Best betting sites in France with free bets and other bonuses

Finding the right modern-day sportsbook to bet on is difficult in the current climate. There are hundreds of betting sites, thousands of markets, incredible in-play platforms, and amazing offers, each fighting tooth and nail to attract new customers.

The team at Mightytips are on standby to guide you through the maelstrom to help uncover new betting sites in France with bonus offers, showcase the sites with regular promotional material, and explain how it all works.

From the top bookmakers to the best France betting company, you can find it all in our complete guide below.

List of France betting bonuses

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Bookmaker Bonus & Terms Link

Bonus GoldenBet France

Get Every 4th Ticket as a GIFT in Sports

18+ T&C apply,

Get bonus Visit GoldenBet

Bonus Sportuna France

100% first deposit bonus up to 100€

18+ T&C apply,

Get bonus Visit Sportuna

Bonus Bankonbet France

100% bonus up to 500€

18+ T&C apply,

Get bonus Visit Bankonbet

Bonus Velobet France

Make 3 bets get the fourth for free

18+ T&C apply,

Get bonus Visit Velobet

Bonus Mr. Pacho France

100% bonus up to 100€

18+ T&C apply,

Get bonus Visit Mr. Pacho

Bonus Slotuna France

100% bonus up to 100€

18+ T&C apply,

Get bonus Visit Slotuna

Bonus Casinoinfinity France

100% bonus up to 100€

18+ T&C apply,

Get bonus Visit Casinoinfinity

MyStake bonus review France

100% bonus on the first deposit up to €500

18+ T&C apply,

Get bonus Visit Mystake

Bonus Wazamba France

100% up to 100€

18+ T&C apply,

Get bonus Visit Wazamba

Bonus Boomerang Casino France

100% bonus up to 100€

18+ T&C apply,

Get bonus Visit Boomerang Casino

All you need to know about bonus offers in France

All you need to know about bonus offers in France

No need to worry about the legalities - finding betting sites with free bets in France is entirely legal. Online gambling remains in its infancy in France - it was only made legal in 2010.

The French government has imposed strict regulations on online gambling companies operating in France, which are eligible to provide online poker and sports betting. Still, it cannot host any form of online casino - so roulette, slots, blackjack, and other gambling games are not accessible from France.

With a lack of online casinos, there is a wide-open space for some of the country's top bookmakers to battle it out for online bettors. All bonuses sportsbooks cultivate are to attract new players, and that means more opportunities for online gamblers to increase their bank balance.

Below, we break down the different types of bonuses, examine the best betting sites with a welcome bonus in France, and touch on the best betting strategies and tips, among other elements.

All you need to know about bonus offers in France
🌎 Country: France
⚡ Popular bonus types: Welcome offee
🔋 Best new bookmaker: Sportaza
🔢 Trusted bookmaker: Sportaza
🗺️ Best bonus selection: 5 bonuses
🎈 Top Free Bet offer: Freebet bonus up to €50

What to consider when choosing a bonus for betting? Main aspects

Turnover requirements, also known as wagering requirements or rollover requirements, are conditions that must be fulfilled before a player can withdraw a sportsbook bonus. Put simply, these terms and conditions require the bonus money to be wagered a certain number of times before it can be cashed out.


Taking the time to verify the validity of a bonus can help players make informed decisions about whether or not to accept the offer. It can help clarify what is being offered and its terms and conditions. This way, players can determine if the bonus suits them and their sports betting needs.

Payment methods restrictions

Different payment methods may have additional associated fees or minimum deposits, impacting the money a user receives when claiming a sportsbook bonus.

By specifying payment methods, players can ensure users receive the promised amount and not be hit with unexpected fees or charges. Additionally, certain sportsbook providers may not accept some payment methods due to legal limitations or other restrictions.

Knowing which payment methods are eligible for a bonus can help users ensure they don't miss out on any promotional offers.


The percentage of a welcome offer or a bonus refers to the amount players can expect on top of their initial deposit. For example, players can double their deposit fee if it is a 100% bonus. If it is a 50% bonus, players can expect an additional €50 if they deposit/bet €100,

Minimal deposit

Players should ensure they know the minimum deposit level before investing in a sportsbook - it can impact the amount they initially deposit, potentially affecting the sum of the bonus they can claim.

Top 3 bookmakers which offer good bonuses

We've broken down elements you need to know when looking for the best websites and apps in the France betting sphere.

By our reckoning, these are the top three bookmakers for good bonuses:

What types of bonuses are available to punters in France?

What types of bonuses are available to punters in France?

The online gambling landscape is diverse, and punters can increase their betting balance in many ways.

Here are some examples of different types of betting offers:

Welcome offers for betting

Welcome offers are a bonus offered by online sportsbooks to attract new customers. These offers can include free bets, deposit bonuses or various other incentives. Welcome offers can be used to increase the amount of betting funds available to players and to provide an incentive for them to start playing at a particular sportsbook.

