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Best Basketball Betting Sites for September 2021

Author: Aigar Shilvan

Aigar Shilvan

Aigar Shilvan

Hello, my name is Aigar. Big fan of World cups and the Euros with over 13 years of experience in the gambling/betting world industry.

Updated: 22.09.2021

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world and, if you’re looking for a great basketball bookmaker, you’ve come to the right place.

We have compiled a lot of information on the top betting sites for basketball and have rated many of them to show you what they offer, putting together a go-to basketball betting sites list.


best basketball betting sites

List of Betting Sites for Basketball

Found: 20 bookmakers


There are tons of basketball betting options around the world to lay wagers on, as well as big events such as the Olympics and the Champions League. The most popular league in the world and the one that bookies will offer the most bets for is America’s National Basketball Association (NBA). However, the best basketball betting sites will offer many other competitions.

Basketball is much more than just the NBA – despite being the most famous league – and true fans of the sport know this.

And this is why the best basketball bookmakers offer access to not only the American League but also to several other competitions around the world.

To help fans, we have prepared a guide to the best bookmakers and many other interesting topics.

Interesting facts about betting on Basketball

history of basketball betting

The history of sports betting on basketball goes back a long time, but in terms of the United Kingdom, things really changed in 1960. That was when the 1960 Betting and Gaming Act was passed, which legalized betting shops.

Previous to that, bets were made illegally mainly through back-alley bookies. While football and horse racing betting was popular after the Act was passed, there was not much basketball betting action at the time. That did not begin to be popular until decades later.

  1. Over 60% of the adult population in the world gambles.
  2. Real-life mafia member Jimmy Burke, who was played by Robert DeNiro in the movie Goodfellas, went to jail for a basketball point-shaving scandal.
  3. Basketball is the third most popular sport to bet on around the world.
  4. Basketball was invented in 1891 in Springfield by Dr. James Naismith

Basketball gambling became popular in the UK when the internet gaming sites began appearing in the late 1990s and early 2000s, as new basketball betting sites appeared. As technology improved, people from all around the world could not only wager via basketball betting websites but could also watch the games of the top league in the world – the NBA in the United States.

While football has always been the king in the UK, basketball gambling has increased in popularity over the years and now there are many sportsbooks for basketball that have numerous markets and cover leagues from across the globe.

In the US, the history of basketball wagering in a legal sense is rather new. Sports gambling was illegal outside of Nevada until 2018 when the Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act from 1992, which legalized sports staking on a state-by-state basis.

Before that, like in the UK before 1960, bets were made through illegal bookies, again, outside of Nevada, and in the US, there were a few high-profile basketball gambling scandals such as the CCNY point-shaving scandal and NBA referee Tim Donaghy staking on games and feeding information to gamblers.

Even after the boom of online sports gambling, US bettors had to wager on basketball at offshore basketball sportsbooks since sports betting was still not legal.


? How do I find the best basketball betting sites?

You’re in the right place! At the top of this page, you’ll see that we’ve compiled a list of our recommended sites. Simply take a look through the bookies listed, browse the free bet and welcome bonus offers available, and if you see a site that you like the look of, all you need to do is click the button alongside.

? Do basketball betting sites give away free bets?

Yes! In fact, it’s incredibly rare to find an online bookie that doesn’t offer a free bet promotion. Like we mentioned in the section above, at the top of this page you’ll be able to see a full breakdown of the free bet offers and promotions which are currently available.

? Are basketball betting sites safe?

Yes! In fact, almost all online bookies now have to undergo stringent and rigorous testing to ensure that all aspects of their site is fair to the punters. Online gambling websites also need to hold a valid license. You can rest assured that any site listed here on this page is safe, secure and trustworthy; you won’t run into any problems playing at any of the sites listed here.

? What is the biggest basketball tournament ?

Accidentally, many think that`s NBA, which is false. The biggest basketball tournament is FIBA World Cup, which takes place every 4 years and national teams all around the world compete for the world champion title. Recent world cup took place in China where Spain in an easy manner overplayed Argentina and are holding the world champions title till 2023.

? Are there any special offers for basketball betting ?

Many betting sites run permanent/temporary offers on basketball free bets or boosting your acca with extra odds for multiple selections. These are the most common offers you will find on the market.


  1. It’s easy to use

    All the functionality of the mobile version, whether through an app or the website, is basically the same as the desktop version, making everything very simple to use. You just need to login and then you can have access to all the sports, markets, promos and other features of the bookie.

  2. Open the Mobile Website

    The most common way to use basketball bookmakers on your mobile is to use the website’s mobile version. To do this, just choose your favorite browser, type the bookie’s name and access the website.

