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Hello! My name is Andrew Vortep, and here lies the football story of my life.

First half. I started to play football when I was a little toddler, barely 4 years old, and I have loved it since then, up to the point of taking it to the next level to be a betting expert!

But first things first. It all started when I encountered the ball as a kid, and it was painful, to say the least. Seaside. Football on the beach. Adults playing, my father included. I am watching, eyes wide open, enthralled. The free-kick ricocheted (as they usually do) right into my face with the force of the battering ram. Red-faced, tears flowing, crying louder than the waves, still, I got to my senses and fell in love with the game. You can say it was love from the first hit.

Second half. At some point in my life, I started to wonder - can I guess the score, and can I guess it correctly? So, observing many games, I pointed my finger to the sky and just guessed. Obviously, I failed numerous times. But the more I tried, the more I learnt that it is not that simple. I had to analyze, study, research the further I went. And step by step, I saw myself not walking but running the field with my favourite players, scoring goals and making saves. I lived their lives, treated their injuries, experienced their emotions from triumphant wins to heartbroken losses. And the deeper I went, the better the results of my guesses were. And I thought, why not share this experience with everyone? Maybe someone can learn from my tips and methods. It was a matter of time before I joined mightytips.com to connect with the world of football in a useful way - to help others understand the (guessing) game better and possibly (hopefully) succeed by applying football tips into their betting rotation.

Additional time. When it comes to the diversity of football, I do not shy away. From Premier League to La Liga to Bundesliga to Ligue 1 to Serie A to many others, I enjoy them all. Of course, despite my story and experience, I look at this as “always work in progress”. There is always room to improve, and I will gladly listen to your tips and feedback in order to become even better.










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