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Bookmakers are increasingly investing in bet live stream platforms and that may come handy in multiple ways. The idea of monitoring all of your placed bets while you simultaneously watch the event makes things funnier and also helps you make the best decision.

If you’re looking for the best live betting bookmakers, you are at the right place. Throughout this article, we’ll present you with some valuable information on the subject. We list some of the discussed topics in this article:

  • List of best live sports betting sites
  • History of Livestream
  • Advantages of Live Streams
  • Best Betting Sites with Live Stream Options
  • Most Common Sports Betting Available at Live Streams
  • Best Mobile Experience of Live Betting Sites

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Nowadays, besides counting on sportsbooks offering live streaming services for its bettors, we also count on multiple famous platforms also doing the same but for different niches.

We’ve got the likes of YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and even Twitter live streaming all kinds of possible things, reaching a point we may easily run away from boredom by looking up interesting subjects on these platforms.

However, it hasn’t always been like that, as back in the day people had to rely on black and white TVs, with their options reduced to mainstream media TV channels, which had everything under strict control.

Those TVs were introduced to the world back in 1927 and it went down in history as the first live-streaming tool ever.

  1. The TV was invented back in the 1920s by Philo Taylor Farnsworth
  2. FanDuel was the first bookie to offer app live stream services for bettors in the US
  3. YouTube was first invented by three former PayPal workers, back in 2005
  4. The London 2012 Olympics was the most-watched event in television of all time

Sportsbooks also went through this metamorphosis. From an era where bettors had to go to back-alley betting shops to lay wagers on, to a time where you can bet on lower-tier league games.

Nowadays, punters can also check live betting lines while watching the live-streamed game with no commentary whatsoever.

The point is, with a wide range of live stream options out there, we may consider ourselves really lucky to live in such times.


? What is a live bet?

Live betting is a way punters have to wager with the game going on. It’s gaining enthusiasts over the globe and nowadays it is almost as popular as pre-match betting.

? How to make live bets?

First thing first, you must find available live games in the sportsbook of your choice. Then, just follow the same steps as in the pre-match bets.

? Can I make live bets in football?

Sure. Most bookmakers offer live bets in many sports, with football being one of the most common ones.

? What is important to know when betting live?

When placing a live bet, it is important to analyze how the event is going, to have a better understanding of what is happening and what are your best chances. This is a reason it is important to have at least a little knowledge of the sport you are betting live.

? Can I place a live bet using my mobile device?

Yes, you can. Most bookmakers have good mobile websites and some even provide bettors with Android and iOS apps. That way, you can place pre-match or live bets from your smartphone.

5 Best Betting Sites with Live Stream Options

Betting sites have been investing heavily to offer great sport bet live services as it is one of the most useful yet popular ways to lay your wagers on. They make games and events more interesting, even when your childhood club isn’t involved.

Thinking about making the experience of online betting even better, bookmakers have splashed the cash in bet live streaming services. This allowed punters to have the opportunity to watch matches in real-time and bet at the same time.

There are some factors we need to take into account before diving into a new bookmaker. Besides offering live streaming services, a good bookie must count on a good reputation, amazing bonuses and promotions and competitive odds.

However, only the best ones are in a position to mix up all of the aforementioned perks in order to provide punters with high-end betting experience.

Thinking about that, we made a list of bookmakers that offer live stream services to help you choose the best option.

  1. 1

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  2. 2
  3. 3

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  4. 4

The Best Mobile Experience of Live Betting Sites

Nowadays, many people prefer to do everything from their mobile devices and it couldn’t be different with betting. That is why most bookmakers have put in the hard work and developed great mobile versions as well as mobile apps to enhance their punters’ betting experience.

Not all of them though. Some bookies chose to create a good mobile version of their website, assuming that some bettors would prefer not having to download apps to start betting.

At the same time, other sportsbooks created Android or iOS apps, thinking about those punters who prefer to use applications.

