Biography of Jevgenijs 'The Hurricane' Aleksejevs

Vadims Mikeļevičs

Vadims Mikeļevičs

MightyTips Partners with Jevgenijs The Hurricane Aleksejevs

The MightyTips team are ecstatic to announce the addition of celebrated boxer Jevgenijs 'The Hurricane' Aleksejevs as a brand ambassador.

Hailing from Latvia, this prodigious talent holds an impressive undefeated record of 15-0 in his professional career so far, with his lightning-fast fists and potent power earning him his much-deserved nickname.

As a company committed to sports, we aim to propel athletes with which we collaborate to unparalleled success. We are confident that our association with 'The Hurricane' will help him forge ahead, conquer new adversaries, and uphold his exceptional unbeaten record. All the while, it underscores our position at MightyTips as the go-to destination for the finest boxing betting sites and boxing apps.

Want to find out more about the newest star on our roster? Check out his brief biography below.

Biography: The Hurricane - A Journey of Combat and Resilience

Born on the 6th of July, 1993, in Latvia, The Hurricane is a force to be reckoned with in combat sports. Standing tall at 6'0, he has left an indelible mark in kickboxing and boxing. With an impressive professional boxing record of 15 wins, 0 draws, and 0 defeats in the latter, he is now looking to take his career to the next level.

But where did it all begin for the fleet-of-fist Liga native?

The Hurricane's passion for combat sports was evident from an early age. At six, he was trading blows with opponents but with his feet, not his hands. His love affair with organised fighting started when his father introduced him to the Taekwondo discipline. The hours of training and dedication paid off as he achieved a black belt and became a multiple champion of Latvia, the Baltic States, and Europe.

The Hurricane - A Journey of Combat and Resilience

A turning point came when The Hurricane shifted his focus to kickboxing. His talent flourished, and he quickly rose through the ranks. At 13 years old, he started competing under parallel kickboxing rules, achieving remarkable results. Within a year, he overcame seven fights in a single day to become the world champion in kickboxing in Italy. By age 15, he had already become the European champion, solidifying his place among the elite in his age group.

However, in 2015, The Hurricane faced a devastating setback when he broke his leg within 17 seconds of his first fight at the KOC World Championship Fight Show. This injury threatened to bring an abrupt halt to his promising career. Undeterred, The Hurricane embarked on a journey of resilience and determination. After a month of recovery, he returned to the gym, trading heels for hands, and unleashing his frustrations on boxing pads.

The Hurricane - A Journey of Combat and Resilience

The Hurricane's unwavering spirit and undeniable talent led him back into the spotlight. Despite his lingering affinity for kickboxing, he recognised the potential in professional boxing.

A pivotal conversation with his coach solidified his decision to focus on boxing, describing it as a classical sport that resonated deeply with him. Seeking guidance and inspiration, he enlisted the help of Latvian star and three-time cruiserweight world champion Mairis Briedis, engaging in numerous sparring sessions that honed his skills and fueled his meteoric rise in the sport.

During his 14-fight career, he only fought in his hometown of Riga, but has seen off plenty of seasoned professionals - the latest being Pavel Semjonov in a comprehensive points win back in 2021, with judges scoring the fight 80-72, 77-75, and 78-74, all in favour of the exciting Latvian powerhouse. Other opponents he has felled include Estonian Deniss Kormilin (a devastating knockout victory), Belarusian and former WBA interim middleweight title contender Sergey Khomitsky, and Serbian Slobodan “El Coyote” Culum.

He boasts a KO record of 53.85% and takes an orthodox stance in the ring. His height means he is on the taller side for a middleweight fighter, giving him a slight reach advantage over opponents, which has meant he has had the ability to out-point and out-power his foes throughout his fighting career.

In October 2023, The Hurricane arrived at a boxing camp in Benidorm, Spain, to undergo a training that would hone his skills even further. In his time in the camp. The Hurricane got to spar with Liam Williams - one of the best boxers in the world in his weight class.

While his story serves as a testament to the power of resilience and the pursuit of one's passion, it will be fascinating to follow The Hurricane's career - here's hoping it goes from strength to strength in partnership with MightyTips.

More Fight News coming soon!

The Hurricane - A Journey of Combat and Resilience

Follow the boxer @ealeksеev on Instagram and Youtube for the latest updates on his career. For business inquiries, contact his manager at

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The Hurricane's Previous and Upcoming Fights

Jevgenijs Aleksejevs Box-pro 14 bouts
Date Opponent Location Result
2023-12-22  Nicolas David Veron 
Pabellon Municipal Sedavi, Valencia, Spain Win (points: 60-53/ 60-53/ 60-54)
2023-08-05 Dimitri Trenel (France) Hotel Holyday World, Benalmadena, Spain Win (KO in the 3rd round)
2021-10-16 Pavel Semjonov (Estonia) Arena Riga, Riga, Latvia Win (points: 80-72/ 77-75/ 78-74)
2020-08-29 Deniss Kormilin (Estonia) Studio 69, Riga, Latvia Win (KO: 2:29 into the fight)
2019-06-15 Siarhei Khamitski (Belarus) Arena Riga, Riga, Latvia Win (points: 58-57/ 57-58/ 58-57)
2018-10-06 Przemyslaw Gorgon (Poland) Arena Riga, Riga, Latvia Win (points: 58-56/ 58-56/ 60-55)
2018-05-12 Gabriel Lecrosnier (France) Arena Riga, Riga, Latvia Win (points: 58-56/ 60-54/ 60-54)
2018-01-27 Maurice Possiti (France) Arena Riga, Riga, Latvia Win (points: 56-58/ 58-56/ 58-56)
2017-11-11 Slobodan Culum (Serbia) Arena Riga, Riga, Latvia Win (KO: 1:18 into the fight)
2017-09-30 Andrey Chentsov (Russia) Arena Riga, Riga, Latvia Win (KO: 2:13 into the fight)
2017-04-22 Valerijs Mikalausks (Latvia) Olympic Sports Centre, Riga, Latvia Win (points: 59-56/ 59-57/ 58-57)
2016-05-14 Jurijs Kozlovs (Latvia) Arena Riga, Riga, Latvia Win (KO: 1:50 into the fight)
2016-02-21 Nikita Mateuss (Latvia) Arena Riga, Riga, Latvia Win (KO: 1:03 into the fight)
2014-04-01 Dmitrijs Savenko (Latvia) Club Rigas Rings, Riga, Latvia Win (KO: 1:56 into the fight)
2013-09-28 Mareks Kovalevskis (Latvia) Club Rigas Rings, Riga, Latvia Win (KO: 1:46 into the fight)
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