Football betting sites


Nowadays, football is one of the world’s most popular sports. And it is even considered by some to have its own ‘international language’.

Here, we’ll compile some of the best football bookies for you to analyse and pick from. Stay with us as we look at some of the best football betting websites.

List of Football betting sites

Found: 18 Bookmakers

Rank Bookmaker Bonus Claim
1 1xBet

Deposit bonus up to €100

2 Bet365

Up to €100 in bet credits

Open an account with bet365 today and bet on a huge range of markets with the world’s favourite online sports betting company.

3 22bet

Welcome Bonus up to €122

4 888sport

Bet 10€ Get 30€ in Free Bets

5 William Hill

Bet 10€ Get 30€ in Free Bets

6 20bet

Sign up offer up to €100

7 10Bet

50% up to 50€


100% bonus up to €300

9 Rabona

VIP offer up to €100

10 Shangri La Live

100% up to 100€

11 Powbet

100% up to 100€

12 Melbet

Sign up offer up to €100

13 Paripesa

100% up to 100€

14 Zulabet

Megabonus up to €100

15 Campobet

up to €100 for new players

Football betting sites – The ultimate guide


Football betting sites

You are reading the ultimate guide on betting on football. Follow us as we cover the different topics of football betting and how you can make the most of your time when it comes to betting on one of the most popular sports in the world. There is a dynamic culture that makes up this community. So it is also important to know the background behind it all.

We’ll also cover some of the list of football betting sites. Plus some of the best payment methods that go well with these bookmakers! We piece together the puzzle for you. So stick around.

History of Football betting

History of Football betting

Currently, betting on football is one of the most popular types of betting practiced around the world! If you look further back, you’ll find that it has been around for many, many years now, having been an important part of street culture in countries like Britain, where the talk of the day usually involves the scores from last weekend or any on-pitch drama.

Betting sites for football have not only offered betting but also pundit-style discussion on social media, sprouting much more passion among domestic fans and from much wider.

Moving more directly onto the betting facts of current markets will show preferences for bookies like Bet365, William Hill, and a few others for their great football availability and live streams, allowing people to watch their matches.

The best football bets usually exceed anything focused on other sports. So it makes a lot of sense that the game is so important to the betting industry.

Interesting facts:

  1. Football betting requires a mixture of luck and skill
  2. The earliest versions of the game arguably date to more than 3,000 years ago
  3. Football is the most-watched and played sport in the world
  4. 3.5 Billion people watched the 2018 World Cup, which is almost half of the world’s population

So, football is more than a sport, but a huge part of the culture too. Betting results in not only constructive talks about how a team can improve or what players would do well if selected. It also allows punters to have fun and make money on top of what they love most.

🏛️ First Introduced: in 1863
🏢 Overseeing Organisations:  FIFA, UEFA, CONCACAF
📶 Bookmaker Coverage: High
Popular in: Spain, UK, France, Portugal, Italy
🌎 World Championship: World Cup
🏅 Olympic Discipline: Yes

How to bet on Football online?

Betting via online betting sites is very easy. Just follow our simple steps and you will be set to go in absolutely no time. The guide will recommend the strategy you can use to set yourself up for a more successful football betting story – starting with finding one of the best bookies for football.

  1. Check our bookmaker list

    Check our list of the best football betting sites. You will gain recommendations on which bookies are available in your country. Select one to get started – they all cover football but try to weigh up which bookmaker will be best for you.

  2. Get used to your bookmaker

    Once you have picked your online betting site, it is important to become familiar with how it works and get comfortable, as this could be your next regular bookie! Next, you should create an account with the bookmaker and get verified for future notice, so that you can withdraw your winnings.

  3. Deposit funds

    Once you have a fully verified and working account on the said bookmaker, you can then begin your betting venture after you deposit your money. To do this, you can go onto your profile, link up with whatever method you are using, and then choose a sum to top up your account with.

  4. Start betting!

    You can now use this betting account to bet! The money that you have withdrawn can now be used to bet on matches. You can do this by going onto the betting interface, either live or pre-match, and starting to pick the matches and bet combinations that you’d like on your betting slip. Be sure to make the most of the best online football betting sites.

Mobile apps: 5 best bookmakers for football

Here, we’ve gathered the top football bookmakers’ betting applications for mobile. You can check through the list, compare them to each other, and, ultimately, find the betting app that you have been looking for. The guides will allow you to learn more about these, including the sports and methods they offer to your betting experience.

Have a look through this top football betting sites list.

