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Cricket has always been on the list of the most popular sports not just in general but in the betting world as well, so a lot of punters from all over the world place bets on their favorite horse races. And now, it’s time to dive deeper and talk more about online cricket betting and the best cricket betting sites 2024. So, let’s discover all the details together.

Full list of cricket betting sites

Found: 14 Bookmakers

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A brief history of cricket betting

A brief history of cricket betting

Even though the history may seem blurry and a lot of experts may have different opinions on the origin of cricket, we have something to say. There is an opinion that supposes that cricket may have been invented during Norman/Saxon times, and it was played by children who lived in the Weald which was located in southeast England. The first reference was in 1611, and that year, dictionaries started defining cricket as a boys’ game.

Interesting facts:

  1. Cricket became an established sport in the UK in the 18th century.
  2. In the 19th and 20th centuries, it started developing in other countries as well.
  3. Only football is more popular than cricket.
  4. Cricket was played in the Olympic games once - it happened in 1900.

Today, cricket is considered one of the most popular sports to watch. But for cricket fanatics who want to place bets, we also have good news - all reputable top cricket websites usually have a wide range of events to offer.

Cricket Betting
🏛️ First Introduced 1611
🏢 Overseeing Organisations The International Cricket Council
📶 Bookmaker Coverage High
Popular in The UK, India, Australia, Bangladesh, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand
🌎 World Championship The Cricket World Cup
🏅 Olympic Discipline No - it only appeared once there

All about cricket: Main rules explained

In this guide, we are going to explain the main cricket rules as well! So, get ready!

  1. There are two teams made up of eleven players each in the cricket match. Although, when talking about junior competitions, you may notice two teams made up of 8 players each.
  2. Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played on a field. At the center of this field, there’s a 22-yard (20-meter) pitch that has a wicket at each end. And there are also two bails that are balanced on three stumps.
  3. Equipment that is used in cricket: cricket ball, cricket bats, wicket (stumps and bails that we already mentioned), and protective equipment.
  4. If one side scores more runs than the opponent and all the innings of the team that has fewer runs are completed, that one side becomes the winner.

How to bet on the best cricket betting sites UK?

We’re going to give the best approach on how to start betting on cricket matches and place your first wager.

  1. Check our cricket betting sites list

    The first thing we recommend that you do is to go through our list of the best cricket betting sites UK. See which one of them seems like your ideal option and go for it.

  2. Register to your chosen bookmaker

    The next step is passing the registration process on the chosen bookmaker’s website - fill in all the required fields and confirm your identity.

  3. Deposit funds

    After you complete the signing up step, you can choose a preferred payment method and deposit funds that you can later use to place bets on sports. Plus, you may receive a free bet offer cricket from betting sites - don’t forget to take it.
  4. Place your bets on the cricket betting sites

    That’s it - at this point, you can select the event you need, select the wager value, and dive into betting on cricket matches.
  5. Get your winnings!

    Of course, whether you’re going to get something or not fully depends on the outcome of the results and on your initial bet but if guessed correctly, you’ll be able to take your winnings on cricket betting websites!

Top 3 Mobile Cricket Betting Sites and Apps

Any fans of mobile betting here? If that’s you, we can recommend some awesome mobile cricket bookmakers and their apps that will provide a great gambling experience, unmatched functionality, and easy navigation.

  1. Cricket Betting app - 22Bet

    22Bet is one of the best betting sites for cricket, and we have great news if you’re in search of mobile-optimized sportsbooks. There are convenient mobile apps with perfect usability for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices.

    Cricket Betting app - 22Bet
  2. Cricket Betting app - 1xBet

    1xBet developed and released its mobile apps for Android smartphones, iPhones, and Windows phones. And, of course, if you have a tablet powered by any of these operating systems, you are welcome to use it for mobile betting as well.

    Cricket Betting app - 1xBet
  3. Cricket Betting app - 20Bet

    You can go to App Store or Google Play and download mobile 20Bet apps for your iOs or Android mobile device to enjoy betting to the fullest. The interface is extremely easy which will cause no problem to switch between sections and navigate through the app.