Welcome offers for betting: Main Pros and cons


  • Additional Betting Capital: Welcome offers provide extra funds to increase betting potential.
  • Risk Mitigation: Some welcome offers refund initial losses, reducing the overall risk.
  • Improved Odds: Welcome offers may include boosted odds, enhancing potential winnings.
  • Diversification of Bets: Extra funds enable exploration of different betting markets and options.
  • Profit Opportunity: Welcome offers offer a chance to win without using personal funds.
  • Introduction to New Platforms: Welcome offers allow for trying out new and potentially rewarding betting platforms.


  • Wagering Requirements: Welcome offers often come with specific conditions for withdrawal, requiring careful consideration.
  • Time Constraints: Welcome offers may have expiration dates, necessitating timely action to maximize benefits.

Betting reload bonuses

Betting reload bonuses are incentives online sportsbooks offer to reward customers for making additional deposits. These bonuses can be free bets or enhanced odds on certain events.

Betting reload bonuses for betting: Main Pros and cons


  • Increased Betting Funds: Reload bonuses provide punters with additional capital to bet with, expanding their wagering potential.
  • Sustained Value: These bonuses are often available on multiple deposits, offering long-term benefits to loyal customers.
  • Loyalty Rewards: Reload bonuses serve as a reward for existing customers, fostering a sense of appreciation and incentivizing continued patronage.
  • Versatile Wagering Options: Funds obtained through reload bonuses can be used across a wide range of sports and events, allowing for greater flexibility in betting choices.
  • Enhanced Profitability: The availability of more betting capital through reload bonuses can lead to higher potential profits for punters.
  • Retention Incentive: Reload bonuses act as an attractive incentive for customers to remain loyal to a particular platform, ensuring their continued engagement.


  • Limited Availability: Not all bookmakers offer reload bonuses, limiting the options available to punters seeking such incentives.
  • Lower Match Percentages: Compared to welcome offers, reload bonuses may have lower match percentages, resulting in a relatively smaller bonus amount relative to the deposited funds.

VIP program for punters

A VIP program is a loyalty scheme offered by online sportsbooks that rewards regular customers for patronage.

These programs typically offer special bonuses or promotions, exclusive events and competitions, increased bet limits and improved customer service.

VIP program for punters: Main Pros and cons


  • Tailored Rewards: VIP programs offer personalized rewards and benefits, catering to the individual preferences and needs of loyal punters.
  • Premium Bonuses: VIP members gain access to exclusive and enhanced bonus offers and promotions, providing greater value compared to standard promotions.
  • VIP Treatment: VIP members receive dedicated and specialized customer support, ensuring a high level of service and assistance.
  • Expedited Withdrawals: VIPs enjoy prioritized withdrawal processing, allowing for quicker access to their winnings.
  • Exclusive Experiences: VIP members receive invitations to unique and exclusive events, such as VIP-only sporting events or exclusive parties.
  • Elevated Betting Limits: VIPs benefit from higher maximum betting limits, providing them with more flexibility and potential for larger wagers.


  • Stringent Eligibility Criteria: VIP programs may have strict requirements for entry and maintenance, limiting access to a select group of punters.
  • Demanding Wagering Conditions: Some VIP rewards may come with high wagering requirements, making it challenging for punters to fulfill the conditions for withdrawal.

Daily/weekly/monthly betting promotions

A great selection of regular promotional material is essential for bettors, especially for those earmarking value as one of the most critical facets of an online sportsbook.

The more offers there are, the better the experience for players.

Daily/weekly/monthly betting bonuses: Main Pros and cons


  • Consistent Rewards: Regular promotions provide punters with ongoing and reliable bonuses and rewards, ensuring a steady stream of benefits.
  • Targeted Variety: Different promotions cater to specific types of bets and sports, allowing punters to find offers that align with their preferences.
  • Value Enhancement: Promotions increase the value of betting by offering extra rewards and potential profits, maximizing the overall betting experience.
  • Engaging Experience: Regular promotions keep punters engaged and excited about their betting activities, adding an element of fun and anticipation.
  • Risk Mitigation: Some promotions offer the opportunity for risk-free bets, providing refunds or compensations for losing wagers, reducing potential losses.
  • Inclusivity: Daily/weekly/monthly promotions are accessible to all customers, regardless of their status as new or existing punters, ensuring equal opportunities for everyone.


  • Specific Terms and Conditions: Promotions often come with specific terms, conditions, and wagering requirements that punters must adhere to, requiring careful understanding and compliance.
  • Lower Comparative Value: Daily/weekly/monthly promotions may offer lower bonuses and rewards compared to welcome bonuses, potentially making them less attractive in terms of overall value.

Free Bets

Free bets are usually awarded to players that meet minimum depositing requirements as part of a special offer. Free bets refer to a fixed bonus amount players can wager on any market they choose without making any additional investment.

