Betting Sites with Jackpot in Kenya


Every serious bettor I know is always insistent on finding the best betting sites with jackpots. In this article, we are going to do in-depth coverage of the Kenyan football jackpots betting scene. We shall cover:

  • Betting sites with jackpot in Kenya
  • Biggest won jackpots
  • Top 5 active jackpots
  • Jackpot bookmakers with daily jackpots
  • Jackpot betting strategy
  • Payment methods for Kenyan wagers

Jackpot Betting Sites in Kenya

Found: 13 Bookmakers

Rank Bookmaker Bonus Claim


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Jackpot betting strategy

In betting, particularly in jackpot betting, the strategy is everything. It is now proven that you can win on betting sites in Kenya with jackpots by consistently strategizing your outcomes.

Buying one ticket for a game doesn’t cut it. That is depending on sheer luck to win the jackpot. For professional bettors, investment and intention is much greater than that. They employ the strategy of covering most outcomes .i.e.33% of the outcomes possible.

A jackpot with 5 games would require that you get 3 tickets for each game to cover all possible outcomes, that means you’d get 3 tickets five times for the game, making 243 tickets. A jackpot with 7 matches would require 2187 tickets while one with 12 matches, 6561 tickets.

Take SportPesa’s Mega jackpot of 17 games as an example. To bet optimally, it would be prudent that you cover all of the possible outcomes. In the end, a professional jackpot hunter would have bought 129,140,163 tickets for the jackpot. From this illustration alone, I hope it is more apparent that winning requires extensive investment and not luck. Also, it is common to find professionals teaming up in groups to minimize on ticket expenses. In doing so, they are also reducing variety.

Professionals pick the most number of obvious games and then try to cover all the possible outcomes on the remaining ones. If Liverpool was playing against say Watford and our obvious win was 1, the betting gurus would pick 1 in all tickets. Thereafter, they’d work towards getting the most possible outcomes in the remaining fixtures. This calls for keenness so as to be lucky on apparent winner games and to cover the rest of 33% of possible outcomes. The aim is to use your betting chances to choose the most possible outcomes that will be correct in the end, increasing your chances of making correct predictions.

You can also broaden your list of available jackpot offers by going to other locales like betting sites UK, but it likely will be safer to bet at home.

Biggest won sports betting jackpots in Kenya

At the very least, you bet because you are hopeful that you’ll one day walk away with some substantive sports betting jackpot, worth millions in the best-case scenario. In the recent past, that has been the reality of some punters. SportPesa has been one of the greatest jackpot awarders while they were still operational on Kenyan soil.

  • Biggest jackpot winner yet, Samuel Abisai, bagged Ksh. 221 million from SportPesa Mega jackpot in 2017
  • Ksh.41 million was awarded to a jackpot bonus winner for getting 16/17 predictions correct
  • A month before Abisai’s big win, two 16/17 correct predictors were crowned with Ksh. 31 million courtesy of the SportPesa Mega jackpot

The year 2016 and 2015 also saw several lucky punters walk away with jackpots.

  • In 2016, 3 winners were awarded the SportPesa Mega jackpot bonuses of Ksh. 36 million, Ksh. 21.6 million, and Ksh 23 million.
  • Betway Kenya dished out Ksh. 20 million to a 50-year old man after he won the weekly jackpot.
  • One John Mwingi became Betika’s Ksh. 10 million jackpot bonus winner after predicting 16 out of the 17 games correctly.

Top 5 active jackpot betting sites in Kenya

Despite the ouster of significant betting firms in the country, there remain some betting companies that offer Kenyan bettors quite the jackpots. Here are some of the best jackpot betting sites.


Betlion is slowly becoming popular with Kenyan wagers because of its jackpots. A jackpot has bought them a large Kenyan market share is the Goliath Jackpot of Ksh. 350,000,000. This by far trumps what other betting houses have to offer, including SportPesa’s Ksh 250 Million jackpot. To win, predict 20 games correctly. The entry fee is Ksh. 100. Predicting correctly 19, 18, and 17 games don’t go unrewarded. The winners walk away with jackpot bonuses of Ksh. 5,000,000, Ksh.1 Million and Ksh.500,000 respectively. Punters with 16 of the 20 scores correct stand a chance to get free bets for the next week’s jackpot. Betlion’s Goliath jackpot can be played through simplified methods: SMS, USSD on *418#, Android mobile app and the website.

Another popular Betlion jackpot is the Midweek Jackpot of Ksh. 15,000,000 .The Midweek jackpot has 15 games with each ticket going for Ksh. 50. It’s a good thing that Betlion sends you your won money immediately.


Betika is no doubt one of the best-known bookies in Kenya today. Their biggest jackpot is the Ksh. 100 Million Grand jackpot. It is made up of 17 games. Jackpot bonuses for bettors with between 12 and 16 correct predictions are available but vary weekly. Bets are staked at Ksh.60. The other popular Betika jackpot is the midweek jackpot that is worth Ksh. 15 Million for 15 correctly predicted games.