  1. #1 Football betting app – Bet365

    This bookmaker is one of the best football bet sites. It is available in quite a few countries in addition to the fact that it does offer live streaming. Many betting styles and markets are offered, giving this football sportsbook a great advantage over many of its rivals.

    bet365 mobile app
  2. #2 Football betting app – 888sport

    Another experienced bookmaker with a good international reputation. They allow for a very easygoing experience with how great their customer service has proven to be. A simple interface is complemented by the live streaming capability – great for any football fanatic!

    888sport mobile app
  3. #3 Football betting app – Energybet

    High odds attract customers and this is where Energybet excels. A first-deposit bonus aids your start with this bookmaker. This means you can take advantage of something positive to get your bets underway.

    energybet mobile app
  4. #4 Football betting app – William Hill

    A colossus among bookmakers, William Hill offers a library of sportsbooks to a vast client base. They have been in business for decades and have an amazing reputation across the United Kingdom especially and, more importantly, have been responsible for launching many football betting offers.

    William Hill mobile app
  5. #5 Football betting app – Bwin

    A former Real Madrid partner – which should say it all. The standards are there with Bwin and, with the level of football expertise at the table, there is more than enough to mark this bookmaker down as one for the fans. There are many football-based offers and leagues available at this sportsbook, so give it a go!

    bwin mobile app

Football betting strategies and tips

Some of the best football betting tips and strategies come from people who know the sport. Here, we’ll cover a range of the best betting tips and strategies that may help you on your way. So stick with us as we uncover some shrewd tactics for approaching online sportsbooks.

Football betting strategies and tips

Below, you will find a list of some of the best tips for football sportsbooks we have on offer. Read up and enjoy!

  1. Research and devotion

    Do you love football? If so, research is one of the best things we recommend doing. Learning about the sport you love and any unfamiliar teams or leagues will only be in your best interests. It will allow you to bet on new leagues and open up more ways to win – not to mention impress your mates. Most online football betting sites should help you build up your knowledge of the sport as well as place bets.

  2. Checking scores

    Checking the latest scores may give you a decent idea of what sort of form a team may be in. And allow you to have the upper hand when betting on that team’s matches. This can also let you know where they are in the league. The best football bookies online will have databases for this, so make use of them!

  3. Player form and transfers

    A single transfer could change everything, so it is also important to keep an eye on which player goes where or how they have been playing – maybe a certain centre-back is out of form so the team could be more likely to leak goals.

  4. Checking the league table

    A league table will allow you to understand a league far more than just watching one game, as you can see the goal differences, assess the goals against and for, and which teams are much more likely to let in goals than others. This is a beneficial approach to take, especially if you’re betting over/under.

  5. Watching the games

    Watching a match via TV or live stream whilst you bet is another good way to possibly anticipate what happens next in a match. This will also help you to develop a visual understanding of football teams and provide more entertainment.

Most popular Football betting markets

In this section, we explore some of the most popular sports betting markets to enjoy with online sportsbooks. These will help you to understand the types of bets you may be using when you begin betting with some of the best football sites on the internet, whether via mobile or desktop.

Football live betting

Football live betting

Football live betting is a different breed of betting, as you can read a game and take the knowledge gained to make an informed decision. You may watch a match and judge for yourself how it will end, or maybe what might happen in the second half.

The best soccer betting sites will mostly have their live streams up and running for any analytical fans.

This is one of the best and most entertaining types of betting, as it is fast-paced and watching the game at the same time is great fun.

The best football betting sites rankings

Here, we have gathered some of the top information on football betting websites around the world. This will allow you to grasp some of the best opportunities as you will be using the top-notch online football betting sites on the net.

  1. Website #1 for Football – Bet365

    This site is one of the best site for football bets and is available in a lot of countries, has a very wide betting market selection, and even offers live streaming for select events. What’s not to like about a well-decorated bookie that has allowed many punters to place bets on football without issue since its launch.

    bet365 home page
  2. Website #2 for Football – William Hill

    Being one of the most decorated and well-known bookies, William Hill naturally has a huge sportsbook. A lot of amazing bonuses and offers are included alongside some great selections for football fanatics, making it ideal for this list! This is one of the best sites for football bets.

    william hill home page
  3. Website #3 for Football – 888sport

    Customer service is one thing many bookmakers need to have on point, and 888sport is one example that has hit the target well! They also allow live streams among their great football betting offers. This is always a good plus to have when you’re looking to attract football fanatics.

