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Perfect Money Betting Sites

Over the last decade, both users and bookmakers have opted towards using eWallets as a source of funding over the traditional credit cards and bank wires. This has introduced a new option for users worldwide, namely Perfect Money betting sites. Perfect Money has existed since the year of 2007. The recent interest in security sparked the popularity of eWallets. If you are someone who is interested in betting using Perfect Money through trusted vendors, but need a general idea of the whole concept, this article is sure to come in handy.

Here, we will be looking at the following topics:

  • List of Perfect Money accepted bookies
  • Best bookmakers for Perfect money
  • Advantages/Disadvantages
  • Is Perfect Money safe?
  • How to obtain Perfect Money?
  • How to make a deposit
  • Time, fees and limits
  • Alternative payment methods

List of Betting Sites that accept Perfect money

Found: 3 bookmakers


? Is Perfect Money more expensive than others?

Not by much. The fees are quite low and only become considerable at very specific scenarios.

? Is Perfect Money unpopular?

It is overshadowed by its alternatives thanks to retail use. However,
bookmakers have begun to add Perfect Money into their accepted payment options.

? Can I withdraw money to Perfect Money?

It has been made possible recently, yes!

? What are Perfect Money’s supported currencies?

USD, EUR, Gold and Bitcoin are supported.

? Can I have multiple Perfect Money accounts?

Yes, you can. However, the information has to be identical, or the accounts may get taken down.

How to obtain Perfect Money?

Users can open a new account by going to the Perfect Money website.

We advise users to wire funds from their bank accounts to the relevant Perfect Money account in order to use that for gambling purposes later on. The procedure of adding funds to their Perfect Money account is a three step procedure that requires you to verify your identity(Perfect Money also allows third party transfer of funds).

  • Users can verify their identity and fill out the bank wire request form.
  • Users receive the bank details for the transfer
  • Users take the form to the nearest bank in order to complete the transaction.

How to make a deposit?

Transferring your funds from your eWallet to your bookmaker of choice is an easy task that can be carried out in less than a minute. This is, of course, on the account that the relevant funds have been added prior using the steps we have shown above.
Here we will be looking at the Melbet bookmaker as an example.

  1. Login to your <a href="https://www.mightytips.com/go/melbet-raw">Melbet account</a>.

  2. Navigate to the deposit and withdrawal tab and select the eWallets option.

  3. Click on Deposit and type in the amount of choice

  4. A pop-up page will follow up where the user will be required to login to their respective Perfect Money account to proceed.

  5. After logging in the payment needs to be confirmed. Upon confirmation, the funds will be immediately transferred to their MELbet account.

Is Perfect Money safe?

Absolutely. Online bookies that accept Perfect Money are all validated and are trustworthy. Perfect Money ensures that all transactions are encrypted. Periodical identity checks provide an additional layer of security. To guarantee the safety of your account and your funds, we recommend strongly adhering to the safety protocols provided by Perfect Money.

Important verification checks such as the email verification procedure and the SmS verification procedure are all ticked to be mandatory by us. Other than that, we advise you to keep all login credentials physically or digitally safe, as most data vulnerabilities occur not through transaction hijacks but through the infiltration of the user’s personal system.

1xBet and Perfect Money

Founded in 2007 with its jurisdictions in Curacao and Russia, 1xBet has no co-owners and is a standalone company. The bookmaker has a very positive payout of 98.50% putting it up to the top. The bookmaker supports many countries and has a wide variety of languages which it supports making it accessible to much more than a handful of gamblers. 1xBet provides many types of bets that vary from online casino games, to the various sporting events that are being held as you read; from Cricket, soccer, ice-hockey to badminton, 1xBet supports it all.

Wide betting market

Deposit bonus up to €100

1xBet provides a handful of attractive bonuses for its gamblers on a periodical basis. It accepts all types of currencies and has very low minimum deposit amounts making it stress free to try it out when checking the waters. It has a live support system along with the traditional customer support services making it a breeze to bet on their platforms.

Perfect Money with Melbet

Founded in 2012, Melbet is a young contender amongst the world of professional bookmakers. However, it is not in any way inferior to the oldies in the game. Melbet is owned by Bonnal Ltd., a company that works off the country of Cyprus and has its license issued in Curacao. The bookmaker accepts gamblers from all over the world with minimal regional restrictions, there are some which users will be notified upon the creation of their account.

Decent odds

Sign up offer up to €100

Melbet supports a wide variety of betting options from sports, live events, virtual sports, casino games and many more. The platform also offers different types of bets such as single bets, accumulators and chain bets. The bookmaker is stable enough to provide a wide variety of bonuses on a constant basis to both old and new players alike. Melbet has both PC and mobile platforms for its gamblers to use, making the process of placing a bet a breeze. The 24 hour customer support also has the live chat feature.

Advantages & limitations

Perfect Money, as any other payment system, has a lot of pros and cons.

Talking about the former, Perfect Money transactions are secure thanks to their encryption protocols and their high-end systems ensure fast transfering of funds. It also has low transaction fees, when compared to other eWallets. Perfect money also provides immaculate 24/7 support and has several security feautres to safely store your funds.

However, not every bookmaker accepts Perfect Money, and bank deposits to it are not instantenous. It is also rare to find a betting company that allows withdrawing your funds through Perfect Money, making it only partially successful in that regard.

  • Next to no withdrawal options from betting sites
  • Is not universally accepted by bookmakers

Times, Fees and Limits

When you are taking a payment option into consideration, the time it takes for a transaction to complete, the fees and limits(both upper and lower) vary across different bookmakers. Here we have taken 4 of the most prominent bookmakers that have the highest ratings into comparison. It should be noted that the fees and transaction times may change as the bookmaker updates their terms of service, so it is better to keep an eye out for them.

Deposit Times, Fees & Limits

Betting Site Deposit speed Free Limits Min/Max



$1 - $100,000



$1 - $100,000

Withdrawal Times, Fees & Limits

Betting Site Deposit speed Free Limits Min/Max


15 minutes

Min. $1,5


15 minutes

Min. $1

Alternative Payment methods

  • Probably the world's most extensively used eWallet. It is supported by almost all betting sites across the globe. Security and speed are the most beneficial factors.

  • One of the biggest e-payment companies in the world. It is supported by a large number of countries and ensures smooth transactions.

  • A means of currency used by individuals that prefer staying anonymous. While the use of Bitcoin is quite restricted and often not supported, the funds are quite untraceable and safe.

  • A payment option used by individuals that do not want to disclose their sensitive bank information to vendors online. Paysafecard can be used extensively among both retailers and bettings sites.



Perfect Money is a viable option for gamblers that are betting their luck online. Not all bookmakers accept Perfect Money and some of the most renowned bookmakers do not accept it. Perfect Money has a minimum withdrawal limit of only $300. The security and reliability is top-notch.

Overall, Perfect Money is a decent payment option.

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