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Bet365 Registration ‒ A Step-by-Step Guide

In this informative and concise guide, we will be helping you to register at Bet365 and maintain your Bet365 account ‒ one of the more notable bookmakers within the UK that covers an array of sports.

If you’re a keen gambler, it will be important to know your way around the website and access it properly.

How to join Bet365 on desktop/mobile

As with most websites, sign-up is only a one-time task. From then on, you’ll only need to log in and out of the application/website to access information, or to carry out any sort of monetary activity.

The ‘Join’ logo in the top right-hand corner of the site (both mobile and desktop) should stand out to you rather quickly ‒ this will take you to the Bet365 registration page to establish your account for future use. Upon clicking this, you will be taken to a new window if you’re on desktop. If on mobile, it will take you to another page displaying what is required to register.

The mobile ‘Join’ logo is a little different from the desktop one, although still located on the same side. It will be white and a bit less obvious, although equally as useful and well-placed, enabling Bet365 signup. 

With desktop, once you’ve clicked the join option, you will be taken to an entirely new tab. This provides a slick interface that you can scroll all the way down, clearly displaying the button you’ll use once you’ve finished filling in the details.

The mobile interface, as stated, is a little bit different but is also one page that allows you to scroll down to see the registration button. Though not exactly the same as the desktop interface, it is relatively similar, not being an external window but a new page within the application.

How to register at Bet365

An easy interface to navigate (up and down) has made the Bet365 registration a very easy task, and here we’ll enlighten you on how:

  1. Step 1

    Click the ‘Login’ button situated right next to the Join button, which will take you to a smaller window.

  2. Step 2

    You will need to enter your username.

  3. Step 3

    Then enter the password you created to progress.

  4. Step 4

    You should be allowed into your account if you have put your details in place and accurately.

  5. Step 5

    Agree to the terms and conditions, type in any bonus code you may have, and join Bet365 by hitting the join button at the bottom of the page.

How to login at Bet365

A Bet365 login is also not a very hard task to accomplish and here we’ll show you how:

  1. Step 1

    Click the ‘Login’ button situated right next to the Join button, which will take you to a smaller window.

  2. Step 2

    You will need to enter your username.

  3. Step 3

    Then enter the password you created to progress.

  4. Step 4

    You should be allowed into your account if you have put your details in place and accurately.

Why should I join Bet365?

Some of the reasons that you should join Bet365 are obvious ‒ as we’ve described before in this article, the signup process isn’t a big deal and will let you in relatively quickly. You’ll only be asked to fill in some required information before answering some safe security measures.

They offer some great, yet simple security innovations, making it very hard for your account to have any chance of being compromised. You’re endorsed with not only a username and password but also a memorable PIN to make use of.

There are quite a few sports to select, whether you enjoy the beautiful game of football or prefer the new eSports industry, Bet365 has everything.

A plethora of betting options await you. Examples to choose from include betting on upcoming international tournaments, which open quite a while in advance, allowing you to plan ahead, to pick from correct scores, results, half-time scores, and even Asian handicaps. In-play betting is also available, making it all the more intense and lively.

It offers you a fantastic range of sports, all just a click away via a very easily accessible sidebar on the left of the interface.

Bet365 Sign-up bonus

Currently, offers are available to help get you on the way to a successful betting run, once your new account is active! Claiming this offer allows you to get up to £50 in Free bets. 

You’re able to claim this offer by making a minimum £5 deposit into your Bet365 account. You can then place your funds on qualifying bets to get up to £50 in Free bets (500%), which is non-withdrawable but allows you to place more creative, adventurous bets with little risk.

This can be claimed once you’ve set up your account (only works for new users), then it will allow you to trigger this upon a minimum £5 deposit after you place a qualifying bet.

You should also keep in mind that the bonus will be unavailable for some countries, such as Australia.

How to verify my Bet365 account?

Account verification within Bet365 isn’t always required. You will not be asked to verify any details via email but your home address will be asked for upon registration, which will ultimately be used to verify that you are a genuine person.

This is definitely beneficial, allowing you to quickly enjoy the benefits of using Bet365. However, before you are allowed to make a deposit, you WILL need to verify your account.

This will involve your full name, date of birth and address (falling within the sign-up process). Although, to fully verify, you also need to upload the appropriate documents to the KYC (Know Your Customer) section of the page, which can be found in the Help and Support section.

What if I need help while creating an account at Bet365?

Quality help is available from Bet365. They are very competent at supplying help, including throughout their registration process. Although setting up is very simple and straightforward, you could come across some queries or problems.

The FAQs section of the bookmaker’s page is a very useful place to go to whenever you have a common question. However, if it is something much more advanced you require, then you can contact via the live-chat feature just above the registration in a new window that opens. 

The helpful features left us happy with what we saw, allowing for an easy experience as our questions were answered smoothly and with ease.

Using the live-chat feature will connect you to a helpful Bet365 employee who will answer your questions and try to help your betting experience be a better one, as well as aiding your registration with the site.

Possible problems with Bet365 registration

There aren’t many problems to point out with Bet365 registration. If you follow the steps set out earlier in the article, then there should be no problems at all. As we tested the features and the service, we found it to be a very good, robust and fairly fast sign-up process.

We were able to get right into the betting fray with little hassle, as being able to connect with a real-life person who can help you out (who are helpful and professional) means that you have more than just the FAQs at your disposal if you need help.


To summarise our own experience, we recognise why this is one of the go-to UK bookmakers, as it has a very slick and fast registration process that impressed us with its simplicity, while keeping all the right security measures in place.

The security measures are not a bore to complete, being both smooth and robust, enabling you to access your account extremely easily while keeping it safe. This a good sign for people looking for a quick betting experience with many sports and options to choose from.

If you think this sounds good and are willing to give Bet365 a try, then do not hesitate to head over to their website ‒ using the steps we’ve provided as your guide ‒ to enjoy a safe, fast and easy betting experience.

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