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PremierBet mobile app

In the next couple of minutes, you’re going to learn how to download the Premierbet app for mobile, which online platform to use, and how to get the most out of your online betting experience. Enjoy!

Android APP

  • EN, PT, FR, SW

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  • 7,5 mB

  • 8.5 / 10

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PremierBet app

How to get

As of August 2020, PremierBet maintains the following mobile options for covered countries:

  • Mobile Site
  • Android .apk App

Sadly, the iOS app has not been released yet. Hopefully, the developer team fixes it soon!

Still, the native app and web-based platform practically indistinguishable. Let’s dive right into the specifics!

How to Download the Mobile App for PremierBet?

The application file is available to download only via the official PremierBet website of your specific region – otherwise, the app is likely to work incorrectly or not load at all.

How to Install Mobile .apk for Android PremierBet?

Go to the very bottom of the mobile PremierBet website -> Click Menu -> Select Android App Information. Now, tap on Download Our App.

After confirming the installation, make sure the installation from unknown sources is enabled on your Android phone.

Click on the app’s icon – it’s done!

How to Install the iOS PremierBet App?

As of the end of summer 2020, no PremierBet application for any Apple devices is available. Be aware of that and do not agree to download any phishing files marked as iOS-apps on the web!

Mobile Site over Android, iOS, and Desktop: Honest Comparison

The first thing we note: the mobile app is identical to the mobile site and functionally similar to the desktop platform. The color palette and outlines stay the same too, so the transfer from desktop to mobile (and vice versa) won’t be confusing but smooth & intuitively straightforward.

Even though the interface is identical, the mobile app feels more convenient and immersive due to the absence of additional tabs and fields of every mobile browser. Every section of the site has been adapted nicely: images are high-resolution, not blurry, and even sometimes interactive.

It’s important to add that the mobile application has one key advantage over other platforms: push-notifications. Got asleep, distracted, or talking to someone by phone – a clear notification will convey you the urgent info regarding your ongoing bets or upcoming plays.

This factor stays as important to both betting newbies as to experienced punters.


Given that, overall, the application for Android exhibits the best qualities for Premierbet users, we are going to give extensive comments to every critical aspect of the service: from signing in your account to seeking customer support.

Let’s dive right into it!

How to login

In Android app or on the mobile website, tap on the yellow Login button in the upper-right corner. After a pop-up window appears, enter your email or mobile phone number in the first line and password in the second one. Press Login once more time.

In case you couldn’t log in, select “Forgot Password” and type in your registered email address. As we’ve checked, a reset link reaches one’s email within minutes – no delays on this side.

Sports betting

In total, 26 sports are presented on the Premierbet mobile platform (same on desktop). Among them are four e-sports games:

  • Counter-Strike
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch

Additionally, the list of sports includes the Specials section with mainly Politics’ elections outrights plus other peculiar sports events.

Notable are another two special categories: Cash Back Boosts and Odds Boosts – concrete events’ markets are selected for higher-risk stakes and, accordingly, more prolific awards!

Live betting

For most of the live events, the score is accompanied by a wide-ranging breakdown of statistical data: everything from ball possession percentage to injury-time time periods. Also, visual graphs and idiosyncratic scatterplots are often attached; not to say they added to our understanding of the match – yet it was aesthetically enjoying 🙂

However, around ⅓ of the on-air plays shown “Widget not supported” or “No data available”, so we were left with a mere Current Score display.

Besides, if you’re an ardent fan of instant bets, make sure to check out the Virtuals section: electronically emulated football, horses, racing, and much more are available for immediate bets and results!


To deposit cash to Premierbet, you first need to add a payment account at your personal profile’s settings. After selecting a preferred payment method and further details, you’re invited to visit the Deposits window and indicate cash-in value.

Malawi being the test country, deposit minimum is shockingly low: 300 MWK (~$0.40) while the maximum is around just $200. Evidently, the bookmaker site’s target audience is low-limit players.

According to Premier Bet, account replenishment will be processed instantly – meanwhile, the withdrawals time limits stay unclear.


Besides the pre-written Help Centre, the platform proposes two direct methods to contact the customer support team:

  • Site-based template -> you’ll get an email-reply
  • Online chat

We’ve faithfully tried the live chat option, and it didn’t work out: after the mutual greetings and questions being asked, the window threw an error and then the chat went offline for us – we could not begin it once more.

Still, we recommend you to try the online chat first – otherwise, do not hesitate to fill out a short form at the PremierBet site.

Final Rating

Utilizing the Premierbet app has been an enjoyable experience: worthy to note, the platform’s glitches were occasional bordering non-existing.

Visual appearance is plain and sweet – still, more interactivity with the elements-interaction would fit ideally.

  • Limitations
  • Online chat is unresponsive at times
  • iOS application isn’t announced yet




? Are there any mobile-specific bonuses?
Even though Premierbet’s promotions comprises a whole world of creative bonus actions, no bonuses exclusive for mobile are active as of mid-2020.

Nonetheless, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the bookmaker’s 100% welcome offer and multiple cashback & boost promos.
? Does Premierbet offer live streaming services for mobile apps?
At the time of its field test, we have not find any live broadcasts embedded in the site’s mobile interface. Still, we need to consider the times we currently live in – a harsh world-wide COVID-19 pandemic that influences the live plays too.
? How easy it is to deposit/withdraw money in every application?
Depending on your country, things might get a little different – most likely, you will need to define your payment methods in advance via a special section at your account. Then, go to the deposits category and follow the instructions.
? Where can I find the Premierbet promotions in apps?
Scroll the top-line to the right and select Promos. There, you are able to learn about all ongoing promotions along with their Terms&Conditions.
? Where can I find .apk files for iOS and/or Android?
The iOS application for Premierbet is not available now, but the Android .apk file can be freely downloaded at the site’s Android App Information page (located at the bottom menu).

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