Oddschecker - Scam or Not?

John Duerden

John Duerden

As its name suggests, Oddschecker started life as a site that compares and checks odds around different sites. It has grown into a service that also provides tips and information for would-be gamblers.

I’ve been checking out this popular site to show whether it can be trusted, whether it is worth your time and, of course, whether it can help increase your chances of making money or making higher profits.

Is Oddschecker a scam? The following will be the focus of this article:

  • Features and usability of the site
  • What does Oddschecker actually tries to do?
  • Is it safe and trustworthy?
  • What do we think of Oddschecker overall?

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Oddschecker Features and Usability

Oddschecker has developed into a large website with all kinds of features and services.

One thing I don’t really like about it is that it feels at times, especially when you log on, like a betting site due to all the adverts. I had to check whether I was on 888Sport or Bet365 and ask is Oddschecker a scam or real. When you get past that, it has some interesting features.

Here are some of the main ones.

Oddschecking: As the name of the site suggests, this is the founding principle of the site and it is comprehensive. A quick look at, for example, the many horse racing bets available and you can easily see all the different odds at 28 different bookies. What is also useful is colour-coding, so you can see which odds are shortening and which are drifting. It makes checking odds easy and that is what it is all about.

Bonuses and Offers: A useful aspect of this site is that when you are looking at the odds, you can also easily find out which special offers and bonuses and promotions that are related to that bet. Obviously, not every bet has its own promotion, but the gambler is still taken to the free bets and bonuses that are currently available.

Betting Tips: There is a team of tipsters that specialize in various fields, such as football, golf and especially horse-racing. You can follow these guys and see for yourself whether they are going to lead you to riches or ruin. It would be nice if there was a longer ‘bet history’ section to look at rather than just ‘recent articles’ --perhaps there is, but it is hard to find. There is a decent amount of information around and if I can throw another point in, I like the ‘most popular bets’ section on the homepage, where you can easily see what everyone is betting on at the moment. It’s a nice touch.

Oddschecker - What is it for?

These days, there are so many online betting options that it is hard to know where to start.

In the past, it was simple to keep an eye on different odds in many countries, but it did take a long time: you walked down the street and looked in the window of the local bookies to check the value.

You can still do that, but you will be missing out on all the online options as there are so many different bookies. It is useful then to have a place where you can quickly and easily see what odds are available.

That is what Oddschecker was set up to do. It has grown from there to provide a more rounded betting service. You can check the odds, read the form, see the tips and then look at the bonuses.

After that you can place the bet, though you are bombarded with adverts while you are doing all this. With all the different adverts, it sometimes feels like you are on a bookies site, given the branding but there is plenty of information.

Is Oddschecker safe?

The company claims to be the best and biggest odds checking site in the UK and it has plenty of users. There are no demands to pay or even sign up to site to access the odds and the information that is provided. You can come and go quickly and easily if you so choose.

There should not be too much concern over if Oddschecker is scam or legit, as you don’t bet on the site itself, if you do choose to click on the bet that takes your eye, you will be taken to one of the 28 bookmakers. The site makes clear that if you have a problem with a bet, you should contact the bookmaker first though does offer to help if there is a dispute.

The main question to think about is whether it works for you. The tips section didn’t work too well for me, but it was over a short period of time. The best thing is to watch over the space of a few weeks to get a good feel for it. You can also get tips emailed to you and this may be a good way to track how successful they are.

Our Verdict

The first question to consider is whether this is a scam website or whether it is a legit website. There is little evidence of that, as no payment is taken and you can choose to use the service or not. The odds checking is useful and can save you a lot of time, although seasoned gamblers will often know which sites provide the best odds.

The tips are OK, but not as extensive as many other sites and while you can find the site a useful one, you aren’t missing that much if you choose to go elsewhere.

Oddscheckers makes money through visitors clicking on affiliate links and this can get a little overbearing from time to time as the ads keep on coming.

At least you know where the revenue comes from and you don't have to give email addresses or anything like that to see what the site has to offer.

Basically, it is worth checking Oddscheckers out. If it works for you – great! If not, head elsewhere.

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John Duerden

John Duerden

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