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1xbet mobile app

1xbet is one of the most famous international bookmakers. It has low deposit and withdrawal minimums and accepts over a hundred of different payment methods.

Android APP

  • EN, RU

  • 25 mB

  • 8.7 / 10


Apple IOS

  • EN, RU

  • 120.6 mB

  • 9.1 / 10

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1xbet app

Before diving into this mobile overview of this world-renowned bookmaker, I strongly suggest you read our detailed review of 1xbet betting service.

In total, 1xbet maintains 3 mobile-based platforms:

  • iOS app (iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch)
  • Android app (all range of devices)
  • Website

Even though slight changes take place, the basic functionality for each platform is similar. Now, we will cover every distinct area of the app one-by-one.

How to Download the Mobile App for 1xbet

Native mobile apps, scrupulously developed by the 1xbet team, are available for free download via App Store for Apple devices or Play Market for Android-running phones & tablets.

Let’s go through the installation processes for both platforms.

How to Install 1xbet App for Android

Step 1 — Enter the mobile site for 1xbet – a pop-up window in the bottom proposes you to download the mobile application.

Step 2 — Click Install -> confirm that you’d like to download the .apk file. The installation begins right away.

Step 3 — Your device might prevent you from opening the application file since “source is unknown”. If this the case, simply go to your phone’s settings and switch on the corresponding function.

How to Install 1xbet App for iOS

Step 1 — Open up the App Store app and type “1xbet” in the search tab. In case an official app appears, press “Install”, wait for a little bit, and start playing!

Step 2 — If no such app appears, you would only need to conduct an additional minor operation described below.

Important: the guide given below is a translation of original instructions outlined by 1xbet: a sequence of pictures for instances when the app is not supported in one’s home country.

Step 1 — Visit the Settings of your iOS device

Step 2 — Go down and choose iTunes & App Store

Step 3 — Tap on Apple ID at the top of the screen -> select View Apple ID

Step 4 — Enter your password, if asked

Step 5 — A timely loading got done: click on Country/Region, then Change Country or Region

Step 6 — Select the Netherlands from the list of countries (roughly in the middle)

Step 7 — Agree to the Terms&Conditions

Step 8 — Choose None as a payment method. Type in your real billing name and the billing address:
Street – Elba 87
Postcode – 8303 WR
City – Emmeloord
Phone – 06-59908055
(as an alternative, look for a different virtual address in the country)

Step 9 — Click Next. Now, your device is deemed Dutch by the App Store.

Step 10 — Search for “1xbet” in the store

Step 11 — Go to the 1xBet: Sports betting application page and start the installation. When done, get hype and launch the application.

Also, you can change your country back and still enjoy the app.

1xbet Mobile Application for Android & iOS: Overview

Considering that the basic range of functions for all 1xBet betting platforms stays the same, it is important to note the significant differences which are, nevertheless, present. First and foremost, the 1xbet apps offer stronger match analytics, malleable interface, and, as a personal observation, generally swifter service.

Besides, a mobile-app user is likely to have a hardly protected account: the app constantly encourages one to set up a robust two-stage authentication, special secret questions, and so on. They even promise a gift to anyone who has completed all levels of the security program – how nice it is!

Leaving an absolute advantage of any mobile app – push notifications – aside, we must admit that 1xbet app download for mobile would be a winning choice for any passionate punter: from complete novices to everyday hardcore professionals.


The mobile app’s usability stands out with two major factors: the total flexibility of the interface and one-click bets. The flexibility implies an ability to filter markets, events, and sports categories shown according to your preference – meanwhile, one-click stakes are an immensely helpful feature for those bettors who like to bet on live plays.

How to login

In the left-side menu, press Authorization or Log in – it will redirect you to a classic sign-in window. Email, phone number, and ID can be used to sign into one’s account. Also, a user may log in via a range of social media supported (Google account among them).

If you forgot the passcode, calmly tap on the Forgotten Password button – an easy recovery operation using your phone number will follow.

Sports Betting

More than 100 sports categories are held by the 1xbet sportsbook: the most refined betting taste will surely be satisfied. 

When chose specific odds to bet on, the following actions are offered:

  1. Single Bet
  2. Track (get updates on the odds’ changes)
  3. Add to Bet Slip
  4. Select for Autobet (when desired odds come, established value is staked)
  5. Quick Single Bet with a Promocode 

Want to place a multi-bet? Accumulator, lucky, anti-accumulator, and chain types of stakes are at your disposal.

Live betting

On-air plays are always accompanied by live streams of the match, if available. In case no live broadcasts are attached, a quality visual representation of the field can be seen, along with statistical data sorted out for each team.

During a conversation with live support, I was told that mobile broadcasts can be somewhat limited – only the desktop sit eversion has a full demonstration status.


First, all payment methods have been embraced for mobile usage. To deposit funds, a diverse field of 45 methods is upheld – prominently, 25 of them are cutting-edge cryptocurrencies. The minimum deposit sum fluctuates, especially for the crypto section: still, it usually remains at around $1 level.

Some of the cash-in methods are no longer supported for withdrawals: only 35 payment systems may be used for cashout. E-wallets and crypto-currencies are advantageous here: the cash-out threshold floats around 1.5 dollar mark (while the bank cards will require a minimum sum of $35-58).




1xbet customer support stretches over the next methods:

  • call-back order
  • live chat with an operator
  • email & toll-free number direct contacts

According to my test, a live manager took from 7 to 15 minutes to give an appropriate response, which may be too slow for a hurrying bettor. If it is your scenario, suppress your timidness and have a talk over your trouble with a phone-line assistant – quick and free help is ensured!


The final verdict for 1xbet betting platform is extremely positive: no substantial glitches or intrinsic inconsistencies were encountered over a lengthy field test. Choosing between the mobile site and native 1xbet application, the decision is as unequivocal and obvious as it can be.

  • Limitations
  • Unstable minimal deposit/withdrawal values
  • Online assistance is a little slow




? Are there any mobile-specific bonuses?
As of July 2020, none exclusive promotions for mobile are maintained by the 1xbet bookmaker. Still, all the ongoing bonuses are available for mobile-based punters on the same basis.
? Does 1xbet offer live streaming services for mobile apps?
In abundance! However, due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, many matches do not maintain live broadcasts – consequently, the 1xbet can’t be responsible for occasional on-air video absence.
? How easy it is to deposit/withdraw money in every application?
Extremely easy: go to the Payments section by clicking on the wallet-sign. There, navigate across declared options (and always check for the current operational minimum!).
? Where can I find the 1xbet promotions in apps?
In the menu, click on the “Promotions” tab. There, a whole list of active bonuses with accurate Terms and Conditions may be researched.
? Where can I find .apk files for iOS and/or Android?
1XBET .apk for android file is downloaded via the official mobile 1xbet website – for iOS devices, the App Store is where an app can be found. However, minor manipulations may be necessary to change your formal location.

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