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Slot Tournaments: What Is It And How It Works?

Nothing is more exciting than tournaments when it comes to playing games. The online casino tournaments are raking in a lot of moolah these days. But when you think of casino tournaments, you think immediately of poker, right?

Not so fast. The popularity of both online and live slot machine tournaments in NZ and elsewhere has surged over the past few years, so much that players are earning wads of cash playing real money slot machines NZ.

What is a slot tournament essentially?

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Next time when you visit a casino and spot many people huddled in a corner twiddling their thumbs on the slot machines feverishly in a corner, don’t be alarmed. They are just playing a slot tournament. Players get various credits from the casinos to play the tournament within a set time limit. Whoever scores the maximum coins or points is a winner with all the wins being tracked.

The concept is the same in the online space. While a few popular casinos hold regular tournaments on specific online slot games, others have special promotions lined up at different times of the year. Most of the online casinos don’t set a time limit.

Again, a few casinos might ask for an admission fee, hold the tournaments over extended periods, or don’t award free credits in advance. So, it depends from casino to casino and accordingly the prizes and goodies will vary, too.

How do slot tournaments work?

In the online slot tournaments, you usually pay a set amount to enter the game, post which you will get credits to play at a slot machine. All you need to do is accumulate the highest bankroll you can in the time allotted. Your credits are compiled in a separate credit account on the machine.

All the tournaments offer little prizes, raffles or goodies for the small wins. And then there are big-ticket prizes, sometimes in cash, for those who ranked highly, if not first. The more the number of players and the higher the buy-in for the tournament, the larger is the jackpot.

For instance, if there are 200 players in the tournament and the buy-in is let’s say $50, the total prize pool will be $10, 000. But if more players enter the tournament, then the prize pool will be bigger, and you will have better chances of winning decent money.

And then there are those free slot tournaments where you don’t have to pay any money. Accordingly, their prizes are also small.

How to win slot tournaments?

Slots are mostly pure luck; however, some experienced players can maximize their wins owing to a lot of practice. Here are a couple of pointers to help you stay ahead in the game:
- All tournaments have a set time limit. So, you need to track the time and spin the reels as fast as you can. Most players don’t maintain the rhythm and then grow tired at the end of the tournament, losing out on the big wins.
- Spend a little time before the tournament to get familiar with the slot you will be playing on. Trying out the controls beforehand will help you prepare for any surprises. Practice some of the games for free.
- Don’t get distracted by the bells and whistling sounds as the average tournament lasts only 20 minutes or so. Also, don’t waste time celebrating your small wins; hold on till the end of the game.
- Most importantly, bet the maximum amount on the highest number of pay lines. It might sound risky, but it will also maximize your returns as the more spins you get, the more chances you have of racking up the most credits.

Why should you play?

Playing at a slot tournament is different from the regular games as you’re not using your own money. You get fixed credits, and there is no headache of tracking your bankroll each time you place a bet. You will have a precise idea of your potential losses.

It’s also a straightforward game, and there is no need for you to remember a whole lot of complicated rules. You just need to spin the reel fast enough and maximize your chances of winning.

Also, such tournaments create a great sense of camaraderie. You will get a chance to play with like-minded slot fans from all over the region. And since the time is limited, there is no direct conflict with other players. Most often, rude encounters in other games such as poker or blackjack put some players off, and they aren’t able to focus on the game.

Entry fee for most tournaments is minimal; sometimes you can play for free. You don’t need to be an expert in slots to play. And, if you are a regular casino player, you will get a chance to play at invitation-only private tournaments where the prize money is comparatively better.

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