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Betfred mobile app

This is a review on the mobile edition of BetFred - if you’re interested in this particular bookmaker, visit our main BetFred review page for more detailed information.

Android App

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  • 7 / 10

Apple iOS

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  • 7 / 10

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Betfred app

How to get the mobile app for BetFred?

Apps both for Android and iOS are available for download in their respective markets. See below for detailed instructions on how to download each app and enjoy Betfred on the go!

How to get the apk. for Android?

  • 1. Access the play store on your Android mobile phone.
  • 2. Search for Betfred on the application filter or by using betting as a key word
  • 3. Scroll down to find Betfred in the list of applications.
  • 4. Access the download via the button next to the icon and application information on the market.

How to get the apk. for iOS

  • 1. Go to the App store
  • 2. Filter the search with “Betfred” or “Betting” keywords in the search bar. You should be able to find the official app amongst the others.
  • 3. Click it to access the application information.
  • 4. The “Download” button which will allow you to get the package.

Mobile over Android, iOS or desktop; Upsides and Downsides

The mobile version for both phone types offers some great advantages and lets you bet from the comfort of just tapping your screen once. Being a pretty different variation from the desktop edition, there are numerous features which have been placed elsewhere for more mobile usage and convenience, such as the menus and icons which are located in the header.

The useful “in play” option lets you view all live bets, bringing you the option to hop into a game by just the tap of a button.

The downloadable applications for both versions of iOS and Android are pretty much the same to each other, but different from the mobile version. It offers a slicker function and lets you access the full bookie promotions and bonuses list with just one option. Watching Live, quick cashing out and Racing Post Data are all some of the things you’ll be able to use on the application too.


Most of the platforms such as iOS and Android have the same terms of usage, so there is little point to compare them to each other. The overall usability of the apps have been pretty consistent meaning they’re slick, pretty fast and robust for use.

Sometimes content takes time to load especially if your phone is usually slow or maybe just a bit backdated.

How to login

The login option on the app should be highlighted in a blue box right next to the green one – which signifies the registration option. Once you press the option, you’ll be taken to a log-in interface which will require you to put your information in, including username and password to access your account – if you created one.

Once you’re logged in, it should display so in the place that the buttons used to be – this way its easier to know you’re logged in. Once required is entered, you’ll be taken back to the main interface, ready to bet.

Sports betting

Offering a nice overview of upcoming anc live games upon the opening of the application, you’ll be able to scroll through and pick your share of matches. The odds are displayed conveniently right next to the game and the time it begins.

The most popular and most anticipated games will pop up at the top, such as the top six football leagues. There are three tabs; In Play, Next 5 and Featured. The featured section will bring you to the biggest matches upcoming allowing you to make versatile decisions.

Horses, Football, Dogs are some of the few sports available to bet on with the mobile editions of this sportsbook.

Live betting

Providing some quality updates and information on any live match you want to bet on or simply just take a look at, it lets you analyse and take in what game you’d want to bet on. Line ups and other in-depth analysis is offered throughout the matches at the expense of any proper livestreams.

A nice representation of what happens on the field is shown on a wide green virtual pitch on a big interface at the top of the section helps you keep up to date much easier and also proves quite entertaining.


Depositing and withdrawing money is easy and possible with any version that you use, proving it’s great accessibility and easy use. When you access your profile area in the applications or the web app, you’ll be able to select an option to withdraw or deposit money or your winnings.

There are several payment methods available with Betfred which you can have a look at when you visit our Betfred overall review here on Mightytips. You’ll be able to pick whatever method suits you the most – then proceed to use that method to access your money.

Verification procedures will be down to the method you’ve picked, meaning you might need to go through them in order to proceed.

The times and limits being almost the same to the desktop variations, it takes one to five days for withdrawals but instant impact when you deposit.

The minimum deposit being £5.


Support is available via a “contact us” button which can be found at the foot of each application and version – from selecting that option, you’re presented with more; A live chat with serves the purpose to ask for help for sports betting endeavours, numbers to call from both inside and outside the UK plus a helpful email.


With the provided usage of the application and web app we’re able to provide some clear conclusion to what we think of it, overall.

It offers a robust and usable experience thanks to their slick and somewhat simple interfaces. The layout overall is memorable and lets you feel like everything is at your disposal for good use.

  • Limitations
  • No new exclusive bonuses to mobile users
  • Can take time to load (esp. On slow mobiles)

Although sometimes the content you access can take time to load, it’s worth the wait. The quality of the virtual coverage of the games makes up for some of the waiting times, with the provision of brilliant visual representation plus useful information towards your betting endeavors.

There aren’t many flaws to their mobile sites thanks to careful development, the only bad things being that there are no new bonuses for mobile users, and that it might take time for default desktop users to get used to the new interface.




? Are there any mobile-specific bonuses?

By the looks of it, at the moment there isn’t. But in the future there could be some established for mobile users.

? Does Betfred offer live streaming services for mobile apps?

No - but it does offer some convenient update schemes, with some great visual representation of the happenings in the fray.

? How easy it is to deposit/withdraw money in every application?

Very easy - it also depends on what sort of method you’re using, whether the security measures are tight or not.

? Where can I find the Betfred promotions in apps?

You’ll be able to find the promotions in it’s designated area near the top - where it is conveniently placed.

? Where can I find .apk files for iOS and/or Android?

You’ll be able to find apk. files easily after you’ve downloaded the app, when you have a look through your phone files via a cable connection to a computer/laptop.

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