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30Bet Sportsbook & Online Casino Review



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  • Balanced odds

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30Bet LIVE Betting

9 / 10

At 30Bet, live betting isn't just a feature; it's an adrenaline-fueled adventure. Being one of the best online betting firms, this sportsbook caters to those who thrive on instant action. Here, you’re not just a spectator; you’re a strategist, making split-second decisions that can turn the tides of fortune. And with an interface that’s as intuitive as it is responsive, placing those on-the-fly bets is as easy as cheering for your favourite team.

30Bet’s live betting landscape is a dynamic playground for enthusiasts of all sports. Whether you're following a nail-biting soccer match, a fast-paced volleyball game, or a tense boxing duel, the platform brings you into the epicentre of the action. With odds that dance to the rhythm of the game, every pass, every hit, and every score is a chance for you to make your winning move.

Types of Live Games at 30Bet

Take a brief glimpse:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • ESports
  • Boxing

Screenshot of the 30Bet LIVE page

30Bet Casino

8 / 10

Get ready to be dazzled at 30Bet's casino, a paradise for live table game enthusiasts! It's not just a casino; it's a vibrant hub where excitement meets variety. Whether you're just starting your gaming journey or you're a seasoned pro with cards up your sleeve, 30Bet welcomes you to a world where every turn of the card and spin of the wheel spells adventure.


Whether you're a cautious player sticking to the basics or a daring one exploring new strategies, 30Bet's blackjack selection is like a tailor-made suit, just for you. The platform has handpicked these variants, ensuring there’s something to match every player’s taste and level.


30Bet brings the timeless allure of roulette into sharp focus. The roulette wheel, the iconic symbol of casino glamour, is showcased in stunning clarity. As a player, you're not just an onlooker; you're part of the action. Place your bets on red or black, odd or even, or go for the numbers that call out to you. It’s your game, your rules.


Baccarat here is more than a card game; it’s a journey into a realm of elegance, where strategy and chance waltz together. The live tables are like a grand stage, each variant performing its unique act. From the classic rhythms of traditional baccarat to the modern beats of its contemporary versions, there’s a style for every taste. Immerse yourself in the variations that stay true to the core of baccarat while adding their own distinctive flair. It’s like having a VIP pass to the most diverse baccarat show in town.


For the dreamers and thrill-seekers, 30Bet's jackpot slots are like a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. These aren’t just games; they’re golden opportunities to change your life in a single spin. With jackpots that grow bigger and bolder with every play, the anticipation builds. It’s a pulse-racing experience, knowing that with each spin, you could be the one to unlock a jackpot that’s been growing, waiting for the right moment, the right player.

Screenshot of the 30Bet Casino page

30Bet Bonuses & Promotions

8 / 10

Be showered with rewards at 30Bet, where bonuses and promotions are like a festive parade, brightening your betting journey! 30Bet rolls out the red carpet for its players with an array of dazzling promotions. It’s like opening a treasure chest of opportunities at every stage of your betting adventure. Newcomers are welcomed with enticing bonuses that make the first steps thrilling, while loyal players are continually surprised with offers that keep the adrenaline pumping.

By the way, on our website, you can familiarize yourself with bookies tailored for WWE enthusiasts.

5% Sports Cashback

Here's the deal – the bookmaker calculates 5% of your sports bet losses and gives it back to you in real, tangible cash. There are no hidden wagering requirements, and no complicated terms and conditions. Just pure cashback. You can claim up to €300 from the rewards page each Monday, turning your losses into potential new victories.

30Bet's Weekly 5% Sport Cashback is more than just a promotion; it's a way to keep the spirit of the game alive, even when luck doesn't seem to be on your side. So, place your bets, enjoy the games, and remember – every Monday could be your chance to bounce back stronger!

Screenshot of the 30bet bonus page

30Bet Odds & Margins

8 / 10

As a crypto-friendly betting brand, 30Bet knows the pulse of betting lies in those crucial numbers – the odds. That's why at 30Bet, you're not just getting odds; you're getting a carefully crafted path to potential wins. The odds are more than just numbers; they are the outcome of meticulous calculations, designed to ensure accuracy and fairness. For seasoned bettors who know their game, these odds are your best ally, a guide to making the most out of every wager.

