2024 Presidential Election Predictions: Biden vs Trump Odds

Jeffrey Gynn

Jeffrey Gynn

The 2024 presidential election is getting closer and the betting action is heating up. Americans go to the voting booth on November 5, 2024, and it doesn’t yet look like there is a clear favorite between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. As it stands, some books have the next US president odds favoring Biden while others are giving Trump the edge. For instance, one of our top bookmakers has the odds of the next US president being Trump set at 1.66 while another has Biden priced at 1.75. That said, most bookies seem to be favoring Trump.

Even though Biden and Trump are the current forerunners, there are a few other names that are being tossed around including Michelle Obama, Robert Kennedy Jr., and even Kanye West who is listed as a 500 to 1 longshot at a few sportsbooks. Even Hillary Clinton is attracting a bit of betting action. A lot can happen as we get closer to election day, so we can’t count anyone out. Well, we might be able to count Yeezy out.

This US presidential election betting guide will examine some of the wagers that punters can make leading up to the election. No matter which candidate you want to bet on, make sure to shop around at our top betting sites so that you get the very best betting odds for the next US president.

Trump vs Biden

2024 US Presidential Election Betting Odds

As mentioned, the odds on the next US president vary depending on which of our top betting sites you go to. As such, those who want to bet on the election need to shop around for the best US next president odds. There is a huge difference between getting a candidate at, say, 1.60 and getting him/her at even money. That’s the type of discrepancy we’re talking about. While this isn’t yet a true arbitrage situation simply because there are few other horses in the race, some may treat it as one. Especially if the differences in the next US president odds for 2024 at betting sites remain in the days ahead of the election.

Chances of Winning the Presidency

One of the reasons why the odds are so varied and we see names like Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, and Gavin Newsome on the betting menu is that there are no guarantees that the Democrats will stick with Biden. There is a lot of speculation that the Democrats are actively trying to replace him before Americans cast their votes. 

Having Biden out of the picture and seeing him replaced with anyone else will obviously have a massive impact on everyone’s 2024 election odds. A Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump round 2 scenario would be quite interesting to say the least. It would definitely lower Clinton’s odds which currently sit at about 70-1. 

Favorites to Win the 2024 Presidential Election

So, who is favored to win the 2024 presidential election? Well, it depends on which bookmaker you go to, but Trump appears to be the forerunner at most online bookmakers. Here are the 2024 presidential election odds at one of our best online sports betting sites.

The first bookmaker has the following odds for the next US president:

  • Donald Trump 1.66
  • Joe Biden 2.60
  • Michelle Obama 13.00
  • Robert Kennedy Jr. 28.90
  • Gavin Newsome 34.00
  • Nikki Haley 41.00
  • Hillary Clinton 67.00
  • Kamala Harris 67.00
  • Elizabeth Warren 100.00
  • Josh Hawley 150.00
  • Kanye West 500.00

Donald Trump’s Odds of Winning the 2024 Presidential Election

Will Trump win in 2024? Well, most top bookmakers have former president Donald Trump’s betting odds listed at about 1.70. If you think that Trump will win, then it might be a good idea to head to one of our top-ranked bookmakers and bet on him now. If the Democrats give Joe the boot, it would be reasonable to expect Donald Trump’s election odds to drop. Depending on who might replace Biden, those odds could drop considerably. At the same time, there isn’t much reason to think that Donald Trump’s president odds will get much higher. Of course, anything can happen between now and election day.

Joe Biden’s Odds of Winning the 2024 Presidential Election

Most bookmakers have incumbent Joe Biden listed as a 2.60 underdog. However, one reason for that price is the possibility that he may be replaced as the Democratic nominee. If he was certain to be on the ballot, Joe Biden’s odds would likely be a bit lower. Like Trump backers, those who are considering a wager on Joe Biden might want to think about pulling the trigger soon. His odds will also likely drop a bit should he be confirmed to be the Democrat candidate. In reality, replacing Biden so close to the election is a long shot and would be a very risky and desperate move by the Democrats.

Michelle Obama’s Odds of Winning the 2024 US Presidential Election

If the Democrats do in fact get Biden to step aside, then the bookmakers feel that Michelle Obama is the best bet to replace him. Her US election odds are hovering around 13.00. Yes, it’s a long shot, but she appears to have a significant edge over any other candidate. In fact, those 13.00 presidential odds for 2024 further bolsters the theory that someone other than Biden may indeed be on the ballot in November. If you buy into that theory and feel that Obama will be the nominee, then bet on her now because those odds will drop dramatically if it happens.

Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Odds of Winning the 2024 US Presidential Election

Robert Kennedy Jr. rounds off our shortlist of forerunners. While his odds of about 30-1 make it look like he’s got no chance, he would have an opportunity to overcome those long odds if Biden steps aside. Of course, he would need to beat out a few other candidates including Michelle Obama, Gavin Newsome, and Kamala Harris. Still, his chances would be fair to middling if not better. Like the other possible Biden replacements, it would be a good idea to bet on him now if you think he will shake up the DNC and earn the nomination.


American presidential elections can be a lot of fun. We’re not talking about the debates and speeches even if they often provide memorable moments. We’re referring to the exciting betting action. Now that you know the odds for the next US president, who do you want to put your money on? Whoever it is, be sure to invest a bit of time odds shopping so that you get the very best price. Our top-rated bookmakers have the best presidential odds for 2024 along with valuable bonuses and fast payouts.

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