Bet254 is among the freshest entrants in the Kenyan betting market. They took over Betpawa. Bet254 is famed for its Midweek Jackpot that promises Ksh. 25.4 Million for correct predictions. It is also among the most affordable betting sites, only requiring a stake of Ksh. 10. An estimated 50,000 players enter the Bet254 Midweek jackpot. You can bet upto 300 times which increases your chances of winning the jackpot or bonuses.


The Kenyan bookie, Shabiki has been on the betting table fighting with international big sharks like SportPesa, up until the Coronavirus shook the world. A quick visit to the Shabiki website and you will find out that the pandemic has slowed down their operations. However, that doesn’t take away the fact that it is home to one of the most celebrated best jackpot betting sites football jackpots in Kenya: the Shabiki Mbao jackpot of Ksh. 20 Million. It has 10 games. Its popularity among Kenyan betting sites with jackpots can be attributed to its stakes’ affordability (KSH.20 stakes each) and that it can be placed numerous times, increasing the chances of winning bonuses. The bettor is required to predict the number of goals that will be scored, usually between zero and three.

Jackpot bookmakers with daily jackpots

Another question that you may be racking your brain for is which betting sites have daily jackpots? In this section, we shall see betting sites in Kenya with daily jackpots.


Mozzart is one of the best jackpot betting sites in Kenya. The Mozzart Super Daily presents punters with a daily jackpot of Ksh. 10 million. The stakes are capped at Ksh.50. All you need to do is make 13 correct final predictions of games put on Mozzart’s website. The great thing with Mozzart Super daily jackpot is that every participant stands the chance of walking away with a bonus, including the ones who miss all predictions. 12 correct predictions attract a Ksh 100,000 bonus, 11 correct gets Ksh. 10,000, 10 correct gets Ksh. 1,000, 9 correct gets Ksh.500, 8 correct gets Ksh 50 and lastly, all missed predictions gets a Ksh. 1000 refund. One exciting thing about Mozzart is that they have daily draws while most jackpot betting sites only have weekly draws.


The Shabiki Daily jackpot is worth Ksh. 250,000 for Ksh.25 stakes. Bonuses start from 5 correct predictions. Ksh 300,000, Ksh 30,000, Ksh. 3,000, Ksh. 300, Ksh. 65, Ksh. 50, Ksh. 40, Ksh. 32 are awarded to players with 13, 12, 11,10, 9, 8, 7, 6 correct predictions respectively. For the player with 5 correct predictions, they get free bets for the next jackpot.


Betlion happens to be among betting sites with daily jackpots, presenting a daily jackpot of Ksh.200,000 that has 8 jackpot games. Each ticket goes for Ksh. 20.

Recommended payment methods for Kenyan jackpot hunters

There are homegrown betting sites and international ones who have set up shop in Kenya. Most of the popular betting companies with jackpots accept payment through mobile money. Specific betting companies like Betway have USSDs which have vastly simplified transactions.

However, it is crucial to note that with the mushrooming of several online betting sites, mostly foreign, methods like debit/credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Bank Transfer and Cryptocurrencies are acceptable. These online platforms may not be necessarily licensed so tread with care.
Kenya is home to some of the most efficient mobile money services. MPesa continues to be the dominant payment method used by Kenyan punters today, closely followed by Airtel money. It is not a wonder that the two are quite popular given how the services are widespread across the country.

To use mobile money transfer, you need to have a SIM card registered in your name with Safaricom (service provider for MPesa) and Airtel for Airtel money. With that in hand, using your MPESA/Airtel Money toolkit, you can quickly deposit the bookie’s PayBill number. To withdraw, head to your betting site, log in to your account and click withdraw to MPesa or Airtel money. As usual, the transfer charges of the service provider apply.

  • M-Pesa

    One of the best online payment options in Kenya, M-PESA provides an easy and quick access to financial services for your betting purposes.

  • Airtel

    is one of the most popular options with an easily downloadable app that lets you process funds via a simple SMS.

Licenced Betting Sites in Kenya

Betting sites in Kenya have seen better days. Introduction of new tax laws in Kenya in 2018 by the government shook the betting fraternity. The new law required betting companies to pay an excise tax of 20% on stakes. Also, betting companies were expected to prove tax compliance before their licences were renewed by the state’s betting regulator, the Betting and Control and Licencing Board.

The Kenyan government has since seen 27 bookies have their licenses withdrawn, with some still battling it out in court. It is impossible to ignore sports betting giants like SportPesa and Betin when you think of the football jackpot in Kenya. The two are still inactive in Kenya after their licenses to operate on Kenyan soil were not renewed.

However, there’s good news for bettors. There still exist betting sites that offer jackpots for punters in Kenya. The sports betting jackpots are mostly in the categories of daily jackpots, midweek jackpots and grand jackpots. Here’s a list of licensed sports betting sites and some betting sites with jackpots in Kenya 2020.

  • Betlion
  • Betika
  • Bet254
  • Betway
  • Odibet
  • Betboss
  • Shabiki
  • Mozzartbet
  • MCheza
  • Eazibet
  • Dafabet
  • MBet
  • Sportybet
  • Ken Bookmakers
  • Eastleighbet
  • Lucky 2u
  • Palms Bet
  • Kick off

However, if you're not satisfied with available choices and want to try something else more international, here are our top football bookmakers.

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