Margins are the silent gatekeepers in the world of betting, and 30Bet approaches them with a clear and transparent strategy. By maintaining reasonable margins, 30Bet ensures that the betting environment is balanced – fair for the players and sustainable for the platform. This approach to margins is a reflection of 30Bet's integrity and commitment to creating a trustworthy betting platform. It’s a promise of fairness, an assurance that every bet placed is rooted in a system that values honesty and equality.

Transparency is the cornerstone of the betting experience at 30Bet. The platform believes in empowering players with all the necessary information to make informed betting decisions. This level of openness not only fosters trust but also enhances the overall betting journey. At 30Bet, players can place their bets with the assurance that they're engaging in a fair and transparent environment.

Betting margin

  • Baseball



  • Basketball



  • Boxing



  • Cricket



  • eSports



  • Football



  • Handball



  • Hockey



  • MMA



  • Rugby



  • Tennis



  • Volleyball



Overall betting margin: 7.4%

30Bet Mobile Apps

7 / 10

The 30Bet mobile site is a masterpiece of user-friendly design. It's all about making your betting journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible. With intuitive navigation that gets you where you need to go in a snap and lightning-fast loading times, every bet, every check of the odds, and every account management task is a breeze. It's betting made simple, efficient, and fun.

By the way, you can find Android & iOS-supported betting apps that turn betting into incredible pleasure on our website.

  • Android app: No
  • iOS app: No
You can play in the Mobile Browser

Mobile Browser


You can play in the Opera Mini

Opera Mini


30Bet Usability & Features

8 / 10

At 30Bet, you're not just placing bets; you're in the driver's seat. One of this newly-licensed sportsbook most lauded features is the cash-out option. Imagine being able to claim some of your winnings early or reducing a potential loss before the game even ends. This feature is like a strategic ally, empowering you to make smart decisions and manage your bets with an added layer of flexibility and foresight.

For newcomers, the vast ocean of betting options at 30Bet might seem a bit daunting at first glance. A more structured guide or tutorial to walk new users through the platform's features could be a beacon, helping them find their footing more quickly. It's all about turning that initial overwhelming feeling into excitement and anticipation.

30Bet's commitment to efficiency shines through its desire to constantly improve. Enhancing the search functionality could be a game-changer, making the journey from logging in to placing a bet smoother and faster. Imagine finding your desired event or market in just a few clicks – that's the kind of efficiency 30Bet aims for.

  • Limitations
  • Desktop platform can be rather inconvenient

30Bet: Sports to Bet On

9 / 10

The platform embraces the diversity of the sports world, offering a haven for fans of niche sports and the dynamic realm of esports. It's not just a betting site; it's a gateway to the thrilling world of sports, from the roar of football stadiums to the strategic calm of chess matches.


9 / 10

At 30Bet, every transaction is handled with precision and care, mirroring the platform's dedication to its users' security. It's like a fortress safeguarding your data and transactions, ensuring that every move you make and every bet you place is protected under a blanket of top-notch security measures. The fair betting odds are like a handshake – a symbol of 30Bet's honest dealings with its players.

In the world of online betting, a proper license isn't just a formality; it's a mark of honour. 30Bet wears this badge proudly, operating under a recognized regulatory body. This isn’t just about following rules; it’s about a commitment to providing a fair and regulated betting environment, where players can indulge in their passion with peace of mind.

30Bet's reputation online is a mosaic of positive reviews and heartfelt testimonials. It's not just about the number of bets placed or the games offered; it's about the experiences, the stories of satisfaction, and the joyful moments shared by its community. A simple internet search unravels a tapestry of positive feedback, each review a testament to 30Bet's unwavering dedication to excellence in online betting.

Payment Methods: 30Bet Deposits & Withdrawals

8 / 10


As one of the brands accepting PayPal, 30Bet embraces the digital age with open arms, offering a plethora of payment methods to suit every player's preference. These make transactions not just fast but also incredibly secure. Dive into the world of digital finance with options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT. Whether you're a crypto guru or just starting out, 30Bet makes it easy and safe to use your preferred cryptocurrency.

