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Dota 2 Predictions

Arguably king of the MOBAs or multiplayer online battle arena games is Dota 2. The sequel to Defense of the Ancients or Dota. eSports betting can feel like a new world with its own language when you get started, but with betting guides and Dota 2 predictions, you’ll be confidently placing wagers in no time.

If you’re interested in Dota 2 bets and tips, then you’ll find out how to access up to date predictions and see our forecast for the weekend’s events. You can also discover how the experts present the crucial data that helps you to back a winner in the real-time strategy team game. Read on to find out how to get Dota 2 predictions.

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How We Provide Our Dota 2 Tips

The information that we set out is more than just a prediction. It’s designed to help you make an informed decision about the bet you want to place. The main takeaway from one of our Dota 2 match predictions will be the winner and the reasoning behind it. However, to make our tips more useful, we consider the most common Dota 2 bets:

  • Moneyline
  • Totals
  • Outright

While we don’t write predictions for each aspect of the game, the stats and details that we provide will paint a picture for you to help you with each bet type. For money line bets, you’ll want to know how to predict a win in Dota 2. Our predictions do pick out the team to win, with previous form, and the team line up to back up the thinking.

For totals bets in Dota 2, you’ll be aiming to call how many kills each team gets in a single game. We present the track record, stats, and information about how close the matchup will be, and this can help you decide which way to go in totals betting.

Outrights can be much harder to call in eSports. If there is a team that you think can go all the way, then the best use of our Dota 2 tips is as an overview of statistics and team performance in the lead up to a big event. Finding out how a team has played against its competitors in the past can be useful in predicting its future results.

What We Present

Our Dota 2 betting tips are set out in a format that’s easy to digest. They include relevant facts, but also have a narrative to them, which means cold hard data comes together to build a picture of the competitors. By the time you’ve finished reading the prediction, you’ll know which team we’ve picked to win and why.

The main components of our predictions include the details of the match, such as teams, date, and time. Clear for all to see is the expert’s prediction, and accompanying it is an analysis of the best odds for placing a bet.

You’ll see the team line up for each side, relevant stats concerning the gameplay, details of past matches, and head to head data from when the teams have met before.

Our Dota 2 Expert Tips

As one of the most played games on Steam, Dota 2 predictions are in demand. Players love to enjoy the game, whether they are teaming up with their friends or watching streams on Twitch. Knowledge of the game certainly helps when it comes to making a prediction and placing a bet.

Our experts share their knowledge when producing predictions and trying to get you as much detailed stats as possible. No one can call it right 100% of the time, but any expert tips that we post have data and accurate calculations behind them.

Dota 2, like many other eSports, has seen its reasonable share of upsets. The teams are developing, and as members change or new sides emerge, it can be challenging to work out what will happen next. Of course, that is part of the fun, but knowing how to separate an expert tip from an amateur one can certainly help you in the long run.

Our Dota 2 tips follow these four golden rules:

  • Pay attention to the right details
  • Match the predictions to value bets
  • Share their thinking
  • Include bookmakers you can trust

We could present a lot of data to make a tip look good, but having just the right amount in a clear format makes the info more useful. It allows you to reach your own conclusion about why a team will win or lose.

The next step is to show you how you can follow up on the advice with the chance of a payout from competitive odds. In the end, if you don’t understand how we made our minds up and don’t have a reputable bookmaker to place your Dota 2 bet with, then we haven’t done our jobs!

Trust Is Crucial

The Dota 2 community is an active one. The game is loved, and new mods are regularly being created. Everyone has an opinion and just like the game makers, and we encourage you to contribute.

That’s why you can give your feedback in a number of ways. If you agree with a prediction or not, you can vote to have your say. The votes are shown next to the prediction, so everyone can see whether other bettors are thinking the same way. Our experts come with star ratings, too, so you can see how well they deliver over time.

Leagues We Cover

Since the first Dota 2 tournament in 2011, this eSports game has developed in exciting ways with leagues, and championships being created and held all over the world. The International, with its high paying prize pool, is one of the most popular events with spectators wanting to know how to predict a victory for Dota 2 teams taking part.

In recent years, the changing format for championships has settled as the Dota Pro Circuit or DPC. You can find predictions for the DPC tournaments, where teams earn points that can help them to qualify for The International. You’ll find Dota 2 bet predictions for 2020 as this year’s main event approaches.

The DPC structure is changing, and there will be several regional leagues. This will happen after The International 10, which is due to take place in August 2020. You’ll still be able to find predictions for the top Dota 2 matchups, including games in the North America league, as well as tips for Europe, CIS, China, Southeast Asia, and South America leagues.

Dota 2 Tips For Today, Tomorrow, And The Weekend

As soon as the schedules are released, the MightyTips team begins writing the predictions article for upcoming events. Data is collected, discussions are had between team members to get a second opinion, and all of that goes into providing readers high-quality predictions. Bookmakers usually set the odds a week or two before an event.

When providing Dota 2 expert tips, the people providing the tips also look at what are the odds and may comment on why one team is poised for a lopsided victory. Once a prediction has been made and found good value odds to recommend, then that information is posted, to the site

You can find Dota 2 tips from the pros for today. Since there are lots of leagues and tournaments, you’ll find more tips and predictions posted for tomorrow and upcoming games over the weekend.

The idea is to find the right balance of information. You should have the most up to date information and have enough time to make an informed decision and possibly put some money on the game.

All of the tips will be useful in the immediate future for you to take action on that we post are designed to be used immediately. Some will apply to games happening in the near future, but most of the action will take place that day.

This means a wager can be placed as soon as you have finished reading this or any article on the site. Tips and predictions are updated regularly so that they apply to the latest Dota 2 events, and include the most recent game data and statistics.


You’re in the right place for a Dota 2 bet prediction. From this tips page, you’ll find information about the Dota 2 matches that were played recently or will occur soon. We don’t just pick match-winners, we also provide you with good value odds to make a bet, and ask you to vote if you agree.

Most importantly, we set out the relevant information so you can follow our thought process and make an informed decision. This helps with money line bets but also gives you something to go on if you want to place a Dota 2 totals wager.

The statistics and team line ups are checked and presented to back up our reasoning and to get you excited about the game. Nothing is holding you back from putting your eSports knowledge to the test with a Dota 2 bet.