  3. Download an App

    Another way is to download an app, but unfortunately not all bookmakers offer one. If you have an iOS device, you can search directly from your mobile phone store. Android users must first access the mobile version of the bookie’s website to find an .apk for the app, if they have one.

Best Basketball Bookmakers for Mobile Betting

When looking for the best bookmakers for basketball betting you should look for those that have mobile betting. Most of the best bookmakers will have mobile wagering available in two ways in downloading an application or playing directly through a smartphone browser.

Either way the best betting site for basketball will have mobile betting. That is key these days considering mobile gambling is so popular not only in the UK but all over the world.

The percentage of mobile betting is higher in the United States, but it depends on the state. For example, nearly 90% of bets made in New Jersey in 2019 were from mobile devices, making it necessary for the best basketball betting sites to provide their users a mobile experience.

The best bookies for basketball not only have mobile betting but they will also have all the markets covered as well as all of the top leagues from around the world. This is why it is better to use more popular and reputable sites such as William Hill, Bet365, and 888Sport, just to name a few.

The top sportsbooks for basketball will have the most bets available as well as having odds posted for more games. That is advantageous for you giving you the most betting options available.

Some of the top basketball bookmakers will also have special bonuses and promotions for using their mobile site and, if you can find them, you should take advantage of them to bolster your stakes. It is also a good idea to find mobile basketball bookmakers with available live betting due to its popularity these days and you can make bets on the go through your mobile device.


Basketball Live Betting

Live betting is the new ‘in’ thing these days when it comes to sports staking and this is true for basketball betting. Live betting allows for making wagers while the game is going on and certainly the best basketball betting sites will offer this feature.

It is pretty simple to understand as if a basketball betting company offers live betting they will allow you to make bets on the basketball game while it is going on. The site will have odds posted throughout the game and those odds will depend on what is happening in the game.

For example, let’s say the spread of the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics game has the Lakers as a five-point favorite but the Celtics blow out of the gates and take a big early lead. In this case, the online basketball betting sites will post new odds for the game with the Lakers’ spread decreased since they are down big early.

You should not only look for live betting when trying to find the best basketball betting site but also see if the site has live game streaming. This way, you cannot only bet on the games but watch them, which can make it easier to make a smarter bet and one that is more likely to be a winning one. And some top basketball betting sites, like Bet365, offer this feature.

One word of warning, be sure to not make blind live bets without watching the game. The point of making a “live bet” is to get an advantage from tuning in to the action. If you simply live bet without watching the game, then you are simply gambling.

Live betting is very fast action, as the odds are always changing depending on how the game is unfolding. The action for live betting is very exciting and you can look at some of the basketball gambling sites we have rated to see which ones are solid in terms of their live betting service.

  1. 1

    3 bonuses to choose from: 50$, 100$, 200$

  2. 2

    Up to €100 in bet credits

  3. 3

    Welcome Bonus up to €122

  4. 4

    Sign up offer up to €100

  5. 5

    Bet 10€ Get 30€ in Free Bets

Top Basketball Bookies for Market Coverage and Bet Selection

When you pick a site for betting on basketball, you want the most games covered as well as the most bets available. You have to do a little research to find an online sportsbook that has both, as it only gives you more betting opportunities.

Most of the top bookies will offer the more popular bets and leagues but, if you’re a true basketball punter, then you want to find the basketball bookmakers with the most options available.

Sure, most of the sportsbooks will offer odds on the bigger leagues such as the NBA, Champions League, and the NCAA but there are so much more such as the Chinese CBA, French Pro A and the German Bundesliga just to name a few.

The more leagues that a sportsbook offers the better, giving you more of a choice on what to bet on. Typically, the more leagues that the site covers in terms of basketball betting the more bet selections they will have as well. So, the best basketball betting sites will not only offer more match options but also more markets.

Like the popular leagues covered most books will have the typical bets for basketball in the moneyline, spread, and totals. However, when it comes to hoops there are tons of different bets available and you want to be privy to all of them.

We have a rating for the best betting companies for basketball in the amount of bet elections they offer to make the choice easier for you to make. At the top basketball betting sites we have information for they will have many bet selections available from parlays to proposition bets to futures and handicaps.

Futures bets are also popular for basketball such as who will win the NBA MVP, who will win the NBA title, and who will win the Champions League. The top sites with the most betting markets covered will offer futures bets, which can pay off big.

This is MightyTips list of the top Bookies for basketball for markets and bet selection:

  • 5th place – BetHard
  • 4th place – 22Bet
  • 3rd place – 888Sport
  • 2dn place – Bet365
  • 1st place – Sportingbet

Sportingbet is a basketball betting site with wide betting lines

Sportingbet is an experienced and old bookie with over 20 years of experience in the gambling industry. They are not as popular yet as the biggest industry names, but this is mainly due to their focus on Latin American markets. Now that Sportingbet has set their sights on European and African markets, with perks like LIVE streaming, 30+ payment methods, 100% sign-up bonus, and huge withdrawal limits, they have all the potential to compete with the best of the industry. It is certainly one of the best sites for basketball betting.