Usually, when we compare mobile versions with apps, the overall experience is mostly the same.

Also, we have some bookies that award mobile betting punters, with exclusive bonuses and promotions. These bonuses mean that bookmakers basically hand out free betting money, in order to engage the bettor and also to beat competitors.

Some examples of common bonuses are the following:

First deposit bonuses: Some gambling sites offer newbie bettors a percentage of the first deposited amount. It usually ranges from 100 to 200% of the first deposit and it’s a huge boost.

Free live bets: From time to time, bookies may come up with some free live bets. It means that they will hand out a sole free in-play bet as long as you place a pre-match bet upfront.

Bonuses are usually a great deal, and we highly recommend you to grab all of them. A good betting experience walks hand in hand with picking the best-fitting bookie for your needs.

To help you with that, we’ve made a list of the best mobile sites and apps to place your live bets:

1. 1XBet
2. Bet365
3. Betway
4. Betfair
5. Melbet

1xbet is a good choice for a live betting bookmaker

Mobile users have a great live betting experience with 1XBet. There are lots of events with this feature, without losing quality whatsoever. To watch the live streams on your mobile device, just click on the “Live” icon.

Bet now Read review

What Types of Sports Betting are Available at Live Stream

When talking about live streams, the first question that may pop up in a punter’s mind may be about the types of sports available.

Long story short, there are many options.

Most of the gambling sites that offer live streams will have football matches, sometimes with different competitions.

Basketball is another sport that is easy to find live streams on bookmakers’ websites. Nowadays, it is also common to find eSports streams, like CS:GO and many others.

1. Football:
The most common sport in betting sites and also the easiest to find live streams for.

2. Basketball:
The NBA is also a global phenomenon and that’s why many sportsbooks offer NBA live betting of the competition.

3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
One of the most famous eSports. Many bookmakers offer live streams of CS:GO so the fans can enjoy the matches.

4. Volleyball:
It is not so common as football or basketball, but many well-known bookies offer live streams of Volleyball competitions.

5. Cycling:
You can live cycling betting on the likes of the Giro d’italia, Tour de France and other major cycling competitions.

6. Golf:
This sport is not one of the most famous amongst punters but you can find great live golf betting odds.

7. Cricket:
Popular mainly in England, live cricket betting is considered a hidden gem due to great odds offered by gambling sites.

8. Horse Racing:
Live horse betting shows are one of the most famous ways of online betting as it’s largely covered by bookies.

Apart from the aforementioned sports, each sportsbook may offer different types of sports live streams. That is why it is important to look different bookmakers up and know a little more about the sports they offer on their website.

The Importance and Attractiveness of Live Streams

One of the biggest pros of sportsbook live betting is that you can watch live games or events while still checking in your placed bets.

Another advantage is that besides monitoring the live betting odds of events you wagered on, you also avoid placing blind bets as this is basically the whole point behind the live stream betting idea.

I mean, this way you just don’t go out there and randomly throw bets based on nothing. You can have a whole in-depth live analysis of what’s going on. And based on what the situation looks like, you make the best decision.

This may give punters a fair sensation of having things under control. Blend that with picking a high-calibre bookie that provides you with cash-out services – and that can lead you either to avoid losing money or win some reduced profit upfront.

To clarify things better, let’s think about it this way.

In a Premier League matchup between Chelsea and Manchester United. You picked a live football betting sites and, hypothetically, you wagered on a Red Devil win as they looked clear favourites to leave with the three points.

However, what we see on the pitch is completely different and the Blues are actually setting the tempo and opened an early two-goal cushion. Depending on how bad it’s looking like for Man Utd, you could use the cash-out feature to avoid a 100% loss and try out, let’s say, Both Teams To Score.

Then, the match ends up in a 3-1 Chelsea win and since Man United grabbed their consolation goal, it also earned you some quid.

That’s a great advantage of bet live football and of live streams as well, as you can use them on your favour to even the odds when they are not looking favourable towards you.

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