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Best Betting Sites in Liberia

Even though online sports betting is still not entirely regulated in the country, there are some Liberia betting sites in which bettors can find interesting sports to place their wagers and enjoy all the fun and excitement of sports betting.

If you want to know more about betting companies providing services to Liberia, then keep reading for all the most vital information you need. Together with judgements on the best betting options available for the country’s residents, we’ll also discuss other important topics, like:

  • The best bonuses for Liberia
  • Mobile betting in the country
  • Which payment methods are appropriate for betting in Liberia

List of bookmakers in Liberia

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History of sports betting in Liberia

Liberia and its residents as a whole certainly love sports. Football, basketball and athletics are among the favourite sporting events that crowds will follow, with football especially being considered the national sport and loved by a large portion of the population.

However, as previously mentioned, Liberia’s government still doesn’t regulate the online betting industry, making it somewhat difficult for those who want to enjoy this growing market, as they have to look to overseas companies.

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    Most people who place online bets in Liberia are youngsters who still don’t have a job.

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    Winners Inc. is the biggest bookmaker in Liberia, as they offer a local betting shop that has been running for more than ten years.

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    Liberia has only two casinos, both located in the capital, Monrovia.

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    Liberia is one of the few African countries to accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

However, particularly in the capital of the country – Monrovia – it is the case that numerous betting shops can be accessed around the city. It is basically legal, therefore, to place bets within the country, as long as the activity is conducted within a physical bookmakers.

Also, we need to reinforce that even though online sports betting is still not regulated there are no major consequences if you somehow get caught betting online. So, under the current local established law, Liberians don’t risk going to jail for betting. 

The lack of regulation, however, means that the country’s residents have no one to look to if something goes wrong when dealing with bookmakers. Although this doesn’t stop punters – especially youngsters – from enjoying a range of different sports and placing their online wagers. Their favourite sport for placing bets is football and they really enjoy betting in the Liberian First Division and also the African Cup of Nations.


? Can I bet with online bookmakers in Liberia if I am underage?

No. All bookmakers’ rules state that you need to be of age to be able to place bets.

? Can I deposit via PaySafeCard with Liberia bookmakers?

Most of the bookmakers that offer service to Liberia bettors will offer the PaySafeCard as a payment method. However, it is always advisable to check this before completing your registration.

? How can I find bookmakers that accept bettors from Liberia?

The best method involves making good use of your search engines. This way, you’ll find lists of the available bookmakers in Liberia. Or, if you are outside the country, you can try using a VPN service to help you find them easily.

? Do the bookmakers offer bonuses for Liberia bettors?

Yes. The bonuses and promos from the bookmakers are usually available to most parts of the countries they offer service. Amongst them, Liberia is included with most of the bonuses, including the welcome bonus.

? Is it legal to bet with online bookmakers in Liberia?

That is a tricky question. We can confirm that online betting is not regulated in Liberia, however, there is no rule to state that it is illegal to bet with international online companies.

Mobile betting in Liberia

With the technology available worldwide nowadays, it is to be expected that bookmakers will offer a good mobile experience for local punters in Liberia. Consequently, bettors are able to place wagers wherever they are.

There are many interesting sportsbooks available in Liberia, but there are some important matters to take into account when talking about mobile betting. The bookmaker has to be good but also provide fast loading options.

After analysing the quality of mobile versions and how easy they are for bettors to use, we’ve picked these three as the best mobile betting companies in Liberia.

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  2. 2
  3. 3

Top 5 Liberian bookmakers with the greatest bonuses

Bonuses are one of the most important features of a high-end bookie, especially for new users. The welcome bonus, as it is called, is one of the main features that a punter analyses when looking for a new bookie to place their bets with.

However, there is more to bonuses than just the standard welcome ones. You should be aware of sportsbooks that offer other special promos for their users as they seek to outdo their competitors. There is no reason not to enjoy these offers even if you’re already a regular punter.

Taking all this into consideration, we’ve decided to make a top 5 list of bookmakers offering the greatest bonuses for Liberian bettors.

  • 1xBet
  • Bet365
  • 22Bet
  • 20Bet
  • Interwetten

International betting company

For new users, 1xBet offers a 100% bonus from which you can win up to $100. The best thing about this bookmaker is that their minimum deposit is really low, so you only need to deposit $1 to start betting via their platform.

Top 3 legal bookmakers in Liberia

As we mentioned at the start, the situation faced by online betting sites in Liberia is a little complicated. As a result, there are currently no legal operating online bookmakers in the country.

However, some international bookmakers are up to the task of offering a quality service for Liberian punters, who can sign up to them to place their wagers.

These companies have usually built up their own presence in the African betting market and are excellent options for those who want to start betting online. Amongst the top 3 we have:

  • Bet365
  • Betway
  • 1xBet

The world's favourite online bookmaker

One of the global heavyweights of online betting, Bet365 offers lots of versatile features and high-end overall betting services. One of their main features is the quality live streams of different sports. In addition, they offer an excellent array of bonuses and decent odds.

Recommended payment methods for Liberia bettors

When registering with a bookmaker, it is important to know which payment methods are available on their platform. As it’s mainly international companies offering services in Liberia, some of them may not have the methods you’re looking for.

Nevertheless, it is true that many bookies specifically look to adjust their services to suit the betting markets for each country accepted on their platform. Therefore, the most important bookmakers – like the ones mentioned throughout this article – normally offer the best and most flexible payment methods for Liberians.

The best options for Liberia bettors are:

  • The most common method of payment around the world and Liberia is no exception

  • Another well-known method for paying online.

  • Liberia is one of the few African countries to accept cryptocurrencies.


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