this offering. Where it is available, websites have a specific Bitcoin portal, where you need to have a registered account.

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