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MightyTips is your best source of free sports predictions. And here’s why: we care about the quality of our reviews and the professionalism of our betting experts.

We’re not only a bet prediction site, but also your everyday starting point of all things about sports betting, be it blog postsbookmaker reviewsbonuses and top betting tips. And, by the way, did we mention that it’s absolutely free? Because it is, and it only gets better.

If you are a sports betting enthusiast looking for free bet predictions, an occasional punter, or a fan of sports, then you’ve come to the right place. So hello and welcome to MightyTips!

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What do sport prediction sites have in common? What makes them tick and, more importantly, what makes them stand out?

These questions might seem silly and obvious, but they really aren’t. We keep on answering them day after day after day.

What makes us the best? Should we focus on the best bet predictions, jackpots, accumulators? Do we employ more people who are able to generate expert betting tips? What is the best user experience, and how do we achieve it?

We are doing all of this at once, juggling many balls and working as hard as possible. And when we say we are your best source of tips for betting on sports, we really do mean it. It might look like bravado, but in reality, it’s hard work and determination to get to the top – the components familiar to everyone who possesses even the tiniest bit of competitiveness in them.

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Football Betting Tips

Football holds a special place near the very heart of MightyTips because we love this sport. That’s why there’s a wide array of activities prepared by our football betting experts for fellow enthusiasts. These activities range from bet prediction for today and jackpots (some of which have actually won in the past) to accumulators and more.

When we’re creating football bet predictions, we provide not only a written background for our sport tips, but also extensive info on each team, which includes their form, head-to-head results and rosters for the game.

What’s more, alongside the sports data, we are offering you a fast and easy way to bet on the outcome of the match. Our best betting tips come hand-in-hand with the best odds offered by reviewed bookmakers.

Because football betting is fun, and we take our fun very seriously.

Basketball Betting Tips

A pleasant surprise for basketball lovers out there – a page with online betting tips from people who live and breathe basketball betting. Currently, we are covering NBA, FIBA and Euro League, but our plans for this section of the website have only just begun! We’re doing a written analysis of matches with rosters and providing the best odds for each match. Best betting tips for today and every day for basketball right in your phone – just check and make your decisions.

So if you are looking for the best sports betting predictions for basketball, join us and stay tuned.

Cricket Betting Tips

Another addition to our ever-growing pool of sport predictions – cricket betting – is for those who are looking for some wicket fun.

If you are such a person, be aware of free sports betting tips on cricket coming right your way on a daily basis. Our cricket experts are doing a written analysis of matches and providing additional information.

We are professionals in sports betting

Our experts

We are professional punters, tipsters, and real sports enthusiasts. Every day, we share our thoughts on different bookies, mobile apps or sporting events on our site to provide you with the clearest and most objective view possible when it comes to online sports betting.

Bet Predictions

What are bet predictions, and why are they important?

Let’s begin with a simple fact that sports betting is not absolute. Ultimately, when you bet, you use your perceived knowledge of events against human factor. When you visit a website for betting tips, you use someone else’s knowledge. And that’s how we make our predictions: we choose an expert, shake them down for everything they know about an upcoming match, and then put it online for everyone to see.

If everything goes right, everyone is a winner. And if something goes wrong, then, well, in sports betting all you can wish for is to be right most of the time.

Consulting an expert doesn’t protect from a bad game on your team’s part or from the enemy’s team sudden godlike appearance, but it can give you an edge that will be just enough to put you on the top of things.

That’s what we are: your edge in sports betting. And it’s not just predictions. It’s about which bookmakers to play, which bonuses to seek, where are the best odds and much, much more.

Today's Betting Tips

Contrary to their name, our today’s betting tips aren’t being done today. It’s counter-productive and, quite frankly, useless. Publish them too late, and you simply won’t see them during your search of, say, “betting tips for tonight”. Publish too early, and things can change before you know it. So it’s a careful balance of necessities.

That being said, MightyTips offers a large number of professional betting tips on a daily basis, and you can find them all in the appropriate section of the website along with their odds, rating and all available information.

Expert Betting Predictions From MightyTips

We could hardly call ourselves a betting tips website without being a team of experts. We come from all parts of the world, and they are being united by their passion and knowledge of their sports. From major to minor leagues, to teams and team members – we are armed with the facts and filled to the brim with intimate knowledge of all things revolving around their specialty fields.

Our team has been steadily growing, and now, when we are launching more new sports at MightyTips, it is as big as ever.


? When you are publishing new predictions?

In general, in a day or two before the match.

? What is the win percentage of your predictions?

Ah, the Big Question. Depends on a particular author.

? Do I have to pay anything to get your best tips?

Hard NO! There are no private betting tips on our website. All our predictions are totally free.

? How do I contact your experts?

Our experts usually have their emails listed in profiles. You can visit those and write them directly.

? Match loads up incorrectly. What to do?

Try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page. If this won’t work, contact us directly at or via the social media links provided at the bottom of the “About Us” section of the website.




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