Free Bets for betting: Main Pros and cons


  • Risk-Free Exploration: Free bets enable punters to explore new betting opportunities and strategies without risking their own funds.
  • Pure Profit Potential: Winnings from free bets are pure profit, allowing punters to maximize their earnings without any initial investment.
  • Discovering New Bookmakers: Free bets provide a chance to discover and experience the offerings of new bookmakers, expanding the range of options available to punters.
  • Versatility in Wagering: Free bets can be used across a diverse selection of sports and events, granting punters the freedom to choose their preferred betting markets.
  • Amplified Betting Possibilities: With free bets, punters can engage in additional wagering activities, enhancing their overall betting experience and increasing their chances of winning.
  • Attractive Incentive for Newcomers: Free bets act as an enticing incentive for new punters, encouraging them to join and explore the betting platform.


  • Wagering Requirement Constraints: Free bets often come with specific wagering requirements that punters must meet before being able to withdraw their winnings.
  • Time Sensitivity: Free bets typically have expiration dates, requiring punters to utilize them within a certain timeframe to avoid forfeiting the offer.

No Deposit betting offers

The No Deposit bonus allows customers to bet without making an initial deposit into their account. Instead, customers receive free bets or credits that can be used towards the first few bets they place.

No Deposit betting offers for betting: Main Pros and cons


  • Risk-Free Betting Experience: No deposit offers enable punters to place bets without using their own money, providing a risk-free opportunity to explore and engage in betting activities.
  • Introduction to New Bookmakers: No deposit offers serve as a valuable opportunity for punters to discover and experience the offerings of new and unfamiliar betting platforms.
  • Potential for Pure Profit: Winnings obtained from successful bets made with no deposit offers are pure profit, allowing punters to maximize their earnings without any initial financial investment.
  • Attractive Incentive for Newcomers: No deposit offers act as an enticing incentive for new punters, attracting them to join a particular betting platform and kickstart their betting journey.
  • Exploration of Betting Options: Punters can utilize the no deposit offer to explore different types of bets, experimenting with various wagering strategies and expanding their betting horizons.
  • Increased Betting Opportunities: No deposit offers provide punters with additional opportunities for wagering, allowing them to place more bets and potentially increase their chances of winning.


  • Wagering Requirement Constraints: No deposit offers often come with specific wagering requirements and conditions that punters must fulfill before being able to withdraw any winnings, requiring careful attention and adherence.
  • Limited Bonus Value: The bonus amount provided through no deposit offers is typically relatively small compared to other types of promotions, potentially limiting the overall value and potential winnings for punters.

Top 5 trusted betting sites and bonuses they offer

While the quality of promotional material is an eye-catching feature for prospective players, trustworthiness and reliability represent a much more integral part of a betting site's makeup regarding its ability to attract and retain players.

Here's our take on the five most dependable betting sites in operation at the moment:

Top 5 trusted betting sites and bonuses they offer
Bookmakers Payout time Bonus welcome Withdrawal limits
Sportaza Instant 100% Up to €100 €10–€5,000 Instant 100% Up to €500 €50–€10,000
Freshbet Instant 100% Up to €500 €50–€7,500
QBet Instant 100% Up to €100 €20–€10,000
Goldenbet Instant 100% Up to €500 €50–€7,500

Betting with active bonus vs betting without bonus: comparison

Betting with active bonus vs betting without bonus: comparison

Only some punters are fans of the sportsbook bonus - others prefer to bet with real money.

Here's a list of the pros and cons of betting with and without sportsbook bonuses.

Sports betting with active bonus in France

  • Limitations
  • Limited betting options.
  • Free bet amount sacrificed as part of any winning return.

Sports betting without bonus in France

  • Limitations
  • Not realising potential value.

France bonus tips and strategies

A strategy for free bets and other bonus offers is crucial because it helps players maximise their profits.

When used correctly, these bonuses can give players an edge over the house and put more money in their pockets. A good strategy involves understanding how the bonuses work, what types of bets you should make, and knowing when to take advantage of them.

Here are three steps players can take:

Research Bonus Offers: Before signing up with any sportsbook, players should research the bonus offers available to know what's on offer. Look for sites offering attractive sign-up bonuses or regular reload bonuses for existing customers.

Look For Low-Risk Bets: One of the key strategies for free bets and bonuses is to look for low-risk wagers. This means avoiding high-odds accumulators and choosing bets with lower risk but higher chances of winning. This way, players can maximise their chances of success while minimising the amount they risk.

Monitor Betting History: Players must keep track of their betting history and note any free bets or bonuses they've used. Following investments will help players make smarter betting decisions in the future as well as keeping track of overall profits.

How to qualify for a free bet

No matter how many predictions football fans make, there will never be enough free bets - it's one of the best balance-boosting offers available to punters!

Here is how a typical Free Bet offer is claimed:

Meet the qualifying depositing or staking amount. Once the initial conditions are met, you will get a Free Bet. You must wager the Free Bet at minimum odds. Win the Free Bet, and the money is yours to keep!You can withdraw or bet again as you wish.


? Is it legal to bet in France?
Yes - online sports betting and online poker are legal.
? Is it safe to bet online in France?
Yes - provided you bet with companies governed by a licensing body.
? Why should I claim a sports bonus when betting?
It can boost the betting balance without the need to deposit extra.
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