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50 talents in our team


talents in our team

50 talents in our team


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50 talents in our team


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50 talents in our team



Growing our expertise every day!

Growing our expertise every day!

Always on the lookout for the best tips, bookmakers, and bonuses for our readers, we’re delivering top-notch content every day. Learn to bet & win with us. 

How we write our bookmaker reviews

There’s a lot of different bookies on offer nowadays. In a saturated market like this, we take a single website, analyze it from every possible angle, and deliver you the most updated information. 

How we write our bookmaker reviewsHow we write our bookmaker reviews

Why you should trust our reviews

Because we care. We are avid sports bettors ourselves, and we know that honest and detailed reviews are crucial for every punter out there. 

Why you should trust our reviews

Our review experts:

How we write our best predictions

We analyse data, trends, and players' performance to craft our top predictions, empowering you to make informed betting decisions.

How we write our best predictions

Why you should trust our predictions

Because we care. Trust our predictions as they're based on extensive research, expert analysis, and a proven track record, guiding you towards smarter bets.

Why you should trust our predictions

Our professional tipsters:

The quality of Content

Translator, reporter, editor, social media manager - you name it. Most prominently though, he was the editor-in-chief of a language version from 2008 to 2021.


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Our approach

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Comprehensive bookie reviews

Most accurate betting tips

Greatest learning materials

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Our history

  • English website launched

    March 2019

    English website launched

  • First prediction published

    May 2019

    First prediction published

  • First 200,000 visitors per month

    October 2019

    First 200,000 visitors per month

  • Polish website launched

    November 2019

    Polish website launched

  • Romanian MightyTips with us

    August 2020

    Romanian MightyTips with us

  • French MightyTips launched

    October 2020

    French MightyTips launched

  • Brazil, Serbian & Spanish LIVE!

    December 2020

    Brazil, Serbian & Spanish LIVE!

  • google update cut some traffic

    May 2021

    Google update cut some traffic

  • traffic come back

    May 2022

    Traffic come back

  • New project manager join the team

    July 2022

    New project manager join the team

  • First 1,000,000 visitors per month

    October 2022

    First 1,000,000 visitors per month

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Our Expertise

MightyTips consists of an international team of sports betting experts that provides visitors with professional daily football predictions and independent bookmaker reviews. You will also find a lot of useful and up to date information in the betting blog and bookmaker bonuses sections of the website. 

MightyTips is one of the key projects of SEOBROTHERS agency and your best source for daily sports betting news and predictions.

  • Experts in bookmaker reviews
  • Fair football predictions
  • Sportsbook bonuses & promo code
  • Informative news & articles

We Work Worldwide

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Do you want to work with us?

MightyTips is always open to mutually beneficial cooperation. If you think that we can work together on a project, or if you are interested in becoming a part of our team, don’t hesitate to write to us at and we’ll see where we can go from there.

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    Sportsbook reviewer

  • Football tipster

    Football tipster

  • English writer

    English writer

Please gamble responsibly

There are a lot of helpful resources to those seeking help with their gambling addiction. It's important to remember that one method of treatment may not work for everyone else in the same way. At times, it may be beneficial to utilize multiple methods of treatment.

The options include group support meetings with others in similar situations as well as professional therapy sessions with doctors and counselors. Regardless of whether you need assistance immediately, or want to set out a treatment plan, there is help available in all shapes. Here are some resources dedicated to fighting gambling addictions:

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