30Bet understands that everyone's betting journey is unique. That's why they've set a wide range of deposit limits to cater to all types of players. With a minimum deposit of just 10 EUR and a maximum of 10,000 EUR, the platform ensures that whether you're betting big or just dipping your toes in the water, your financial needs are met.


At 30Bet, the thrill of winning is matched by the joy of swift fund withdrawals. The platform stands out in the online betting world with its remarkably speedy withdrawal process. It's like hitting the jackpot and being able to celebrate with your winnings almost instantly. In the fast-paced world of online betting, this efficiency is a breath of fresh air for players who value promptness just as much as they value security in their transactions.

Deposit funds & Withdraw funds
Amount Time Fees Amount Time Fees


€10–€1,000 Instant 0%


€10–€1,000 Instant 0%


€10–€500 Instant 0%


€10–€1,000 Instant 0%


€10–€5,000 Instant 0% €20–€10,000 Instant 0%


€10–€2,000 Instant 0% €20–€10,000 Instant 0%


€25–€10,000 Instant 0% €20–€10,000 Instant 0%


€25–€10,000 Instant 0% €20–€10,000 Instant 0%


€25–€10,000 Instant 0% €20–€10,000 Instant 0%


€25–€10,000 Instant 0% €20–€10,000 Instant 0%


€25–€10,000 Instant 0% €20–€10,000 Instant 0%


€25–€10,000 Instant 0% €20–€10,000 Instant 0%

Bank Transfer

€20–€10,000 Up to 1-3 days 0%


8 / 10

The support team here is more than a helpdesk. Their deep understanding of the nuances of betting and casino games transforms every support interaction into a meaningful and solution-driven experience.

Remember your first day at a new game or a betting site? The 30Bet support team does, and they're here to make sure your initiation is nothing short of fantastic. New players find a guiding hand in this team, ready to walk them through the maze of games, features, and betting intricacies.

Dive into the 30Bet Help Centre, a treasure trove of information where every query finds its answer. Whether it's a question about a specific game, a betting rule, or a platform feature, the Help Centre is an extensive library of knowledge, meticulously compiled for your convenience. Questions don’t have a timetable, and neither does 30Bet's support. The 24/7 live chat feature is your constant companion, always just a click away at the bottom right corner of the website.

Support contacts



Live chat

Competence 0 / 5 0 / 5 4 / 5
Politeness 0 / 5 0 / 5 5 / 5
Response Time n/a n/a Instant

Account verification

9 / 10

Verifying your account at one of the best football and basketball-focused sportsbooks is straightforward. It’s like locking the door to your digital betting house, making sure everything inside is safe and sound. Here are the steps to successfully finalize the verification process:

  1. Your ID, Your Key: Just like a key unlocks a door, a clear copy of your government-issued ID unlocks your betting journey.
  2. Proof of Residence, Proof of Trust: Next, provide a document that confirms your address.
  3. The Final Step – Confirmation: Once you’ve submitted your documents, all that's left is to wait for the confirmation from 30Bet.

30Bet Betting Markets: Short Guide

8 / 10

At 30Bet a galaxy of betting markets awaits to thrill both newcomers and seasoned betting aficionados. This concise guide is your trusty companion, designed to help you navigate through the myriad of options at 30Bet, ensuring your betting voyage is both exhilarating and informed.

By the way, if you are interested in Payz-compatible bookies, pay attention to our rating, which was created by experienced bookmaker market experts.

Over/Under (Totals)

Imagine you're the captain of a ship, steering through the highs and lows of a game's score. In Over/Under betting, you predict whether the combined score will sail above or dip below a line set by the bookmaker. It's a dynamic way to engage with the game, turning every point scored into a moment of high-seas adventure. Success here requires a keen eye on team trends, historical scores, and an understanding of game dynamics.

Asian Handicap

Step into the realm of Asian Handicap betting, where David meets Goliath on an even playing field. This market is like giving the underdog a head start or challenging the favoгrite with a handicap. It's a thrilling twist to the usual betting plot, demanding a strategic approach, deep team analysis, and an understanding of handicap nuances.

Accumulator Betting

Accumulator betting is like crafting a suspenseful multi-layered story – each bet (or "leg") adds to the narrative, and all must triumph for the grand finale. It's where the excitement multiplies with each successful leg, offering a shot at epic rewards. The key? A savvy mix of risk-taking and strategic betting.

