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20Bet Registration – How to sign up?


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We prepared this article today in order to help those who wish to know more about registration processes in online bookmakers. The chosen one for today’s review is the newly-arrived 20Bet.

For those who got interested in this bookmaker and want to learn all it takes to complete the 20bet registration, stick with us. By the end of the article, you will have learned things like:

  • Step-by-step explaining how to sign up
  • Frequently asked questions

20bet sign up process is easy and doesn’t take much time. And the best part is that it is completely free. Continue with us to understand all the processes and know everything that is necessary to have an account at 20Bet.

Step 1 – I would like to sign up to 20Bet. What should I do?

The first thing you should do is to access the bookie’s website, which can be done through a computer or a mobile device. Then, you should search for the option “Sign up”, at the top of the page. It is an orange button which calls a lot of attention, really easy to find.

After that, a new window will show up. There, you may get a little confused in the desktop version, as the first thing to appear is pictures of the available bonuses. Choose one of the offers – sports bonus, casino bonus, or no bonus – and roll the page down so you can complete the other necessary information.

After these first two steps, there are two other ones for you to go through. After going through all of them, you need to press the green button with the option “Submit” written on it to complete your registration at 20Bet.

20bet main

Step 2 – 20Bet KYC

On Step 2, you’ll need to go through 20bet’s KYC.

Firstly, the personal information that you will be requested to give is your email address and the country you live in. Apart from that, it will be necessary to create a password to continue to step 2.

The second step will be all about personal information. On it, it will be necessary to write down your full name, divided in name and last name, your gender, and also your date of birth.

The last step will ask for contact information and on it you will have to write your address and also your phone number.

20bet registration

Step 3 – How to activate my 20Bet account?

Here is the best part about creating an account at 20Bet. It is not necessary to activate it after signing up at the bookie.

Many other bookmakers may ask new users to open their email or even their phone in order to get activation links or codes, but that doesn’t happen at 20Bet. All you have to do is complete your registration by pressing the “Submit” button at the end of it.

That way, a small window will show up warning you that you have successfully completed your registration and telling you to deposit some money.

Remember that you are not obligated to make the deposit right after the sign up. You can do it any time you want and the bonus you’ve chosen will continue there, waiting for you.

Step 4 – How to login into my 20Bet account?

If you already have a 20Bet account and wish to know how to login, we are here to help you with that too.

On 20Bet website, which you can access through the desktop or mobile versions, you will find a green button with the option “Log In” at the top of the page. Clicking on it, you will open a new small window where it will be necessary to write down your email address and also your password.

In order to complete the process, click on the new “login” button that will be available as soon as you finish completing all the blank spaces correctly.

20bet login

Common Problems and Solutions

Unfortunately, even though the sign-up process is really simple and dynamic, it is still possible to find some problems or even have some doubts during it. That is why we prepared this topic, in which we will give you solutions to common situations, helping you solve it the easiest way possible.

How to complete the phone number blank space

This can bring a lot of confusion as many bookmakers that also ask for phone numbers already provide the country’s international code before the blank space.

However, that is not how it happens at 20Bet. That is why you will see two blank spaces on this part.

As we explained on step 2, you will have to write down the international code of your country on the small space. If you have doubts about it, search for your country on google and the phone code it uses on international calls.

In the big space, you will have to write down your phone number, with all the numbers together, no spaces at all. That way you will be able to finish your registration with no problems.

Forgot the Password

One of the easiest problems to solve, thankfully. The first thing you need to do is open the login window, clicking on the green button with the option “login” written on it. This button will be at the top of the page.

After that, click on the “Forgot your password” option and write down your email address in the blank space. In order to finish, click at the “Restore” button that will be available right below the space you have completed.

You will then receive a message from 20Bet explaining all you have to do in order to create a new password. A good idea is choosing an easy password for you to remember later, or maybe writing it down somewhere safe.

Can’t log in to my account

If you are facing any kind of problem during the login process, even knowing that all the information you have given is correct, it will be necessary to talk to the customer service of the bookmaker.

If you are accessing the website through the desktop version, you will find a white, or gray, balloon at the bottom of the page. It will take you straight to the live chat, where you can inform exactly what kind of error you are facing and get help with it.

Through the mobile version, this balloon will not be available, but it is also possible to use the live chat to talk with the customer service. First, you will need to open the menu by clicking on the three lines at the top-left corner. There, you will find the live chat option and just need to click on it to talk to someone.

If you prefer, it is also possible to send a message by email. Open the menu and click on the “contact us” option.

20bet support


As we finally got to the end of this registration article, I think the registration process of 20bet is overall simple. We highly recommend you to come back to this article in case you have a hard time when going through the whole registration process at 20bet.

We hope that after you’ve read all this article, there are no more doubts about what to do and what you need to sign up at the 20Bet website.

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