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World Cup: Professionalism vs. Passion

Twenty-first FIFA World Cup is entering final stage and once again we must ask ourselves what kind of future is in front of the most important sideshow in the world. We are witnesses of transfers worth tens of millions of Euros while somewhere in the corner of the world small clubs do not have money to pay rents or buy jerseys for their players and yet kids in such football clubs play exclusively because they adore that game.

Playing in World Cup is every football player’s dream. Everything they do, all the pain they feel after defeat and every goal that brings victory is there to make them stronger and eventually place them in national squad where they can become true heroes of their countries. In smaller countries things seem to be easier. The best players available are picked and they play only for honor and glory. Big football nation have to struggle with vanity of superstars and animosity between them. Big clubs are lobbying for their perspective players sometimes too hard in order to raise the price of modern gladiators. Under such circumstances players do not show everything they got. Some of them ask for more balls in order to sell themselves after World Cup and the others that are content with status in their clubs are watching not to get injured. Nations with that kind of attitude often end up embarrassed.

Road to World Cup is also very hard and unforgiving. Most of favorites usually manage to qualify for final tournament but there are always one or two teams that surprise us. Italy had really bad luck not to qualify when they were scheduled to play against Sweden. Scandinavian defensive doctrine triumphed over Italian Catenaccio. Netherlands on the other hand showed little and rightfully they remained at home. There are also teams that squeezed through qualification. The most notable is certainly Argentina. Luckily for all there are still small teams that end up playing in final tournament only because they showed great desire and passion in their games. The best representatives are Iceland, Panama, Peru and Saudi Arabia.

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When tournament starts things start becoming tricky. Big teams are calculating against whom they want to give their best. In first round they already count yellow cards and look for easiest possible road to finals. Some teams are so unaware of their situation that they do not want to start playing seriously even when situation becomes grim. Take a look at Germans for example. Being current World champions they probably thought that their place in knockout phase is guaranteed. Germany that managed to destroy Brazil 7:1 is long gone and they did it only because they had passion at that time. This will be first time since 1938 that Germany failed to reach second phase. Let us also note that only one year later WWII broke out...

In last World Cup situation was even worse. Spain, Italy, Portugal and England failed to reach ending of tournament. One of the worst kind of calculating which can be qualified as match fixing is when one team brings out reserve squad because they do not need points in that match. What England did is definitely crime against football and against fair play as well. One Senegal had to leave tournament because of yellow cards and that rule is called fair play or something while at the same time, worldwide known English gentlemen intentionally lost against Belgium in order to avoid Brazil, Argentina, France and Portugal. There are still nations that play because of national pride and because they want to compete. Belgium, Croatia and Uruguay are such teams and they deserve our support. Many football fans are placing bet on them, and odds are really high, especially at SBG Global Sportsbook.

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Football used to be game played by poor as entertainment for the rich. Today poor crowd is fixedly starring into bunch of millionaires who are always ready to play with our feelings as well as our nerves. Nowadays we have great football facilities, we have our favorite team’s jersey, we have VAR system and referees who will make less and less mistakes in the future, we have superstars but I’m afraid that we might have lost football.

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