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The Beginners’ Guide to Online Casino Bonuses

Bonus offers have quickly become a staple of online casinos, with every top digital platform supplying a wealth of promotions and bonuses to both new and loyal customers alike. And while online casino bonuses undoubtedly seem attractive, especially to those who enjoy the iGaming experience, if you’re a beginner to the medium, it can be helpful to know what they are and how to make the most of them.

Guide to Online Casino Bonuses

Common Online Casino Bonuses

Most online casinos and poker rooms offer new customers a bonus when they sign up to become a member. However, the bonuses on offer extend beyond that, and some are worth snapping up more than others. Before you start playing in a casino, it helps to get an idea of the types of bonuses that are available to you. Here are the kinds of offers you can expect from the top international casino platforms:

Welcome/sign-up bonuses – these are typically some of the most useful bonuses you can get in an online casino, and they are fulfilled as soon as you sign up (in the case of no-deposit bonuses) or when you deposit a minimum sum into your bank account. Depending on the terms and conditions of each casino, a welcome bonus is likely one of the best bonuses on offer, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of them.
Deposit bonuses – some casinos will give customers a percentage of the deposits they make after signing up, which can range anywhere from 5 – 15 percent. If you plan to become a regular customer of a casino, it makes sense to look out for one that rewards customers with percentages on their deposits.
Match bonuses – a match bonus is, as the name suggests, a promise from a casino to match a deposit amount by a specific percentage. If a casino is running a 50 percent match bonus, and you make a deposit of £150, you’ll be given another £75 to play. The levels of match bonuses will vary from casino to casino, as will restrictions, however, match bonuses of 100 percent or more are few and far between these days.
Free spins – free spin promotions are the best type of casino bonuses for those who are new to playing slots online. By taking advantage of one of the many free spins offers available at reputable online casinos, you become familiar with different versions of the game at no risk to your bankroll or wallet. As always, each casino will set limits for the number of free spins available in any one promotion, and in some cases, the amount that you are able to win is limited, too.

Ongoing Offers

Casinos know that to retain customers they need to continue providing money-saving offers, which is why you’ll find a whole array of bonuses and promotions once you join an online casino. These ongoing offers will include things like:

Loyalty/reward schemes – these straightforward schemes are usually granted to players who have frequently used an online casino for some time or those who have deposited the required amount. The bonuses themselves can take the form of reward points redeemed in the casino rooms, cashback on specific games, free spins and even money off products and services bought from affiliated companies.
Refer-a-friend/affiliate bonuses – another straightforward bonus, this one will give you small rewards for any friends you refer to the casino who sign up as members. Refer-a-friend schemes do what they say on the tin.
Cashback rewards – although not technically a bonus, cashback rewards schemes pretty much function the same. A casino that is offering cashback on losses, for example, will calculate your net wins and losses over time and give you back a predetermined percentage of your losses to then play in your favorite games.
VIP bonuses – a VIP bonus is often a tiered-level bonus that goes beyond that of a standard loyalty scheme. These tiers and levels will be categorized differently in each online casino, but they are mostly ordered as “Bronze,” “Silver,” “Gold,” etc. The rewards can take the form of cash, substantial playing bonuses, limited-edition “perks,” concert tickets, vacations and even invitations to casino events and tournaments. Typically, players who deposit at least $1,000 (or the equivalent in their national currency) are eligible to start receiving VIP rewards. However, some online casinos run an invitation-only VIP scheme.

Are bonuses worth it?

When it comes to knowing the real value of an online casino bonus, you need to know what your specific requirements are. As stated above, welcome bonuses and free spins are quite useful for new players, as they’re relatively risk-free since you don’t have to make a minimum deposit to be eligible, and you can use them to get familiar with a casino or new type of game.

Remember that you don’t have to use a bonus or push yourself to meet the requirements of an enticing offer promising a 200 percent match on your deposit. More often, those bigger bonuses will have strict wagering requirements and are intended more for high rollers and experienced online casino players than new customers. Also, always read the small print before deciding to sign up for a casino and its bonuses and check out any reviews and ratings that it may have online.

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