Best UFC Betting Sites

The rise in online sports betting has led to a goldmine in what used to be an untapped market. Now, we have an abundance of high-quality companies taking the reins to make a mark in history to be the best on the internet.

With the attraction of online sports gambling, you may also be wondering what the best betting site for UFC is, and you are not alone. Indeed, the fast-paced sport is an adrenaline rush to watch, and you also want to bet on the event. Well, this all-inclusive guide will break down what the best MMA betting sites are right for you.

The outline of this guide is as follows:

  • List of best UFC bookmakers
  • History of UFC bookmakers
  • Top 5 UFC bookies with fastest payouts
  • Best UFC sportsbooks for mobile betting
  • UFC sports betting tips and strategies
  • Recommended payment methods for UFC fans

List of the TOP rated UFC bookmakers

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History of UFC betting

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has become one of the most dominant sports that we have available. Since the inception of the sport over 20 years ago, it has gone through countless changes to get where it is today.

With these trained athletes, you have some of the deadliest fighters on the planet competing to try and knock out each other or be forced into submission. That makes for good television and even better sports betting.

Back in 1996, people were certain that the UFC was just human cockfighting. It even has roots back to 648 B.C., where a game of Pankration was used in the Olympics. Of course, the sport had to go through a lot of changes to turn barbaric fighting into a respectable class of competition.

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    Since 2017, only 3 fighters had multiple championships in different weight classes

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    A lot of UFC fighters took up some form of UFC to prevent being bullied

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    Women's UFC shot to popularity in 2016 when Ronda Rousey started her rise in fame

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    Conor McGregor has grossed 4 of the 5 biggest UFC pay per view fights of all time

Betting on UFC events did not happen for quite some time. Sure, there were backdoor bets or people getting together and placing bets among themselves, but nothing legal.

The first UFC card was held in Nevada on Sept. 28, 2001. The UFC 33 event took place at the Mandalay Bay Events Center, and it was the first event to have odds placed and opened for betting business. This time might be considered as the birth of UFC betting companies.

Mainstream success took off due to stars such as Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, and Randy Couture. Sports bettors were thrilled at betting on such events because they never really made it to the judges for scoring. Events usually ended in either a knockout, submission, or stoppage.

Typical betting on the events was similar to what you would have seen in boxing: your over/unders and moneylines.

It was not until the UFC 183 event that prop bets were starting to become more popular and another form of bets to place. Since then, events were starting to skyrocket on the number of bets you could place.


? How can I start betting on UFC?

If you have a reliable internet connection and way to access the internet, you are in good shape. If you are ready to start placing bets on UFC events, you need to do a search for a good sportsbook and join their website to place your bets.

? What to look for when choosing a site for UFC betting?

Good UFC betting sites usually are with betting margins under 5%. They have to offer plenty of payment methods and withdrawals should not take more than 24 hours. Make sure they are legal in your area.

? Which betting sites offer UFC live streams?

Unfortunately, none of them. Exclusive rights to broadcast UFC have some television giants like Fox Sports and ESPN. Alternatively, you can buy a fight pass at

? How do bookmakers for UFC come up with their odds?

The bookies for UFC basically take the market information on the fighters at hand and what people are willing to bet on them. They take into account a lot of data and stats to come up with a money line where you can start betting.

These odds will change because they do not want people over betting on one fighter, so the odds will be adjusted from time to time.

? Can I just bet on the favourite?

You should research as much as you can about the fight before placing any bets. The favourite is only a favourite because of consistency in fights, good track record, or they have not lost yet. The fight can go south for a favourite at any moment and all it takes is one good hit to lose.

UFC Sports Betting Tips And Strategies

Before you dive headfirst into gambling sites or placing any bets UFC events, it is imperative that you follow some tips and strategies.

Betting on UFC fights online is not hard to do with a click of a mouse or use of your thumb, but there is a science behind being a good bettor. This is a quick rundown of what you should look for, but keep in mind to bet at your own risk.

