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World Cup Odds

The biggest sporting event of the year is ahead of us. The 21st edition of the World Cup starts on June 14th with the opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Russia landed the honor of hosting the 2018 World Cup and it is the first World Cup to be held in Europe in the last 12 years.

32 countries will battle in eight groups for a chance to win the trophy and claim the title of the best national team in the World for the next 4 years. A total of 64 games will be played throughout the Russia World Cup and even more betting chances will be available. Besides the “usual things" the fans will have a chance to bet on stuff like: “Who will be the best scorer of the tournament?”, “Who will finish first in their group?”, etc.

The group stage betting, among all, is a good chance for you to earn some money as the World Cup Odds are as good as they have ever been. Playing before the World Cup starts is a great way to get the best odds possible and increase your potential earnings. Before we start talking about the “hardest” groups, the favorites, and the underdogs, let's take a look at the groups themselves and the odd for the group winners.

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Group A: Russia, Egypt, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia

Odds: Uruguay - 1.90; Russia - 3.00; Egypt - 6.00; Saudi Arabia - 41.00

Group B: Spain, Portugal, Iran, Morocco

Odds: Spain - 1.50; Portugal - 3.50; Morocco - 15.00; Iran - 31.00

Group C: France, Denmark, Australia, Peru

Odds: France - 1.33; Denmark – 5.50; Peru – 11.00; Australia - 21.00

Group D: Argentina, Croatia, Iceland, Nigeria

Odds: Argentina - 1.67; Croatia – 3.25; Iceland - 12.00; Nigeria – 15.00

Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia

Odds: Brazil - 1.26; Switzerland - 9.00; Serbia – 9.50; Costa Rica - 21.00

Group F: Germany, Sweden, Mexico, South Korea

Odds: Germany - 1.30; Mexico - 8.00; Sweden - 9.00; South Korea - 21.00

Group G: Belgium, England, Tunisia, Panama

Odds: Belgium - 1.85; England - 2.20; Tunisia - 26.00; Panama - 41.00

Group H: Poland, Colombia, Senegal, Japan

Odds: Colombia - 2.40; Poland - 2.90; Senegal – 6.00; Japan - 8.00

World Cup Odds

In Group A besides Uruguay, who are the favorites to win the first stage, Russia are a serious contender as well. Driven by the support of their audience and the wish to prove their worth, the Russians will play with everything they got and even more than that.

The best odd of the group is that Uruguay will finish first. For those looking for some riskier plays, the odds of betting on Egypt to finish first, who are guided by their star player Mohamed Salah, stand at 7.00.

The hardest group is group D, or as the pundits like to call it, the group of Death. In that group, we have the Argentine squad which is filled with world-class players but have not been able to play as a team for a long period of time. Croatia are also a squad that could go a long way, as they have previously proved in the European Championship. Besides the two most recognizable teams we also have Iceland. A team of players and a coach who is also a part-time dentist are sure to give their all and represent their country in the best way possible.

After seeing the groups, it is time to focus on the favorites for the final on July 15th. As expected, Germany, Brazil, France, and Spain are the four nations that caught the eyes of everyone. France and Brazil both have young and incredibly talented players, while Spain and Germany have both the skills and the experience needed in order to take it all. If we had to choose a definitive favorite from these 4, Germany would be our pick. They are positioned in a group which should not be too much of a problem for them and in the next round, their opponent is likely to be Switzerland or Serbia, something that the dedicated and precise Germans should find manageable. Besides their starting eleven, their strength also lays in their incredibly strong bench, which could be crucial in case of unpredictable injuries. The German nation squad under Joachim Löw is an unstoppable force which could go all the way and end up winning the World Cup. The odds of that happening stand at 5.00.

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