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In office: Latvia, Riga


We are actively seeking a talented Developer from Poland to enrich our diverse team. We cherish professionals profoundly intertwined with Poland’s dynamic tech environment, who are proficient in both Polish and English, and wield a comprehensive understanding of the software development sector. Your role will comprise strategising, constructing, refining, and steering software solutions across various digital platforms, safeguarding the unique tech ethos of our brand, and heightening our worldwide influence.

A Polish developer Vacancy

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Software Design and Construction: Unite with our global tech team to strategise and engineer innovative, superior software solutions that meet our operational requirements and customer preferences.
  • Code Assessment and Quality Assurance: Inspect and optimise code authored by our development team to ensure it satisfies our quality criteria, adheres to our coding best practices, and guarantees optimum performance.
  • Team Leadership: Guide, motivate, and command a team of software developers, promoting their professional development and efficiency.
  • Software Strategy Formulation: Contribute to the creation of software strategies, keeping pace with the trends and opportunities in both Polish and international tech markets.
  • Analytical Evaluation: Utilise analytics tools to assess software effectiveness, extract valuable insights, and adjust our development strategy based on data-driven interpretations.
  • Issue Resolution and Debugging: Proactively spot potential technical snags, engineer appropriate solutions, and ensure rapid rectification to uphold seamless operations.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation for all development projects, and provide regular progress reports to stakeholders.

Perks and Privileges

  • Competitive Compensation: We recognise the significance of your skills and commitment. Your compensation package will be competitive and in line with industry norms.
  • Ongoing Skills Development: Our organisation champions the concept of lifelong learning. We provide routine training and progression opportunities to keep you at the forefront of your field.
  • Work-Life Harmony: We acknowledge the importance of a harmonious work-life dynamic and offer flexible working conditions.
  • Health and Fitness Provisions: Your well-being is our priority. A comprehensive health insurance scheme and wellness benefits are included.
  • Team-Oriented Work Environment: Join a team of professionals who share your enthusiasm for tech and software development. Your thoughts and contributions will always be appreciated.

Why MightyTips?

If you’re a professional with a zeal for software development, a deep comprehension of the Polish tech market, and the ambition to escalate your career, then this is your ideal role. At MightyTips, you’ll have the opportunity to polish your skills in a dynamic, ever-transforming environment while leaving a significant imprint on our global brand. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the tech industry.

Application Procedure

Certain that you’re the perfect candidate? To apply, send us your CV, a cover letter detailing your interest and experience in software development, and two examples of development projects you’ve pioneered to cv@mightytips.com. Ensure that the subject line reads ‘Polish Developer Position – [Your Name]’.

Applications will be considered until we identify the perfect match. We are enthusiastically awaiting your application!

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