    Cricket Betting app - 20Bet

Useful tips and strategies for betting on the cricket betting sites

Cricket betting tips and strategies

There are some tips and strategies our experts can give you in order to get a more pleasant betting experience and increase your chances of winning.

  1. Look out for the best available odds

    Believe us, there’s a whole array of cricket betting sites, and you should focus your attention on those sportsbooks that meet your needs only. And among those needs, you should put high odds as well.
  2. Take advantage of matched betting

    Matched online betting for cricket is a well-known betting technique that many punters take advantage of - they take profit from free bets and other incentives that bookmakers offer.
  3. Follow cricket tipsters

    Tipsters are special experts that can give you some information on the likely outcomes of the games on cricket bookies platforms. It may increase your chances of winning but it’s important to choose reliable ones.
  4. Take the small wins and profits

    The desire to get everything right away while enjoying cricket free betting is quite understandable but punters need to be wiser. It’s best to take small wins and profits - it’s not that risky that way.
  5. Check the Weather Forecast

    Always check the weather forecast! It requires minimum effort but can save you some money as a result. There are some sports where the result may be affected by bad weather - players may not feel as usual, balls may change directions, and other stuff can happen, so beware.
  6. Manage your bankroll

    Always manage your bankroll on cricket betting sites and approach it responsibly - no need to go all-in or get too risky if you’re not sure that’s the right thing to do. Be smart.
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Frankly, I know next to nothing about cricket. Still, I can surely tell cricket from croquet. As we all know, the latter is played with hedgehogs and flamingoes, while cricket is huge in England and India. Apart from that, you're on your own here guys.

Best types of bets to bet on cricket

Of course, there’s an array of types of bets to bet on cricket but let’s focus on those that we consider the coolest and most popular ones.

Outright (winner) bets

Unlike many cricket bets, outright or winner bets are not based on what is happening during individual games but gamblers place wagers on the entire competition’s final results right away. If you want to bet on cricket World Cup betting sites, you’ll need to decide which team you think will get the trophy.


Handicaps, also known as point spreads are bets that require placing wagers on the team that you think will win the game but keep in mind that handicaps even out the playing field for both teams. So, basically, the bookie simply gives a potentially weaker team/player a virtual advantage while a potentially stronger one gets a virtual disadvantage.

Over/Under Markets

This is another popular type of bet where you are going to place wagers on the total number of points that are scored during a game. And that does not refer to the total points of just one team, we’re talking about the total numbers of both teams together.

First Ball/First Over Cricket Betting

Basically, the first ball is just the name of the first delivery of any cricket match innings from the bowler to the batsman, and that’s what you place wagers on when choosing a first ball/first over cricket bet.

Innings Run

In cricket betting, the first inning runs line is pretty straightforward, as in this case, you are going to bet on whether or not the first inning runs number will go over or under a certain total.

Player Bets

You can also place a player online bet on cricket. These are types of bets that are as simple as they sound - all you need to do is to decide how you think a certain player will perform, and bet on those guesses of yours.

Team Bets

This is really similar to player bets - it’s basically the same but at this point, you bet not on a player and his performance but on how the whole particular team performs.

Cricket betting live

Cricket live betting

Welcome to cricket bet live section! Of course, you can stick to pre-match betting and think of your bet in advance. But a lot of punters go for cricket betting live instead. Why? Actually, there are a couple of reasons, and they include the following.

  • It makes a punter feel like they’re an essential part of the game that is happening currently, so it’s more exciting and triggers more emotions.
  • You can hone some analyzing skills as when a game is streaming live and you have to place a bet during the game as it is, you think faster and bring 100% focus on the game.
  • Sometimes it happens that punters can earn more with live games than with pre-match ones.

Our recommended TOP-5 websites for cricket betting online

Here are the top 5 websites we highly recommend if you are looking for a decent England cricket betting site to gamble at. We have gathered everything you need to know about each presented sportsbook, so go ahead and take a closer look at our options.