What Basketball Betting Companies Offer the Lowest Margins?

You will see all basketball betting companies offering that they have the best odds. That is, obviously, not the case since every bookie cannot have the best margins. The basketball gambling site will make money on the bet that you make, and it does not matter if the bet is a losing one or winning one.

The bookie will post odds on the probable outcome of the game and they want even money bets on that game to make the most money. Because of this, the game odds will change depending on how much money is put on either side of the bet. You certainly want to find the best basketball betting sites offering the best betting margins so you can gain more value from the bet.

Here is an example of how to calculate the betting margin for an NBA game:

Chicago Bulls 2.50 vs. Philadelphia 76ers 1.50

(1/2.50) *100 + (1/1.50) *100 = 40 + 66.6 = 106.6 = 6.6% margin.

This bet has a 6.6% margin and if you the same calculation for the same game on other basketball sites you can come up with a different margin. You should make the bet at the site that offers the lowest margin so you can get the most value from the bet.

Margins are closely connected with the game or league taking place. The bigger the game or league is, the lower the margins will be. The rule works opposite for minor games/ leagues. For example, let`s take Serbian or any other minor European league. The betting margin will average at ~ 7 – 8%. On the other side, if wagering on NBA games, we could find 2.5% – 3% offers on the market.

In our research some of the top basketball bookies with the lowest margins are:

  • Bet365 – 3.7%
  • 1xBet – 3.8%
  • Bwin – 4%
  • Unibet – 4,05%
  • Betsson 4.1%

Bet365 has a low margin compared to other basketball betting sites

If you ask a professional sports betting expert for their top five best ever bookmakers to bet with, we guarantee that the majority of the answers will include Bet365. There are two strong reasons for choosing them. First, they offer close to the best odds on the market. Second, their reputation is crystal clear. While many bookmakers cut the staking limits for winning players, they remain as one of the last basketball bookmakers who are open to and fair for both winning and losing players.

Open an account with bet365 today and bet on a huge range of markets with the world’s favourite online sports betting company.

Whenever you look for a site to start betting at, you want to see what their payment methods are. The top basketball sportsbooks will have a wide variety of payment methods that you can use to get your money to and from your account.

You want to pick a payment method that you are comfortable using, and that has total safety and security. You have choices when it comes to payment methods, as the top basketball betting sites will offer methods such as credit cards, bank wire/transfer, debit card, eWallets, and cryptocurrencies. Some are better than others when it comes to such things as processing times, fees and limits.

Bookmaker VISA Bank Wire Paypal Skrill Bitcoin
Intertops None – $1,000
2 – 3 Days
$20 – $5,000
$25 – $2,500
Up to 10 mins
Bet365 £5 – £20,000
£100 – £100,000
2 – 10 Days

£10 – £5,500
22bet $1 – None
$2 – None
0.01mBT – None

Here are five good payment methods that you can use to fund your basketball sportsbook account:

  • Credit cards are a popular and reliable way to fund a sportsbook and many of the top ones accept the bigger credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. You will have to give some financial information when using credit cards, but the process is 100% safe and secure and the processing times are instant. Like credit cards, debit cards are a safe and easy way to fund a basketball betting site account. The processing times are instant for this method of payment, and most of the top sites will accept debit cards, especially the popular ones of Visa Electron and Maestro. UK punters can use debit cards, but the card cannot be linked to a credit card as a form of payment.

  • Bank Wire is one of the more trusted and safe payment methods when it comes to payment methods. It is not the fastest method, and the processing time typically can take one to three days, but the method is 100% safe and secure, and almost all basketball betting websites accept it.

  • Paypal is an e-wallet with ultimately high security and they run no monthly or membership fees. Deposits and withdrawals are free of charge from Paypal's side. The payment method shows colossal growth in popularity among UK, US and Australian bettors.

  • Many of the top basketball bookies will offer an array of eWallet payment options, and Skrill is one of the ones used the most. The popular eWallet allows for a totally safe and secure transaction, and the processing time is instant. Also, many feel safer using an eWallet such as Skrill, not having to give as much personal financial information.

  • Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, and it is rapidly gaining popularity for payment methods to basketball bookies. A couple of the main advantages of using Bitcoin as a payment method are you can also deal with withdrawals using the cryptocurrency, and since it bypasses third party transactions, the method is easy to use, safe and secure and has an instant processing time.

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Aigar Shilvan

Aigar Shilvan

Hello, my name is Aigar. Big fan of World cups and the Euros with over 13 years of experience in the gambling/betting world industry.




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