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Anyone who looked up the ways to earn money online has certainly stumbled upon Matched Betting as a sure way to accumulate profit. With the rise of online bookmakers at the start of the 21st century and increasing demand in the previous decade, the competition between independent bookmakers is expanding reach month. In order to separate themselves from the rest, the online bookmakers have begun offering free bets and welcome bonuses.

As previously mentioned, in order to acquire new customers and retain the current ones, the bookmakers offer bonuses and free bets that are regularly quite generous. Matched betting and leading free bets offers in the uk is all about maximizing free opportunities given by the bookmakers. At first, it’s crucial to understand the two bet types that are DNA of Matched Betting.

A Back bet is self-explanatory – you bet for the certain outcome to occur. For example, Real Madrid to win in UEFA Champions League final is a back bet. As there are three outcomes of the football match, your bet is a winner only if Real Madrid register a victory. On the other hand, if the match within regular 90 minutes is concluded as a draw or Real Madrid’s defeat, the bet is lost.

Opposite of the back bat is Lay bet. In this case, you are betting against a proposed outcome; ‘Real Madrid won’t win. Therefore, in the case of Real Madrid’s defeat or a draw, your bet is a winner.

You might get the point already. In order to reduce the risk to zero, you will lay the bet you backed at a betting exchange or even any other bookmaker that offers pleasing odds. Now you’ve qualified for a bookmaker’s Free Bet which will be used in the very same way. With the massive number of bookmakers, and especially the new ones that enter the market almost weekly, Matched Betting serves as an inexhaustible method of acquiring the extra revenue.

In order to lay your bets, you need an account with a betting exchange. Betfair is unquestionably the most popular exchange on the market which offers free bets to its customers from time to time. At a betting exchange, you bet against the other people, unlike betting against the market and bookmakers' opinion. Another must-have account is at Pinnacle Sports, the World’s sharpest bookmaker. Even though they don’t offer any bonuses or free bets, Pinnacle will never close or limit your account while offering the highest odds available on the market. At Pinnacle’s website you can also find one of the most useful tools for Matched betting. Arbitrage Calculator will help you determine how much you should stake on your Back and Lay bets.

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For example, you backed Manchester United to win at the odds of 1.90 with your $20 free bet. Glancing Betfair’s odds for laying Manchester United you find juicy odds of 2.13. After filling in the odds for both back and lay bet and how much money you stakes on your initial (back) bet, Arbitrage calculator will suggest the exact amount you need to lay at the odds of 2.13 and how much profit you can expect.

In order to efficiently find the opportunities such as the imaginary example above, there are various tools that can aid the process of growing into a prosperous Matched Bettor. Many sites compile the odds in the real time from the dozens of World’s bookmakers and it’s easy to spot the highest odds that offer the certain long term profit through Matched Betting.

However, it’s crucial to get familiar with bookmaker’s rules. Matched betting is perfectly legal, but the bookmakers will usually limit the winning accounts. In addition to limiting accounts, bookmakers can deny Matched Betting profits through rules that apply to sports such as tennis. If you back and lay a tennis outcome, it’s essential to avoid mistakes where your both stakes could be lost. The undesired situation mostly occurs when one of the players retires the match and bookmaker will either void or mark the bet as lost according to their rules. Luckily, this obstacle is easily avoidable through thoroughly checking the rules at both exchange and bookmaker.

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