Best Bank Transfer betting sites


On this page, we’re going to be taking a look at Bank Wire Betting and how you can easily and quickly find the best Bank Wire betting sites to play at.

We’ll also look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Bank Wire as a payment method. This will allow you to see whether or not the payment method is suitable for your needs.

List of Betting sites that accept Bank transfer

Found: 9 Bookmakers

Rank Bookmaker Bonus Claim


Welcome Bonus up to €122

18+ T&C apply,



Deposit bonus up to €100

18+ T&C apply,



Sign up offer up to €100

18+ T&C apply,



100% bonus up to €150

18+ T&C apply,



100% up to 100€

18+ T&C apply,



100% up to 100€

18+ T&C apply,



100% bonus up to 50€

18+ T&C apply,



100% up to €100

18+ T&C apply,



125% bonus up to 3,500 MAD

18+ T&C apply,



Which Bookies Accept Bank Wire?

Truth be told, the number of bookmakers that accept Bank Wire payments is, today, higher than ever before. In fact, it’s very rare to find a site that doesn’t offer it as a payment method.


Are Bank Wires Instant?

This depends on the bank you’re using, and whether or not the payment is being sent abroad. If, for example, you’re from the UK and are making a deposit to a UK-based bookie, then yes, it will be instant. In other cases you may need to wait a day or two for the funds to appear in your account.


How Much Can I Deposit Using Bank Wire?

Most online bookmakers that accept Bank Wire payments choose not to implement any limits. You should check with the bookie in question for the exact amount caps, however.


Can I Withdraw Using Bank Wire?

Yes. All bookmakers that use Bank Wire will be able to process withdrawals back to your bank account.


Is Bank Wire Safe?

Yes. It’s one of the safest ways of depositing funds into your online betting account. You don’t need to provide the bookie with any personal information. They can only see your name on the payment.

Depositing and Withdrawing Money

Remember, at the top of this page you’ll find a list of our recommended betting sites that take Bank Wire deposits. In this section, we’re going to look at how to make deposits and withdrawals using Bank Wire.

It’s actually incredibly easy to fund your account. First, you’ll need to head to the deposit page at the bookie you’re betting with.

Once you’ve selected Bank Wire as your preferred payment method, you’ll be provided account details. Simply head over to your app, input these account details (making sure to use the same reference number shown at the bookie), and send the payment. Depending on your bank and the bookie you’re betting with, the funds will be available either instantly, within 1-2 working days.

bank wire
Most betting sites with Bank Wire deposit options will aim to process your deposits in as little time as possible, so you very rarely need to wait around.

Now, when it comes to withdrawals it’s also really easy. You simply need to select Bank Wire as your preferred withdrawal method. Enter your banking details. The bookmaker will then process the payment, and once they’ve sent it, it can take up to 5 days to land back into your account.

Today, you’ll find more online betting sites that accept Bank Wire payments than ever before, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding it.

Bank transfer bookmakers

Using wire transfers for sports betting is commonplace in the industry, but you should tread carefully. Do your research into the security of a bookmaker to ensure you can bet with confidence. You want a site that offers many payment options, but all must embrace the latest online security measures.

Each of the betting sites covered on this page can be relied upon. The bank transfer sports betting apps included in our review have all been tested to ensure they run reliable online security programmes. The bookies take their responsibilities seriously concerning customers’ online security.

Below are our findings:

  • Bet365
  • Bwin
  • William Hill
  • 888Sport

Bank Wire Betting at Sportingbet

Sportingbet is well known for their football promotions and a wide array of payment methods, which includes bank wire transfer as one of them.

Campeonbet and Bank Wire

Offering very fast withdrawals that only take up to 24 hours, Campeonbet may be a clear choice if comfort of betting is your concern.

Sports betting with bank transfer

Bank transfer is one of the most trusted and popular payment options available to online bettors. But which are the bank transfer betting sites worth having? In this section, we’ll look closer and reveal the sites that stood out from the crowd.

