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Curling is a sport where the two teams slide stones, on top of ice towards a target area. That area, known as a house, is segmented into four homocentric circles. It’s a popular sport that is closely related to bowls.

Curling enthusiasts who like to wager on the game should take note of the information below as you explore the best betting site for Curling.

  • List of Curling Bookmakers
  • History of Curling in Sports
  • FAQ’s About Curling Betting
  • Sports betting on Curling
  • Curling betting companies with Live Streaming
  • Top 5 Curling Bookies With Fastest Payouts
  • Sportsbook tips & strategies
  • Best Payment Methods on betting sites for Curling

List of Curling Bookmakers

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History of Curling in Sports

Curling was introduced to the modern Olympic program in 1924. It was at the first Olympic Winter Games hosted in Chamonix. After a shaky appearance, it was dropped and later re-introduced as a demonstration sport in 1932.

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    The Tournament of hearts was established for women in response to The Brier championship, which is only for men

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    The World Curling Federation is the game's main governing body and was formed in 1966

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    Curling is one of the oldest sports in the world, dating back to at least the 1500s

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    The sports official rules were established in 1838.

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    Original Curling stones were found at the bottom of lakes and rivers

Up till 1992, Curling was played as a demonstration sport.

Only in 1998 was the sport officially accepted into the Olympic program. From then, both men and women’s competitions were allowed.

The game grew from there, with several significant championships being hosted all over the world.


? Why is it called curling?

When players push the stone, and it’s released, it’s given a rotation or a curl as the world knows it. It travels down the ice in the direction of the rotation; in other words, if spun to the left, it curls to the left. The actual movement of the stone is Curling.

? What equipment is required to play curling?

The necessary curling equipment consists of a set of stones, a brush for each curler. The best curlers use special shoes with one sole that grips the ice, and the other one is slippery, called a slider.
It allows curlers to slide with a stone during delivery, and the gripper is a removable sole to protect the slider. It also keeps the slider clean and allows the curler to be stable on ice. The stones weigh almost 20kgs each and consist of granite.

? What is curling live betting?

Live betting, which is also known as in-play betting, is very popular on betting sites. It is the process of placing bets on sporting events after its already started. There is no need to research and study statistics before the match. You watch the action unfold and have the opportunity to change your bet or place a bet during the game.

? What are the major events on betting sites for curling?

As with any international sport, the Curling operators need to offer as many major events as possible to entice novice gamblers and keep current ones entertained. Below is a set of the most significant Curling events worldwide:

  • Winter Olympics
  • World Championships
  • European Curling Championships
  • Tim Hortons Brier
  • The Tournament of Hearts

Sports betting on Curling

The best bookies for Curling will be able to offer you a variety of bets and odds on this exciting sport. The most common bets are Spread bets, Over/Under betting, Moneyline Betting, and Player/Team prop bets.

Spread Bets

Covering all your bases is what this bet is all about. You will place your bet with the online sportsbooks for both teams. When placing a wager, the minus sign denotes a favorite team, while the plus sign shows the underdog team. The actual spread is a single number provided by the bookmakers and is nothing more than a wager on the final score differential of a curling match.

Over/Under Betting

The Curling bookmaker will give you the option to wager on whether the final score will be more or less than the predetermined amount. For example, if the bookies set a score of 10, you can bet an overbet of 11 or an underbet of 9. Punters can bet on both options to create action on both sides.

Moneyline Betting

Here the Curling sportsbook allows you to pick a specific outcome. You can choose one team as the winner, or if you feel they’re both good, then you can bet on a draw. A draw bet is not a good option because if there is a draw, the match is usually played until there is a winner. With a Moneyline bet, the Curling betting site lists odds on each option so you can choose to bet on your favorite or the underdog.

Player/Team Prop Bets

The best Curling bookmakers will offer high -profile games as well as any local games for gamblers to wager on. With the high profile games comes the opportunity for bettors to place bets on parts of the curling match or the performance of individual players. Bets that you could place at the betting companies are, for example, the total points of each player.

Curling Sportsbook betting tips & strategies

There is no magic bullet or strategy on the internet that will ensure the winning of a sports wager. You can, however, arm yourself with relevant information that will help you make an educated decision as to which team is more likely to win a game.

Don’t make the mistake of just trusting your gut, research the teams, their past performances, and study when and where they excelled. Combine this information with your instinct, and you’re sure to have some success. Factors to focus on when planning a strategy:

  • How long has the team been playing together — teams playing longer together are generally more cohesive.
  • Are there any substitutions for injured players — substitutes still need to find their feet and often can weaken a team.
  • Home turf advantage strengthens a team’s performance.
  • Don’t ever bet on a draw – games play until a winner emerges, there is rarely a draw in Curling.
  • Don’t bet on individual players in small games, often these games are treated as practice games, and players don’t make much effort.
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Top 5 Curling Bookies With Fastest Payouts

When the action gets exciting, and you win some wagers, you want your money as soon as possible. One of the factors of the top-rated online sportsbooks is how fast it processes and pays out winnings to bettors.

These 5 top-rated sites are renowned for quick and fair payouts:

  • Betsafe
  • Bethard
  • Intertops
  • 22Bet
  • Unibet


A reputable site for betting on Curling and other sports. The motto on the site boldly states, "Winners dare more," celebrating winners and challenging players at the same time. The bookmaker offers a mobile app that is compatible with Android and IOS platforms, allowing access to live streaming events from anywhere.

Curling betting companies with Live Streaming

Any reputable Curling betting company knows that if they want to reach more punters, they must offer live streaming of major sports events. Arguably almost every person has a smartphone, and when they can’t get to a live event, they want to be able to watch the action unfold remotely.

Below is a list of five online bookmakers for Curling betting that offer live streaming of sports events, either on the websites or via a mobile app.

  • William Hill
  • Bet365
  • NetBet
  • 888Sport
  • Betsson


If you are looking for a credible bookie that provides impeccable support service and offers various constant promotions and bonuses for curling betting and gambling on other sports, 888sport is an irreplaceable solution.

Best Payment Methods on betting sites for Curling

Technological advancement has bombarded the world of online gaming and shopping. The sheer number of different payment methods available in 2021 can be overwhelming and confusing. Topped with that is the security fears that some people have about entering their banking details online.

If you enjoy gambling online, then be sure to sign up with an online sportsbook that has a high rating for security and safety. In this way, you can rest assured that other players have used their services without any problems. In terms of payment options, here’s a list a few of the more popular ones below:

  • This is an e-wallet that you top up with your choice of banking methods, and use the wallet to fund your gaming account. The bookie never has your banking details on hand.

  • The cards are probably the best-known method and the most accessible to many people. Online sportsbooks accept both debit and credit cards.

  • Another e-wallet type payment method, where people can transfer funds between Neteller and their bank accounts, but they also have Net+ cards that you can use to withdraw funds.

  • Cryptocurrency is a new way to make and receive payments. It's still relatively foreign to many people, but it's fast-growing in popularity. Payments with Bitcoin are usually instant, but not all bookies accept crypto, so check before signing up.

  • Bank transfers are still one of the most popular payment methods, but unfortunately also the longest in processing time. Many punters feel safer in transferring money rather than using faster options, which they don't fully trust. It can take as long as seven days to clear a bank transfer and not recommended if you're impatient.


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