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Football Accumulator Tips Over 3.5

In this article, we’ll be looking at some footy accumulator tips for the uncommon Over 3.5 market. Wagers as risky as this require a lot of thought and planning, so the advice you read here will be useful even to very knowledgable punters.

At first, making a football accumulator Over 3.5 might not seem like a great idea. Accas are risky on their own, and not a lot of matches result in 4 or more goals. However, they can provide incredible profits for a small investment if done correctly.

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PSG — Lyon

Our Tip: Over 3.5



Prediction is prepared by sammie-oki and has a 68.89% rating with 135 votes.

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Bayer Leverkusen — Borussia Dortmund

Our Tip: Over 3.5



Prediction is prepared by bajic83 and has a 72.6% rating with 208 votes.

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Sammie Oki

Sammie Oki

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Over 3.5 Acca Tips

Before we begin, remember that this market is just a riskier version of the more popular Over 2.5 Goals. As such, there are a lot of similarities to our Over 2.5 football betting tips. Any advice for making an accumulator prediction over 3.5 goals uses the same basic ideas, only brought to a new level. You just need to be even more careful because of the increased risk.

With that in mind, here are some ideas on how to approach this type of bet when making football accumulator predictions.

  • Spread your stake over several different accumulators. Simply put, even with the best over 3.5 accumulator tips, this type of Acca does not have great chances of success. Even if you make a well planned and informed wager, statistics are not on your side. A lot of them are going to fail – which is something you can still plan for.
  • Don’t get discouraged. The idea here is to make a lot of bets, with only a small number of them winning. However, thanks to the long odds, you’ll still be able to turn a decent profit in the long run.
  • Teams that score this many goals are rare, but finding one and following them throughout the season can result in incredible value bets. For example, Manchester City confirmed the Over 3.5 market 50% of the time in the 2017/18 season. Use such teams as the heart of your accumulator bet.

Over 3.5 Goals Accumulator

Generally speaking, we’re talking about a very unpredictable betting market. Even professional punters tend to stay away from it for this reason. This lack of popularity, however, further improves the odds and provides some unique opportunities.

To help you take advantage of these opportunities, Mighty Tips provide regular football accumulator predictions. With us by your side, you can make add a football accumulator over 3.5to your list of punting tools, and profit where others cannot.