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In office: Latvia, Riga


We are on the search for a committed British Sports Journalist to enhance our international team. We hold in high regard those candidates who have a strong understanding of the UK sports culture and who also have the ability to produce compelling and insightful stories that resonate on both a local and international level. Your role will involve researching, writing, and reporting on a wide variety of sports events, profiling athletes, and addressing trending sports topics in the UK and beyond.

British Journalist Vacancy

Key Responsibilities:

  • Delivering in-depth coverage of local, national, and international sports events, with a particular focus on the UK.
  • Interviewing British athletes, coaches, and influential figures in the British sports sector.
  • Crafting and editing captivating articles for our website and print media, emphasising the distinctive elements of British sports.
  • Scrutinising sports statistics from British leagues and delivering perceptive commentary.
  • Collaborating with photographers, designers, and fellow journalists to produce holistic media projects.
  • Brainstorming unique story ideas and pinpointing new content opportunities related to British sports and athletes.

Rewards and Benefits

  • Competitive compensation: We recognise your talents and commitment, offering a salary in line with industry standards.
  • Career growth and development: Lifelong learning is central to our ethos, so you will be provided with ongoing training to keep you at the forefront of your profession.
  • Balance between work and personal life: We respect your need for personal time and so provide flexible working hours.
  • Health and Wellness programs: We are deeply invested in your health and well-being, offering comprehensive health insurance and fitness benefits.
  • Team-oriented environment: Be part of a professional community that shares your enthusiasm for sports and journalism. Your ideas and contributions will be highly valued.

Why Choose MightyTips?

If your passion lies in sports, you have a thorough understanding of the British sports landscape, and have the gift of crafting captivating stories, then this is your ideal role. At MightyTips, you will have the opportunity to use your voice in a vibrant and fast-paced industry while constantly developing your skills and growing professionally. Don’t let this opportunity to leave your mark in the field of sports journalism slip away.

Application Process

Think you are the right match? To apply, send your CV, a cover letter detailing your interest and experience in British sports journalism, and two samples of your work to Please ensure the subject line reads ‘British Journalist Position – [Your Name]’.

We will continue to accept applications until we find the right fit. We eagerly await your application!

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Kate Richardson

Kate Richardson

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