We found that bank transfer betting sites are easier to locate than you may think, but be sure to do your research on the sportsbook. It should be legal, licensed and regulated in your region. If there’s no recognised betting license, you should exit the site ASAP.

But which are the best bank transfer betting sites, and what should you insist on when looking for your next online bookie? To qualify as a contender for your custom, a sportsbook should offer you as many payment methods as possible. There should be debit card payments, together with e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill. The leading bookies even allow you to trade in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 


In the battle to stand out from the crowd and be seen as a modern, forward-thinking betting site, you’ll be offered all these options. However, one of the simplest yet most used is the humble bank transfer. Why is that? It may not be viewed as the cutting edge of technology, but online betting with bank transfer gets the job done. Bank transfer payments are amongst the most secure options, as well as being fast and reliable. 

You’ll get instant access to your deposits, allowing you to top-up and bet on upcoming sports without delay. This is great for those gambling in a rush or betting in-play.  Pay for your sports betting with bank transfer and you’ll become an instant fan.


Withdrawals can be made via bank transfer too. Bank transfer bookies allow you to transfer winnings quickly and securely from your betting account to your bank account. This can be done with just a few clicks. Transfer times apply, however, and it’s worth keeping this in mind. It could take between 3‒5 business days for withdrawals to show in your bank account. 

This puts a few people off using bank transfers, especially when some e-wallets offer instant access. But the transfer times are speeding up. We found in testing that, on occasion, withdrawals become available instantly in your bank account.

Advantages & limitations

Advantages of Bank Wire Betting

While almost all online sports betting Bank Wire sites are pretty clear on what the pros and cons are of using the payment method, it’s worth running through a few here.

advantages disadvantages bank wire
Perhaps the biggest benefit of playing with sports betting websites that accept Bank Wire payments is that there are usually no limits on the amount you can deposit and withdraw. If there are limits, they’re typically very high, far more than you’d find with conventional payment methods like debit and credit cards and e-wallets.

Better yet, almost all betting companies that use Bank Wire will credit deposits instantly to your account. And as long as you’re making payments in your local currency, there shouldn’t be any fees or charges attached too.

It’s incredibly easy to make deposits and withdrawals via this payment option. Later on in this post, we’re actually going to show you how to do so.

Disadvantages of Bank Wire Betting Sites

Thankfully, there are generally relatively few disadvantages to making deposits and withdrawals using Bank Wire – and the only real issue is the time it takes to send a transfer.

For example, when you’re using conventional payment methods like debit and credit cards or ewallets, you’re instantly taken to the payment method’s website where you can then login with your details and make the deposit.

When you’re making a Bank Wire deposit, however, you need to actually go to your banking app and manually input the transactions.

This also can lead to customers inputting the incorrect information into the banking app. Thankfully, this is very uncommon. Still, if you’re planning on making a deposit using Bank Wire, we highly recommend you double-check the account details you’re sending the money to. If you don’t, and you end up putting in the wrong details, it can be quite a pain to get sorted.

Other than that, however, there aren’t really any major disadvantages with using Bank Wire. It’s fast, free (in most cases), and the fact that there aren’t any limits imposed on the payment method makes it a great way of depositing and withdrawing for high rollers.

  • Limitations
  • May take long to manually input the transaction
  • Typos are possible

Limits, fees & withdrawal times at Bank Transfer Betting Sites

Deposit Times, Fees & Limits

Betting Site Deposit speed Free Limits Min/Max
Instant €4–€804
Instant €10–€5,000

Withdrawal Times, Fees & Limits

Betting Site Withdrawal speed Free Limits Min/Max
2-4 business days €10–n/a
24 hours €10–€5,000
Up to 3 Days €10–n/a

Alternative payment options

  • PayPal

    doesn't really require a lot of introduction. Founded in 1998, PayPal has since become a juggernaut on online payments.

  • Neteller

    is an online payment system with an extensive history. It combines flexibility and security with the relative ease of use.

  • Skrill

    is one of the world’s largest payment processing systems online and is supported in many countries all over the world.

  • MasterCard

    is one of the biggest companies on the planet, and they process millions upon millions of financial transactions each and every day.

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