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There are free football tips everywhere, but expert football betting predictions are not that easy to find. If you are a football fan wishing to be guided by experts on the best football predictions today, then you’re in the right place. On this page, you’ll find all you need to bet smart.

Today’s football predictions:

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Crusaders logo Crusaders vs Caernarfon Town logo Caernarfon Town W1 1.49 X 4.50 W2 5.84

Why trust our betting tips for football today?

We’ve gathered a team of dedicated professionals with a burning passion for sports, ranging from football, basketball and horse racing to all other keen betting options. For any sport that catches your attention, we have experts whose experience is next to none. These sports fanatics are betting aficionados who have gambled on tons of top leagues and competitions around the world.

Our tipsters have been doing this for several years and gained significant experience. They provide unbiased and unrivalled football bet tips and regularly update them.

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Football is so simple that you don't really need to know the rules to understand what is happening on the pitch. But do not let it misguide you into thinking you can make some easy money here. Football is often unpredictable, and you need to consider quite a few factors to make educated guesses.

Meet our tipsters for free football tips


Our football tipsters

Our tipsters curate and compile well-analysed betting tips for football today with lots of professional options attached. They understand that your money is involved, so they take pride in the information they provide. Meet the professionals behind the smart football match predictions you receive here.

Our football tipsters

don_ andres don_

2344 predictions

57% win rate

Kate Richardson Kate

1743 predictions

58% win rate

Ninca 90 Ninca

2633 predictions

55% win rate

Nemanja  87 Nemanja

2789 predictions

55% win rate

Nikola qq Nikola

891 predictions

54% win rate

Ryan Allan Ryan

2601 predictions

58% win rate

How we make football league predictions

In the betting world, facts go a long way to influence a future line of action. With this in mind, we dedicate time and use diligent sources to create statistics and conduct solid research to provide tips.

We always blend our knowledge and available data of football teams and competitions to produce clever, helpful tips. Here’s how we create our free football tips for tonight’s (and any further) games:

  1. Both teams’ current form

    We do a thorough review of the position of both teams in their respective or common leagues (as the case may be). We check their recent performances in all competitions before making match betting tips for our readers.
  2. Comparing previous meetings

    We consider how the teams have fared in their recent meetings. If a team has won more, there’s some likelihood that they can win again. This is not always guaranteed to be the case, but it could influence our expert football betting predictions.
  3. Likely line-ups

    Since we analyse data and statistics, the players who will likely play a match can add to the strength of our predictions. For instance, a star-packed team may not receive positive ratings for a game if 90% of these players are not picked.
  4. Home/away record

    In making football predictions and betting tips, we have come to understand that a team’s home/away record is crucial. So we evaluate the available data on this metric and incorporate it into our predictions process for you.
  5. Further statistics analysis

    To offer the best football betting predictions today, we factor in all other statistics relevant to the game. These may include the situation at the club, management, weather and other metrics that could affect the trajectory of a football match.

Predictions for all major football leagues

Football predictions

We provide fresh, top free football betting tips on all the major European leagues. Is your favourite European team playing a league match soon? Don’t worry, as our experts have got you covered with our football league predictions on the following:

Football betting predictions

We have been in the business of helping sports lovers turn their passion into rewards. With a robust understanding of how sports betting works, our experts have a solid commitment to helping you maximise your winnings.

We have an incredible array of world football betting tips on so many betting markets. Our football match betting tips are drawn from statistics and proper research on different betting markets to help you navigate each game. So, if you are looking for advice from experts with a high win rate, then our platform is your go-to hub.

What time do we publish our football predictions?

We take your gambling quite seriously because we ourselves are passionate bettors with an interest in different sports. As a result, we publish football predictions and betting tips pretty early so that you can go through them and make decisions accordingly. Typically, we post tips 1–3 days before the match commences and follow up with changes that may likely affect the game.

This is our bid to help you work out your options and bet when the odds are a tad higher. In light of this, we recommend that you check our website every morning for free online football betting tips.

How to bet with our football predictions

If you are new to sports betting, you have nothing to worry about the tips we publish on our site. If you’re used to betting, you may probably have a firm grip on how to bet on your favourite leagues. Regardless of your betting knowledge, you can still avail yourself of this guide to betting with our expert football predictions.

We usually advise being unbiased in placing a bet, with value over sentiments. You should also study the odds, the teams’ recent performances and stats, the player line-ups, as well as the bookie’s other offers. Below is a guide to help you bet on the outright match winner with any of our recommended bookies.

  1. Click any bookmaker on the tips page

    Our best football bet tips page features numerous reputable bookmakers in the betting landscape. Go through their offers and tap any bookmaker presenting attractive offers.
  2. Sign in to your betting account or create one

    If you already have an account with the bookmaker, sign in. But if you don’t, proceed to create one; the process is quite easy and fast.
  3. Click the football tab

    You’re just a tap away from accessing countless football events to bet on. You should first consult our today’s football predictions before making selections.
  4. Select the match and go for outright winner market

    You’ll have numerous options of betting markets to choose from. Navigate to the outright winner market and click on the team you are backing.
  5. Choose the odds of the team you are backing and confirm your bet

    The system will display the teams’ odds, so click the one for your preferred team. Then go over the amount you are betting before confirming.

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? Do I need to pay for tips on this site?
No. Our focus is to help you gamble better, so all our football betting tips are free.
? When can I have access to football betting tips?
We publish our expert tips 1–3 days before the match. So you can check right now for the free bet tips on football for today.
? How do we work out predictions?
We analyse both teams’ current form, compare their recorded meetings, consider possible player line-ups and also recent home/away records in the competition.
? How do we gather odds?
We usually keep tabs on all the betting sites we recommend to bettors and publish odds as they drop.
? What markets make it to predictions?
We offer a wide range of predictions. The most popular ones include 1x2 (win-draw-win), BTTS, over/under markets, and player markets.
? What is the most secure betting strategy?
Along with our free football betting tips and predictions, we recommend not staking money you can’t afford to lose.