  1. 1 # Website for cricket bets - 1xBet

    1xBet is an online betting site for cricket and a Curacao-licensed website that has been on the market for over 10 years. It has many things to offer. For example, you can enjoy 50,000+ events monthly, 50+ different sports to bet on, and really fast withdrawals.

    Website for cricket bets - 1xBet
  2. 2 # Website for cricket bets - 20Bet

    20Bet is a bookie founded in 2020 - it operates under the reputable Curacao license. There are some distinguishing features that we'd like to point out - these are a wide range of cricket events, over 30+ other sports if you want to try something else, a lot of payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, and fairly high odds.

    Website for cricket bets - 20Bet
  3. 3 # Website for cricket bets - 22Bet

    22Bet is another online betting site for cricket licensed by the Curacao gaming authority - it was established in 2017. With this sportsbook, you can take great pleasure in placing bets on over 50 different sports and more than 50,000 events monthly.

    Website for cricket bets - 22Bet
  4. 4 # Website for cricket bets - CyberBet

    In 2018, CyberBet was established - it first saw the world as an eSports betting site but in 2019, the sportsbook was added. It is licensed by the Curacao gaming authority and it’s also a member of the Esports Integrity Commission. How about enjoying high odds, over 7+ website languages, and an intuitive interface?

    Website for cricket bets - CyberBet
  5. 5 # Website for cricket bets - Bet365

    Bet365 was founded in 1974 in general and it entered the online gambling world in 2000.

    With this sportsbook, you’ll get to make use of high betting limits and fast withdrawals - overall, you can bet on over 45 sports.

    Website for cricket bets - Bet365

Top 3 Biggest and Best Betting Sites for Cricket

At this point, we want to move on to the part where we discuss and recommend the biggest and most trusted betting sites for cricket.

  1. #1 Biggest cricket betting site – William Hill

    William Hill is a betting website that’s based in the UK. The bookie was founded back in 1934 and got licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Since then, it has been considered one of the biggest and most trusted betting sites.

    Biggest cricket betting site – William Hill
  2. #2 Biggest cricket betting site – 888Sport

    888Sport is an experienced bookmaker founded in 2008 and licensed by the Government of Gibraltar. You’ll be able to get an awesome betting experience not just because of the wide range of events and live streaming but also because of high-quality customer service, easy navigation, and a high level of data protection.

    Biggest cricket betting site – 888Sport
  3. #3 Biggest cricket betting site – MelBet

    Melbet was founded back in 2012, and since then it's been operating under the reputable Curacao license. And the best thing is that the website is available in over 40 languages, so it’s pretty popular worldwide.

    Biggest cricket betting site – MelBet

Always check bookmakers for the best cricket odds

We already said how important it is for you to check the odds on cricket betting sites and look for the most beneficial offers. But we can make it easier for you - take a closer look at our ranking for the best cricket odds.

Bookmaker margin for the top cricket leagues

Bookmaker’s margin for the top cricket leagues (23.02.22)
Bookmaker Test Series World Cup (Women) IPL T10 T20
9.6% 9.7% 9.8% 9.7% 9.8%
6.8% 4.7% 4.9% 5.1% 4.9%
6% 6% 6% 6% 6%
9.6% 9.8% 9.8% 9.9% 9.7%
6% 4.5% 5.5% 5.7% 5.6%


? When Was Cricket First Introduced?
It was first introduced in 1611.
? How Many Players Participate in a Cricket Match?
There are 22 players overall with 11 players per team.
? What Are the Best Mobile Betting Apps for Betting on Cricket?
22Bet, 1xBet, and 20Bet are the best mobile betting apps for betting on cricket so far.
? Is Checking the Weather Forecast a Good Idea?
Absolutely! It may affect the ball direction, the performance of a particular player, and some other factors that can change the final results.
? What are the 3 Biggest Betting Sites for Cricket?
William Hill, 888Sport, and Melbet are the 3 biggest and most trusted cricket betting sites.
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