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La Liga Primera Division

La Liga is, for some, the most exciting league in the world. After all, it attracts many of the world’s greatest players, such as Lionel Messi, and also has some massively popular football teams, mainly Barcelona and Real Madrid. When it comes to football betting La Liga offers loads of different markets for you to choose from, which is why La Liga betting is so popular with punters around the world. We create La Liga predictions pretty much every week, so why not read through them and see what our experts think you should be betting on?

When Do We Publish La Liga Betting Predictions?

Nearly all La Liga football matches take place on weekends, and we like to get our tips out long before that. For weekend matches, you can expect to see our La Liga betting predictions up by the middle of the week before. This gives you time to read through them and then find the best Spanish La Liga betting odds at online sportsbooks.

Of course, there are matches that sometimes don’t fall on weekends though, but don’t worry, as we’ve got them covered too. You’ll generally find previews up and running a couple of days before the match takes place. Our tips are worth reading, as we really are the best Spain Primera Division predictions site around!

La Liga Predictions at Mighty Tips

The Spanish La Liga is made up of 20 different teams. As each time plays each other twice, this means that there are 38 matches per season for a team. The top four teams get entry into the Champions League, while the 5th and 6th place teams head into the Europa League. Any team finishing in the bottom three will be relegated and replaced by three teams promoted from the Segunda División.

The two most famous teams in La Liga are undoubtedly Barcelona and Real Madrid – teams that spend millions and millions every year, attempting to bring in the world’s best players. Atletico Madrid are often hot on their heels though and are more than capable of winning the league. Sevilla, Valencia, Espanyol and Real Betis are also big names with many supporters. Whatever the match though, you can be pretty sure that there will be many people making bets on it!

La Liga Betting Tips and Predictions

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking to bet on, as you can almost certainly find odds for it online. Many people like to get creative with their bets, however others prefer more tried and tested bets. Below you’ll see a couple of La Liga betting options that are commonly used by punters.

La Liga Champions

Predicting the La Liga champions before the season starts is popular. The choice is generally between Barcelona and Real Madrid, although Atletico Madrid can also sometimes force themselves into the picture. Many people put huge bets on the team they think will be triumphant at the end of the season, often winning large sums of money when their bets are correct ones.

El Clásico

The biggest matches of the La Liga season are the two El Clásico matches, which see Barcelona and Real Madrid facing off against each other. These matches see a huge amount of betting activity, and we’ll always provide betting predictions for this famous encounter. El Clásico is covered by all bookmakers in detail, and you could find some great betting odds if you look around.

Our Spanish Football Experts

We’re proud to work with some of the best tipsters in the business – tipsters who know La Liga betting incredibly well and can therefore make some absolutely fantastic La Liga predictions. They won’t just predict the result though, as they’ll also predict what the score will be. Many people turn to our experts for betting inspiration, so why not read their La Liga betting previews for the next round of games in Spain?


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