The 5 most popular tips:

  • Find the right sportsbook
  • Pick an event and fighter
  • Decide the type of bet
  • Read the odds
  • Bankroll

You want to make sure you have the right sportsbook for you. Shop around to find how the competition offers welcome bonuses and incentives for being a member on their site.

Once you have found your sportsbook, it is time to find an event to bet on. Most events happen quite often throughout the year. If you have a fighter you like, this is the time to look up information and statistics on that fighter to see how he or she compares to the next fighter they will face.

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Betting on UFC Fights

You have some options when placing bets. You can either bet on the outright winner, over/under the rounds it will take, and even prop bets that follow things like who will have more punches, or who wins the first round.
You have to be able to read the odds to know what amount of money you might win.

For example, odds will look like this:
Fighter A: -130 (1.77 decimal), (0.77/1 fraction)
Fighter B: +115 (2.15 decimal), (1.15/1 fraction)

Fighter A is considered the favourite with the minus sign because you have to put $130 to earn a $100 profit. Fighter B is considered the underdog with the plus sign because, for every bet of $100 you place, you will earn $115.

Finally, you need to have your financial situation figured out. You do not want to be throwing money at sports if you do not have your bills paid for the month. Simple things like this make or break gamblers, so be smart and know when you have the money to do so.

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Top 5 UFC Bookies With Fastest Payouts

As you start profiting on your UFC winning bets, you are going to want a stress free and fast payment made to you. As noted above, the bookies that have the fastest payouts are:

  • 22bet
  • Bet365
  • 10Bet
  • Melbet
  • Unibet

Lighting-fast withdrawals

22Bet is considered as a top pick for anyone looking for a perfect UFC betting site with lightning-fast cashout. Proof of that is withdrawals up to 15 minutes on e-wallets. Plus 4% betting margin on UFC/MMA fights is one of the lowest you could find around. 22Bet offers a wide variety of payout methods like e-wallets, debit/credit cards, cryptopayments, prepaid vouchers. 22Bet offer you quick deposits, no fees on payments, and have a quick payout. It also does not have a high payout threshold for any of its options. In fact, a bank transfer has no limit to your withdrawals.

Best UFC Sportsbooks For Mobile Betting

With even more of an interest in sports betting over the years, the rise in mobile betting was sure to come. Luckily, just about every sportsbook has a mobile version of their website that you can either download or is capable of using on a browser.
The top five bookmakers for UFC mobile betting are:

  • William Hill
  • Betsafe
  • Unibet
  • 888sport
  • Bet365

The most comfy for mobile betting

Bet365 has an excellent interface on their mobile app. Downloading is easy, and the steps are outlined on the site. Once downloaded, you can find everything you need and also get paid right on the app. Bet365 offers both an Android and iOS app. Moreover, the website is adapted to Opera Mini users.

Recommended Payment Methods for UFC bettors

When looking at your sportsbook, you want to check what payment methods are compatible. Having multiple ways to get money to you is very important.

Using your prepaid cards and vouchers are only useful for making deposits, not withdrawals. Using the other methods from that list, you can make both deposits and withdrawals.

  • VISA with no doubts is the most popular payment card in the world. By having a credit card you can spend more money you actually has and by having debit card you has access to your funds only and can't fall below 0.

  • PayPal founded in 1998 is one of the pioneers of electronic wallets. Earned its popularity and trustworthiness thanks to money refund and chargeback policy. Deposits are instant and start as low as $/€/£10

  • Originally named “Moneybookers”, Skrill is extremely popular among gamblers all around the world. Besides instant deposit and withdrawals under 15 minutes at particular bookmakers, they also offer Skrill Mastercard linked to your account with daily withdrawal limits starting from 900EUR.

  • Trustly is a payment method that allows customers to shop and deposit from their bank account. In 2019, Trustly reached more than 1 billion consumers majority of whom are Europeans. As the biggest pro of Trustly is their high withdrawal limits linked directly to your bank account.


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