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We are proactively looking for a competent Content Manager/Editor from Latvia to bolster our versatile team. We appreciate individuals deeply entrenched in Latvia’s lively culture, who are fluent in both Latvian and English, and possess an all-inclusive understanding of the digital content sector. Your duties will encompass planning, creating, refining, and overseeing content across an array of digital platforms, preserving the unique voice of our brand, and augmenting our global footprint.

Latvian Content Manager

Role Responsibilities:

  • Content Planning and Creation: Work closely with our multinational content team to strategise and create enthralling, high-standard content, with a concentration on subjects relevant to our Latvian audience.
  • Content Refinement and Quality Management: Evaluate and improve content generated by our writers to ensure it matches our quality benchmarks, adheres to our stylistic conventions, and engages our Latvian audience effectively.
  • Team Direction: Lead, motivate, and supervise a team of content creators and writers, promoting their career advancement.
  • Content Strategy Formulation: Play a role in shaping content strategies, staying in tune with trends and opportunities in the Latvian market.
  • Insightful Analytics: Utilise analytics tools to gauge content performance, extract insights, and recalibrate our content strategy based on the data findings.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Competitive Compensation: We acknowledge the merit of your skills and devotion. Your compensation will align with industry norms.
  • Persistent Skill Upgrading: Our organisation’s ethos supports continuous learning. Routine training and progression sessions will be provided to keep you at the peak of your career.
  • Balance Between Work and Life: We understand the need for a harmonious life and provide flexible work schedules.
  • Health and Fitness Initiatives: We prioritise your health and wellness. Comprehensive health insurance and fitness perks are included.
  • Collaborative Work Ambience: Be part of a team of experts sharing your zeal for digital content and sports journalism. Your opinions and inputs will always be cherished.

Why MightyTips?

If you’re an individual with a fervour for digital content, deep comprehension of the Latvian market, and a drive to further your career, then this is your dream role. At MightyTips, you’ll get the opportunity to hone your skills in an exhilarating, ever-evolving environment while exerting a substantial impact on our global brand. Don’t let this unparalleled opportunity to establish your legacy in the digital content domain pass you by.

Application Guidelines

Convinced you’re the ultimate fit? To apply, send us your CV, a cover letter delineating your interest and experience in digital content management, and two instances of content projects you’ve supervised to Ensure that the subject line reads ‘Content Manager/Editor Position – [Your Name]’.

Applications will be accepted until we find the perfect candidate. We’d be thrilled to hear from you soon!

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Kate Richardson

Kate Richardson

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