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We are earnestly seeking a competent Translator from Cyprus to bolster our multifaceted team. We greatly respect professionals deeply involved in Cyprus’s diverse linguistic culture, who are fluent in both Greek and English, and possess an all-encompassing understanding of the translation landscape. Your role will require translating, editing, improving, and managing content across various digital platforms, maintaining the unique linguistic style of our brand, and enhancing our international reach.

Cypriot translator vacancy

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Translation and Localisation: Cooperate with our global linguistic team to translate and localise content that is innovative and appealing to our Cypriot audience.
  • Translation Review and Quality Assurance: Evaluate and refine translations carried out by our team to ensure they meet our high-quality standards, align with our stylistic guidelines, and effectively communicate to our Cypriot audience.
  • Team Guidance: Tutor, encourage, and direct a team of translators, championing their professional development and productivity.
  • Translation Strategy Development: Participate in crafting translation strategies, staying informed about trends and opportunities in the Cypriot and global linguistic markets.
  • Analytical Assessment: Use analytics tools to evaluate translation effectiveness, glean actionable insights, and adjust our translation strategy based on data analysis.
  • Cultural Adaptation: Remain aware of the cultural nuances of the Cypriot market to ensure that content resonates with our audience.
  • Proofreading: Ensure that translated content is error-free, adheres to brand guidelines, and maintains consistency in style and tone.

Incentives and Advantages

  • Competitive Remuneration: We recognise the worth of your skills and dedication. Your remuneration package will be attractive and commensurate with industry norms.
  • Continuous Skills Advancement: Our company’s principles are directed towards encouraging constant learning. We provide ongoing training and progression opportunities to keep you at the pinnacle of your profession.
  • Work-Life Synergy: We understand the significance of a balanced work-life interaction and offer flexible work conditions.
  • Health and Wellness Initiatives: We prioritise your well-being. A comprehensive health insurance plan and wellness benefits are included.
  • Collaborative Work Climate: Join a team of professionals who share your passion for language and translation. Your ideas and suggestions will always be highly valued.

Why MightyTips?

If you’re an individual with a zeal for translation, a deep understanding of the Cypriot linguistic landscape, and the aspiration to boost your career, then this is your ideal role. At MightyTips, you’ll have the chance to hone your skills in a dynamic, constantly evolving environment while making a substantial impact on our global brand. Don’t let this exclusive opportunity to create a significant footprint in the translation industry pass you by.

Application Process

Convinced you’re the right fit? To apply, send us your CV, a cover letter detailing your interest and experience in translation, and two examples of translation projects you’ve led to Make sure the subject line reads ‘Cypriot Translator Position – [Your Name]’.

Applications will be reviewed until we find the perfect candidate. We are eagerly awaiting your application!

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