    888sport home page
  4. Website #4 for Football – Bwin

    A well-known betting site, so you can be reassured that Bwin is one of the most trusted and worthy-of-use bookmakers. Streaming is only one of the few features that allow a great experience when betting on football games, as withdrawals are lightning quick and deposits even better!

    bwin home page
  5. Website #5 for Football – Energybet

    We’ve explored how football is one of the most popular sports, but imagine it with high odds! Energybet provides some high odds for fans and it has become very popular due to this benefit. The various ranges of betting markets make this ideal for football fans and many other punters too.

    Energybet home page
  6. Website #6 for Football – Betfred

    The welcome bonuses here are what they say they are, and Betfred allows you to access many great options. This is also adding to the fact that some of the best football odds are included, which can make for a worthwhile experience while football betting!

    Betfred home page
  7. Website #7 for Football – Betvictor

    This bookmaker has 70+ years in the betting industry and has gained the trust of many bettors. What’s not to like about a bookmaker this trustworthy, who provide lots of great football betting odds as well as additional offers.

    Betvictor home page
  8. Website #8 for Football – LVbet

    A wide betting market is essential for today’s punters and LVbet offers just this. You can also contact a very responsive live chat if you have queries, which is very useful in our opinion. Football fans will appreciate this bookie for the number of leagues and teams on offer.

    LVbet home page
  9. Website #9 for Football – 10Bet

    A good licence always means you can trust a bookie and 10Bet is one such example. They back this up with good customer support and even a great mobile experience. Lots of sports markets allow the football experience to be the best it can be, so it is perfect to enjoy gambling on the world’s favourite sport.

    10Bet home page
  10. Website #10 for Football – Mobilewins

    A simple-to-use website means that many punters can get using this right away. There are new promotions for sports every month, meaning that often it can result in football fans being rewarded! This is a good simple site that doesn’t require too much hard work to use.

    Mobilewins sports page

Top 5 new Football betting sites

The newest football betting sites are looking to draw you with the latest innovations and possibilities for your betting ventures. Read up here, as we bring you some of the most recent top football betting sites.

  1. #1 New Football betting site – Vbet

    An official partner of AS Monaco, Vbet looks to be a trustworthy and good bookmaker when it comes to betting on football. They accept eight currencies and even have around 11 withdrawal options, which makes claiming your winnings easy.

    New bookmaker Vbet sports page
  2. #2 New Football betting site – Unibet

    In-play betting on football is absolutely everything. Here at Unibet, you will find the best of live betting, whilst also experiencing a great, user-friendly website. The applications are also on offer to mobile punters, meaning you have an optimised app at your disposal.

    New bookmaker Unibet sports page
  3. #3 New Football betting site – Bons

    Applications on the phone paired with great support are extensive for a new bookmaker, so Bons will give you the full package from the get-go. Football fans will enjoy the sleek design whilst betting on their favourite football sides!

    New bookmaker Bons sports page
  4. #4 New Football betting site – 1xBet

    A very fast registration will have football punters betting on their sport in absolutely no time. You can experience higher-than-average odds whilst enjoying the many depositing options, making it ever so easy to top your account up.

    New bookmaker 1xbet sports page
  5. #5 New Football betting site – Paripesa

    A player chat is available with Paripesa and we know that football fanatics tend to enjoy chatting about their sport. Paripesa not only offers this but it is extremely easy to register and get right into the discussion then bet on football matches.

    New bookmaker Paripesa sports page

Always check bookmakers for the best Football odds

Whenever you’re in the mood for some tasty football odds, you should take a look at our lists of football betting sites and have a little bit of a search for what you deserve – nothing but the best!

Bookmaker’s margin for the top sports leagues

Premier League La Liga UEFA Champions League Europa League Serie A
Bet365 5.6% 5.11% 6.97% 6.48% 4.44%
William Hill 6.22% 6.2% 6.12% 5.98% 5.91% 6.94% 7.13% 4.87% 5.25% 6.11%
888sport 6.52% 7.1% 7.19% 7.67% 7.16%
22bet 5.53% 5.76% 5.75% 5.85% 5.92%


? Does every bookmaker cover football?
Almost every single bookmaker in the world covers football, although we can never be sure if all of them do.
? What is the best kind of bonus for football betting?
This is a matter of what you prefer. But we highly recommend free bets as these will allow you to bet in a way you usually would not and possibly win big while risking nothing.
? How many times can I use a football bonus?
Unless stated otherwise in the description, only once.
? What is the best football league to bet on?
We highly recommend the Premier League due to how entertaining and popular it is. While a great store of common knowledge on the teams can be tapped into also.
? What is the best football betting site?
We consider this a matter of preference, but some of the best include Bet365, William Hill, and 888sport.

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