Point Spread

Here's where you predict not just who wins, but by how much. It's like being a fortune teller, gauging the future margin of victory. Whether backing the favourite to surpass the spread or rooting for the underdog to keep the game closer than expected, point spread betting adds a layer of intrigue to every match.

Money Line Bets

The essence of betting, distilled. Money line betting is about picking the outright winner - no frills, just the raw excitement of backing your chosen hero. It's straightforward yet thrilling, as you watch your pick strive for victory.

Prop Bets

Step into the quirky side of betting with Prop Bets. It's like placing a wager on the most intriguing aspects of the game – the first goal scorer, the number of touchdowns, or a player's total points. Prop bets connect you to the heart of the action, transforming each game moment into a betting opportunity.

Screenshot of the 30Bet sport page

30Bet Licensing and Regulations

9 / 10

At the sportsbook, every bet you place is under the watchful eye of integrity and fairness. Operated by the esteemed Novatech Solutions N.V., 30Bet stands tall as a fully licensed entity under the strict laws of Curacao. This prestigious partnership isn't just a badge of honour; it's your guarantee that the platform adheres to the highest standards in the betting industry.

At 30Bet, the commitment to upholding these rigorous standards of regulation and fairness is not just a promise – it's a practice woven into the very fabric of its operation. This dedication is palpable in every bet, every game, and every interaction on the platform. n a world where the integrity of online betting platforms is crucial, 30Bet stands out as a shining example of what a licensed and regulated betting site should be

How to Place a Bet in 30Bet?

7 / 10

Ready to dive into the exciting world of 30Bet betting? Here's a concise summary to assist you in getting started:

  1. Select your sport
  2. Pick the event
  3. Choose your market and odds
  4. Set your stake
  5. Confirm your bet

How to Sign Up in 30Bet?

7 / 10

Quick steps to dive into the betting world:

  1. Click "Sign Up" Button

    Initiate your adventure by clicking the 'Sign Up' button – your gateway to excitement.

  2. Fill in The Form

    Just like solving a puzzle, piece together your details in the sign-up form.

  3. Verify Your Account

    A quick identity check to ensure your account's safety.

  4. Well Done

    And just like that, you're ready to explore the thrilling world of 30Bet betting!

Is 30Bet Trustworthy? Final Thoughts

8.1 / 10

30Bet has carved out a niche in the vast cosmos of online gambling, shining as a beacon of trust and reliability. It's not just a platform; it's a community where sports betting buffs and casino game aficionados converge for top-tier gaming experiences.

At the heart of 30Bet's appeal is its unwavering commitment to transparency and fairness. It's like having a fair-play watchdog, always ensuring that every game, every bet, and every spin adheres to the principles of unbiased gaming. Operating under stringent regulations, 30Bet is like a fortress of fairness, safeguarding your betting journey.

  • Limitations
  • Mobile Apps are not Available

The site is perfectly optimized, so the lack of mobile applications does not harm the betting experience. By the way, if you are looking for apps dedicated to football betting, you have already found them — on our website, you can check out the best of them.


? Is 30Bet Licensed?

Absolutely! 30Bet sails under the flag of Curacao's gambling authorities.

? Can I Unlock Bonuses Using a 30Bet Promo Code?

Certainly! Grab your promo code and unlock the treasure trove of bonuses at 30Bet.

? Does 30Bet Feature Online Slots?

You bet! Dive into the vibrant sea of online slots at 30Bet, where every spin could lead to an adventure.

? Is There a Deposit Bonus for Sports Betting on 30Bet?

Yes, indeed! Sports betting on 30Bet comes with the perk of enticing deposit bonuses.

? What’s the Payout Speed Like at 30Bet?

Think of payouts at 30Bet as faster than a sprinter off the blocks. With withdrawals typically completed within moments, it's all about getting your winnings quickly and easily.

? How Many Bonuses Can I Claim on 30Bet?

At 30Bet, the banquet of bonuses ranges from one to three, each adding its own flavour to your betting feast. It’s like having multiple courses of gaming delight.

? Are the Odds Competitive at 30Bet?

Competitive? They’re spectacular! 30Bet's odds are like having a winning coach in your corner, offering you the best strategies across various sports and betting types.

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