How The Best Free Predictions at MightyTips are Made: Detailed Methods

Aigar Shilvan

Aigar Shilvan

It is very important to know your compatriot when money is on the line, so we’ve decided to take a step forward and tell a little about what we do, how we do it and why we do it.

We’ll allow you a look into inner workings of our prediction pages: how the odds are being generated, what our experts do and just how important this is to us.

How we get the latest odds

When you’re browsing MightyTips, you can see the latest odds displayed thanks to Web API. API is short for Application Programming Interface, and it is basically a set of protocols and specifications that allow communication between software or client/server. It’s a rabbit hole filled with web-services, server architectures and frameworks, and you can take us at our word that you don’t want to go there any deeper. 

What’s more important, it lets our programs communicate in real-time with sportsbooks represented on our website and to provide you with the most relevant information about odds and bonuses of these bookmakers right when you need it. So when you load a page, our software generates the most relevant data about the current odds and presents it to you in a table. The process repeats every time you refresh the page.

How the odds work

We are displaying the odds in decimal format. This format is also known as European because of its popularity among sportsbooks in Europe, but it is also widely used in Canada and Australia. In our eyes, it has an advantage over the other popular types of odds because of its simplicity.

As a rule, the odds act as a multiplier for your bet. Using this, you can always easily calculate the payout by multiplying your stake and the odds. 

Payout = Stake x Odds

Keep in mind that decimal odds bets include your initial stake in the payout, so plan accordingly. If you were to stake €100 on a bet with 1.75 odds, then your final payout would be €175, which consists of your initial stake (€100) and net profit (€75).

How we make predictions

When we tell you that we have a team of experts working on predictions, we are not joking. Experienced bettors know that bets and odds may be based on statistics, but raw data can only tell you so much. So we try to combine data and intimate knowledge of teams and leagues. Knowing what we are talking about makes all the difference when it comes to predictions.

Goals scored, goals conceded, bans, injuries, home/away field, current form, the current mood of individual players, streaks, h2h, weather and team compositions - everything can affect the result of a match, and you can gather only so much from the raw data about it. One can look at simple h2h statistics and see a 5-0 result for one of the teams without realising that it was 2 years since the teams last played against each other, and now they are totally different in terms of rosters and management. 

Why we do it

Every little thing matters. That’s why we work hard to give our guests an educated guess at the results - we understand how much having just a little bit of edge can mean to others.

However, that’s money. 

Let’s talk emotion.

We love sports. Not only do we love football in particular, but we also love sports in general as an idea. Sports (or e-sports) are great. Having favourite teams or leagues is great. And adding a little bit of thrill into sports is a good deal of fun and entertainment, as long as you are an adult about it.

By doing what we do, we hope that you, too, will come to love sports. We are not talking about just football, we are talking about the whole world rich with wins and losses, with passion and hard work. We are talking about beach volleyball in summer and biathlon in winter. We are talking about tennis and snooker. We are talking about opening ourselves to new horizons to see just where they will take us.

And, of course, getting richer in the process never hurts, so may your tips be ever profitable.

Best of luck, and hope to see you again in the future.

Sincerely yours,


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Aigar Shilvan

Aigar Shilvan

Hello, my name is Aigar. Big fan of World cups and the Euros with over 13 years of experience in the gambling/betting world industry.